Night Time Fever

Updated on February 04, 2010
K.R. asks from Sun City, CA
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My 2 1/2 year old son has had a fever for the past two nights. he is fine and has no problems furing the day. around 8:00, he starts getting warm. By the time he is asleep he will have a 101 temp. So he has not been able to get a full night sleep, neither have I! i have tried giving him both chewable and liquid motrin and he will not swallow either. If anyone has any advise or has gone through this before, could you please help me out with some advice??? Thank you in advance.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I agree that Motrin is best for fever reduction. Also remember fever is the bodies way of fighting off infection so if he is sleeping and the fever isn't bothering him let it be it will help his immune system all around. I wouldn't worry if he doesn't seem to have any other symptoms put you mention he isn't sleeping all the way through so you might want to have his ears checked or try and get the motrin in his system by mixing it in some pudding or yogurt. Good luck.

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answers from San Diego on

We've always gotten nighttime fevers with teething...up to around 103...but usually in the low 99/101 range.

Of course, sometimes colds/flus/poxes come with fevers at night, but not the day...but if there are no other sypmtoms it's *probably* teeth

You can put the liquid medicine in a cup of hot chocolate just before bed, or mix it up with juice, or you can do it preemptively with the syrup or a chewable with dinner. We always had our best luck with hot chocolate...but then that's because it's OUR son's favorite! :) Find something yours likes and mix it up.

For the record :) BOTH tylenol (acetaminophen) and motrin (ibuprofen) are fever reducers. Sometimes one will work better then the other for some people. You can actually take a full dose of each, at the same time, if you're desperate, or if one isn't having much effect. The "not having much effect" on the fever is *Usually* do to the strength of the fever...and not the efficacy of the med.

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answers from Las Vegas on

I would check with the ped since teething fevers do not usually go that high-fevers that high are usually something else in nature. And Motrin works better for fevers. L.

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Our daughter has been doing the same thing the past few nights. I've been giving her Motrin when she wakes up with the fever. We put it in a medicine cup and let her drink it herself and "reward" her for cooperating by putting water in the cup and letting her wash it down (herself) and that seems to be the best trick. In response to another person's post: DON'T mix the medicine with drinks (especially if it's something they like). For one, your child may start to dislike something they previously enjoyed, but more important, if you take a teaspoon of medicine and mix it with 8 oz of something, you have no idea how much medicine, if any, your child got. They may take one drink and decide they don't like the taste of it and refuse the rest. Just the same as if they only drank half of it, the other half may have all the medicine settled in the bottom. Your best bet is to figure out what works with your child to get them to take it straight (if the temp is above 102 degrees F). Another thing you can do is get a syringe and squeeze the medicine out on the side of their cheek slowly, that way they don't choke on it as they would if you would squirt it straight in their mouth.
I'm not sure why they have this night time fever, but hopefully this helps with the medicine administration questions



answers from Los Angeles on

When we sleep our body temperature goes up automatically. Although it should not be that high. Tylenol works better for fevers and motrin better for pain. You can also try (which I would use and prefer) Belladonna. It's a homeopathic and the one time that my son has had a fever it brought it down.



answers from San Diego on

Hi K., for some reason illnesses and fevers are worsr at night. Does he have his 2 year molors? if not he may be getting then,even though he is over 2, with some children they take awhile before they are all the way in. If you don't think it is that call his pedeatrician and see what they say, J. L.



answers from Los Angeles on

it sounds like he may be getting his molars in (if he doesnt have both sets already). maybe try something to numb his mouth then try to get a pain reliver in him. good luck.

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