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No Nail on Big toe...and It's JUNE!

So, last October, I was cleaning out our "junk" closet and had a little accident which essentially pulled one of my big toenails completely up. It's been black and "dead" since then...but of course it chose today, June 7th, as the day it decided to fall off. So now I'm looking at an entire summer of no big toenail (well, to be honest, there's a small portion of new nail, but not much). I don't suppose any of you have any suggestions on what I could do other than wear a band-aid to cover it up for the entire summer? Please help if you can!

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Strangely enough, I was getting my hair cut and the owner's wife was talking about she had bumped her toe that morning and she had one of their nail techs glue it so it wouldn't fall off. I told her about my dilemma and she sent me upstairs to have the nail tech put an artificial nail on my toe (no tip, just the acrylic). It looked phenominal...and it stayed on all summer, into the fall. So it was a good temporary fix!

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I feel so sorry for you that happened to me a few years ago but in September so I know how you feel. Go to a Nail place in the mall and they can put an artificial nail on. You may have to continue to go back every 4 weeks but it is worth it if you want to wear sandals. Good luck!!

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If I have something bad happen to me,I like to think what could be worse?Like having no foot or leg ???
Then a missing toenail doesn't seem to bad.

Some of those old stick-on nails made for thumbs are REALLY wide. Try one...? Or find some really fun bandaids. Chances are you're going to notice more than anyone else will. It's just a toe nail!

Regrowing the toe nail will definately take some time. I lost a thumb nail when I was a kid and it took months for the new one to grow back fully. I would NOT use the advice of puting on a press on or painting it, you don't want to do anything that will hinder the growth or cause infection. If you do anything to damage the nail bed it will cause the new nail to grow back dicolored and distorted. The best thing you can do is keep a clean and covered with a bandage. Vanity isn't worth long term damage.

I am a nail technichian and wish I lived closer to you! The bad news is it will take 12 - 18 months to grow a new one...darn. Good news is go to a good reputable nail salon or spa and ask for them to make you a new toenail! It can be done with acrylic. Just make sure to keep it clean and dry and if you notice any lifting to get in and get it repaired asap to avoid getting fungus in it. I have been doing french pedicures with gels and it is holding up great, so I would imagine that gel or acrylic would work great on your big toe!
Good Luck!

Had an extra thought as I was reading thru the responses. If you are embarassed about it don't fret cuz I have seen some gnarly, nasty, smelly feet in my day...a missing toenail is kind of fun for a nail tech, makes us feel like we really are helping! Also, if you are low on cash...go to a cosmetology school for a pedicure and have this service added on. Just make sure to ask for a nail student, not a hair, makeup and nail student! Nails only!
Good Luck

I had a plate fall on my toe and the nail grew back disoriented and i went to a pediatrist and they gave me surgery. Now I will have no nail for the rest of my life.. if that makes you feel any better


I think your OK the way you are. There are people who wear sandals with really bad feet. My husbands step mother wears sandals all the time in the summer and her feet and toe nails are so bad, I don't think a pedicure would even help.

But any way did you think of asking some one who does pedicures if they have any ideas.


I feel so sorry for you that happened to me a few years ago but in September so I know how you feel. Go to a Nail place in the mall and they can put an artificial nail on. You may have to continue to go back every 4 weeks but it is worth it if you want to wear sandals. Good luck!!

Oh my gosh! I am in the same boat!!! I had an issue back in Oct/Nov and it finally fell off in April/May and it just looks terrible. I really need a pedicure too and too embarassed to go... but I know there are still some folks feet who are worse than mine. And people probably won't notice... but I notice those things. I have been wearing sandles that cover my toe when I head out. It definitely stinks!

Keen's Waimea H2, and Keen's St. Bart's, and Keen's Venice H2 are all great and comfortable sandals that cover the big toe but leave the other toes free. I love the Balboa.

I dropped a can out of the pantry on one of my toes a few years back. I painted right over the calloused skin until the nail grew all the way back in. Nobody could even tell unless I pointed it out.

Many years ago I hiked into the Grand Canyon (and had good boots) but lost the right big toenail eventually because of the downhill push into the front of the boot. It felt weird, vulnerable, sensitive to air...and grew in VERY gradually, from the nail bed up (which surprised me). It's like it filled in with layer after layer. I just kept it clean, band-aided when it was totally raw, then let it air as it started to fill in (lived in Phoenix--ONLY sandals in the summer!) I can still remember that feeling and wondering if I'd ever have a toenail again...

TOO FUNNY! ... My big toenail fell off too!! This actually happened 2 years ago in the summer as well. The first time it happened because I did the March of Dimes Walk and apparently my shoes were too tight and I bruised my nail, it turned black and fell off. The whole summer I had a band-aid on my toe. Now this year, I danced my butt off on New Year's Eve and bruised my nail, because my shoes were again too tight. It just now fell off 2 weeks ago and I have a tiny one underneath. It is half the size of a normal toenail. I just painted it and said "OH WELL! No nice French Pedicures for me this summer!"...I feel your pain. I want my toenail back!! .... You can get a fake on put on at the nail salon. They just do an acrylic tip. Maybe I will try it!

I would try to find a cute pair of sandals that cover your toes. Let it heal naturally. I agree with not putting an acryllic nail on, your new nail won't grow very good. Sketchers has some really cute sandals where the front of the shoe is pretty much covered. Good Luck!

my husband saw fake press on french manicure nails for TOES! i'd just paint the toe otherwise : )

One of the cosmetic companies (blanking on which one) sells fake nails for the toes.

I have a friend who doesn't have a toenail on her big toe. Usually she just paints the toe when she paints her toenails, but it doesn't last as long. She wears sandals and doesn't think twice about it - I don't think you should either.


I know someone like that with a small pinky toe nail, they just paint one on!

Paint one on! i have these notty, tiny nails on my pinky toes and one barely exists. i paint one bigger than it really is. rarely anyone will notice that there isn't one there. if you paint your nails, a big bandaid w/b more noticable than a painted-on nail.

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