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Nipple Discharge

I'm not sure if this is normal or not but recently started to become a little worried about it. I nursed my daughter for about 10 months and shortly after I stoppen nursing I started noticing a yellowish discharge coming from both breasts. My daughter is now over a year old and the yellowish discharge is still present when I squeeze my breasts slightly. Is this a common thing after you stop nursing?

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Thank you to everyone who either messaged me or responded to my request. Fortunantly, I already had an appointment set up with my OBGYN for a pre-conception purposes so I will be taking everyones advice and bring it to her attention when I see her. I will let you all know what her response is, but like most of you said it has happened to you so I feel a lot better that it is probably normal.

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I get discharge all the time if I squeeze my nipple. It is normal unless you have a lump or discolored pussy fluid. I get yellow if I just squeeze lightly or milk if I squeeze a little harder. My guess is that with some women the milk supply doesn't dry up all the way, but goes to a point where you can get very small amounts when squeezed.

D. P.

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Nipple discharge may be expressed up to a year or more after weaning and is not considered a problem unless you develop a breast lump or the discharge becomes bloody, purulant (like yellow or green pus from an infected wound) or has a foul smell. If any of the latter develop, see your OB/GYN. Otherwise, just know that it's normal and it will likely disappear over the next few months. I remember having the same thing until 3 months after weaning my little girl back in 2006. Congrats on breastfeeding 10 months! R., nurse-midwife mom of 2

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I couldnt even nurse my children. I didnt make enough milk no matter what I tried. I can still squeeze a little stuff out.

My sister nursed 3 children. Has not nursed for 6 years and had a hysterectomy. She can still squeeze stuff out.

My doctor said it was normal.

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Hello T.!
I agree, definately get it checked out by your OBGYN.

Although this tends to be a typical thing for most of us nursing mommies (o: it is always best to atleast have your doc in the loop.
Especially if conditions change, your doc will have already been on the same page as you.

Best to you & your family!

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Don't take for granted from the other posts that this is normal and just blow it off. Have your doctor check it out just to be sure it isn't something more serious. If you're still leaking breast milk, you must have some kind of hormonal imbalance. I would have it checked by your doctor just as a precaution. Good luck.

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I, too, had this happen to me. I basically nursed for 3.5 years straight with both of my children and stopped nursing over 1.5 years ago. I still leak on occasion and have asked the doctor and she said that it is normal to occasionally leak after breastfeeding. My breasts used to do it more frequently, but in the past two months I have hardly noticed anything.

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My nipples did the same thing for a very long time. Very long time meaning several years. I still get dry, crusty yellow stuff on my nipples that I wash off in the shower about once every other month and my youngest is 10 years old. I leaked a lot while I was nursing and probably could have easily nursed more than one at a time. I've never asked my dr. about it. I just figure its one of those lovely side effects of having children.

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I know I had that for a little while after I stopped nursing my son. In my opinion it was just left over milk that kindof got stuck. I just kept sqeezing them every couple of days to keep them as clean

It might be a blocked milk duct... talk to your doctor and have them schedule a mammogram. I STILL have leakage (just dried up LOL) and my youngest is 14 years old! I never nursed seems I couldn't ever produce enough milk but, still get the discarge! Just happens? As I have said in my posts...doctors know very little about the female body and it isn't important enough for them to research... just another thing us females have to deal with till females start taking over the medical world :-) PS.. and I do get mammograms every year since then and I am 42 years old.

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