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Nipples Red and Bumpy

I have easily nursed my 6 week old with no issues untill a couple of days ago. I have VERY sore nipples and there are small red bumps around the nipple and on my breast just outside the nipple area. Approximately the area my breastpad would cover.......I tried using "Lilypads" for 2 days (to keep from having to buy pads every week) and the pain started after day 2. I stopped using them....Now, the pain is so bad, that I had to pump and feed my daughter. Her latching on was too painful. Now I've been pumping for about 24 hours, and they are starting to feel better, however the redness and bumps are still there. MY QUESTION: should I go back to nursing or would that risk passing on whatever I have to my daughter????OR continue to pump and feed. I'm worried my supply will go down....Suggestions?

What can I do next?

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Throw your Lilypads away! I used mine for all of 2 days and realized all it did was keep the moisture on me instead of pulling it away from your nipples. I bit the bullet and bought the large box of Medela breast pads - I swear it makes a HUGE difference. It sounds like you have a yeast infection or thrush. I would call the doctor FIRST thing in the morning.

I had a similar problem. I went to a lactation consultant at Allen Presby (most indurance will cover this and you can usually self refer). It was a clogged milk duct. Warm compresses and keep nursing/pumping. Go see your dr or lc asap for help. Don't give up!!!

Sounds like you may have a case of thrush mouth on your breasts. It's very easily contagious if your baby possibly has thrush and passes it to you while you're nursing.....your symptoms just remind me of what I read about it. You'll be nursing perfectly fine and then all of a sudden, it becomes very painful and red around your nipple area. I would google thrush mouth online and find out what other info you can and read about it. You'll have to get a prescription from the doctor to make it go away.
Good luck to you and hope you feel better soon.

I agree with all the other posts. I have an almost full box of Lansolin pads - they are all individually wrapped - that I don't need anymore. I didn't want to just throw them away, but don't know any moms who are breastfeeding. Because the box is open, they wouldn't take them at Goodwill. I'm still breastfeeding, but no longer leaking (yay!). If you'd like them, I'd be happy to give them to you. Just respond and let me know.

Definitely sounds like thrush and or yeast. I'm not sure if it's something you have first or if it was passed to you from your baby....either way, I'd just pump until you know for sure that she won't get it.
Call your doctor first thing in the morning and get a prescription. Good luck to you!

Could be thrush or yeast as mentioned. I beleive diflucan is what your Dr will prescribe. Call him or her asap in the morning to get it checked out. Good luck!

The Lilypads were probably not allowing them to 'breath' which creates a breeding ground for yeast and fungi.
Washing them with warm, soapy water, allowing them to air dry and using fresh clean pads(I preferred disposible) helps. Also, for sore nipples applying a dab of pur lanolin, allowing your body heat to melt, then rubbing on helps a little. Bumps on the areola are normal, if they are just the Montgomery's glands. But, the bumps all over, and outside the areola sound like you might have a yeast infection, and the baby could also get thrush. Diflucan will help if so, but in any case-have your Dr. check it out quickly since your in so much pain. If you're able to stand pumping go ahead, it shouldn't pass in milk.

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