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No Chimney for Santa!

Hello! I am wondering how other families explain how Santa gets in to leave presents when you have no chimney? My son and I moved at the beginning of last summer from a house with a chimney so I've never had this problem before. I know it is only a matter of time before he thinks of it and asks me. How do you explain Santa's entry into Chimney-less homes? Any ideas would be welcome. Thanks!

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Thank you all for such great advice! Yesturday my son and I braved the weather after I picked him up from daycare and went to the HallMark Store. They had a couple different options and he just loved picking out which key he wanted Santa to use. It took him 5 minutes to decide! When we got home he wanted to put it on the tree right away. Thank you so much for the idea!

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Hi. Didn't you know that Santa has a special key to get into everyones homes? It works in my house!!!LOL!!!I think my mom used that one on me too. Happy Holidays!!!-M.

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We tell my son that we have to wait up late and let santa in the house. That way if he does wake up and we are still up we are covered.

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I grew up in a house with no chimney. My mom told us that Santa had a magical golden key that would let him into our houses.

Merry Christmas and I hope this works. It worked for my brother and me.

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Hi J. - I have never had a "chimney" for Santa to fit down to deliver presents...one year I was at a Longaberger party and purchased a pewter Santa key...now every year I hang this on the front door and my children know that Santa can use this key to unlock the door.

So, I would say one suggestion would be to have a "special key" that only Santa can use to get into your home.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Hi. Didn't you know that Santa has a special key to get into everyones homes? It works in my house!!!LOL!!!I think my mom used that one on me too. Happy Holidays!!!-M.

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Hello J.,

I solved this problem! Go to the dollar store and get the paper that looks like bricks and make your own chimney with 2 boxes! (one long one and one square one with a hole cut in the side for the opening) Glue or tape black construction paper on the inside. You got it, your very own chimney that you can store in the attic or in a closet. Now, this is the "magic" chimney, so it is special. I made up little reindeer food in a baggie (oatmeal) that you feed the reindeer with outside the night before and then very early I would get up and put powdered sugar on the bottom of some boots, and make prints around the chimney. Once they start getting older, you might have to switch to dirt because they will know that there is no snow outside, then you just have to throw a big fit, and get the vacuum out because Santa made a mess when he dropped off the present! (diversion!)
We did not have a lot of money, and I did not want Santa to have all the credit for gifts, so I would always put out only 1 special gift that was from Santa. And he would leave it right in front of the chimney that we had made for him. (as they get older, you might have to borrow a piece of paper from a friend so it doesn't match the rest of the presents)There were to many other little boys and girls that needed it more, so this made it extra special.
Oh, and if you didn't believe in Santa, it wouldn't work! You have to believe in magic!
Hope it helped! It is great fun!

Watch "The Santa Clause" it tells them all about it :-)

Hi J.,
I told My daughters that santa comes through the front door and that he has a special key that only works during christmas that he uses to get into all the little boys and girls houses that don't have a fireplace.

"The Key" is a great solution. That is what we have done for my son. As soon as he was born I got one. They have them at Hallmark Stores and the catalog/website Terry's Village. They are not expensive and they are large, metal...like the old 'skeleton' keys and usually have Santa on the handle end. We have ours on a red ribbon and it lives on the christmas tree until christmas eve when he hangs it outside on the front door knob. After Santa "uses" it we hang it back on the tree where he finds it christmas morning. It has become family tradition!

Well we tell our children Santa knocks on the door and Mommy and Daddy let him in.

Hi, I actually found a santa key in Eckerds one day and bought it. We have no chimney either, so I told my daughter that santa uses the key to get in. Every Christmas Eve we put the key outside on the door knob so santa can get in. I told her that only santa knows how to use the key, so no other people could get in. When she goes to sleep, I go out and get the key and place it on the Christmas tree so she can see it. I have actually written notes to her from santa saying thanks for buying a key especially for santa. I'm sure any key would do the trick. You could maybe decorate it somehow for Christmas. Hope this works for you..

hi my parents would tell me that santa was magical and he could squeeze himself through the key hole. and now thats what i tell my kids cause i dont have a chimney and my son just looks for santa through the key hole now.lol

Hello J.,

We live in an apartment which also has no chimney. At the Hallmark store they have a Santa key. This is a magic key that lets Santa in to your house when you do not have a chimney. My son is very excited about the key and you leave it in a special spot for Santa. I hope this helps.


Hi J.,
You can do the key thing that mostly everyone has said, but I went with the route the Santa Clause movies went & told my kids that Santa is so magical he can fit through anything, & if there isn't anything for him to fit through, he can turn a vent or a window into a chimney. They love all of the Santa Clause movies (the ones w/ Tim Allen) & that's the way he does it.

Santa has a magic key that works on all houses and apartments! Avon actually sells one that says "If found, please return to Santa"

yes, avon does have a christmas ornanment that looks like a large key and is decorated christmas style for santa. you could try that. i know that from my own experience that coming from a row home for 10 years, santa always used the front door! good luck!

Exactly what the person before me said. You can actually by them but I don't know where from. My little cousin lived in a town house and they bought one of these keys and left it hanging on the front door. Also they bought a sign that said something like "Santa stop here".

Hi J.,
I never heard of the key idea, I wish that I would have because my kids grew up without a chimney! I used to tell him that Santa would climb through the window to get in, check on them, leave presents and climb back out. Merry Christmas!!

this is the answer i was told as a child, and we used it on our sons... we leave the front door open for santa to come thru. thats it, thats all. i do like the santa key thing, thats very cute. you should try that. merry christmas and good luck

My parents always told us that Santa has a magic key to get into homes that don't have chimneys. And that has carried over to what I tell my son. We "bought" the idea, and so has he. Try it and see if it goes over with your son.

We tell my son that we have to wait up late and let santa in the house. That way if he does wake up and we are still up we are covered.

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