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No Fetal Stomach at 18 Week Ultrasound

I had my an anatomy scan done yesterday. I was exactly 18 weeks and 4 days going in, and baby was measuring 19 weeks 1 day.

Everything seemed fine, except the tech could not find the baby's stomach. She said this can be normal as the baby could have just emptied itself, and there were fluids in the bladder, which she said would have come from the stomach. I've been doing a little research on the internet, and it says an absent fetal stomach could be mean that the esophagus has not attached itself properly. The tech said she was 99.9% sure that everything will be fine when I go back in 2 days to get it remeasured. I called and asked my doctor today and she said it's most likely that the baby wasn't positioned properly, and to not worry.

I can't help worrying....am I looking too much into this? Has this happened to anyone else, not being able to spot the fetal stomach at the first ultrasound and having a normal outcome?

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I know it's hard, but try not to worry. And stay off the internet! I didn't have this, but a similar situation where they saw something unusual on an early sonogram that could have been x, y and z....and I had to wait for a month before I had another one! Of course I went online and read all the most terrible cases it could be. It turned out to be just fine, nothing at all and I now have a happy, healthy 8 month old daughter. Try not to worry, keep positive thoughts and remember that the odds are extremely high that everything is perfectly fine!
Good luck!

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First off I wanted to tell you that I can understand why you would be scared. I have not had this happen to me but I can totally see why you are scared and unsure. Doctors are great at trying to assure us that everything is ok but something inside of us panics and thats ok...You are just worried about your lil one! Just wanted to let you know that I am thinking anf praying that everything turns out good for you when you go back!!! Please let us know!

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Hi C.,
I'm any Ulttasound Tech, do not worry, your next scan will be fine I am sure! If there was truly no fetal stomach there would be other issues that the tech would have seen. Stay off the internet, although it has great info, you don't need to be worried.
Take a deep breath and relax, your next sono will show all is well I'm sure :o)

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Yes, the exact same thing happened to me at 20 weeks - same causes, etc - exactly as your post reads. My dr gave me a choice of waiting like a month & having another ultrasound in her office or going to a specialist & having a "high" power (can't remember the exact name) ultrasound but it's very exact. I opted for that, got in in about a week luckily & everything was fine. I was like you, worried up a storm but all was fine, it's actually very common I found out that it can happen on the ultrasound. Just causes a lot of worry. I'm sure you're like me & all is fine. I gave birth to a very healthy full term baby boy 2 years ago....:)

I have been doing fetal sonos for 10 yrs. Totally normal. Try not to worry. 2 days is an eternity while waiting, but I'm sure everything will be ok.

Hi Christina,

I would also like to echo those who say not to read the internet and to trust your doctors, nurses, etc. The internet has a way of putting worry in your mind. Personally, I decided to stop reading up on things on the internet when my daughter was 6 weeks old and it's the best decision I have ever made... I wished I had cut myself off from the internet searches sooner! :) I'm sure all is fine and that your little one is doing great!

When I was pregnant with my first I had to go to have a special ultrasound because my OBGYN thought my amnio fluids were low. I went to the specialist who, as he was doing the ultra sound, said "oh.... hmmmm.... oh...." I asked him what was wrong and he said my babies brain wasn't developing properly! He told me the left and right sides were fusing at all, etc. I guess I should have been very concerned but I just felt inside that nothing was wrong. After a lot of other problems trying to get a fetal MRI I went back to my OB and told him to send me somewhere else, I wanted a 2nd opinion. I went and had the 3D ultrasound done and the dr said she had no idea what the specialist was talking about, my babies brain looked fine..."and look at all that hair she has" she said. =} My little girl was born with absolutely no problems and she did have a TON of hair!
Sometimes our "modern" technology isn't always perfect. Wait until your next ultrasound/sono and see what they say. I know it's easy for all of us to say not to worry but don't go looking for more information that will stress you out more. Thankfully you don't have to wait too long to go back.
Good luck!

Stay away from the internet while you are pregnant! Trust the wisdom of people who are trained to help you and your baby. Please know that they would absolutely tell you right now if they suspected anything was wrong.

Remember, your being upset doesn't help your sweet, unborn baby or yourself.

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