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Night Time Dry Cough

My 6 year old daughter has 2 problems,

a) She experiences night time dry cough thoughout the year..but mostly more during winter. Cold weather, spicy, or junk food triggers it and she ends up coughing thru the night and loses sleep. She has no congestion whatsoever. The doctor has not been able to exactly pinpoint the cause. They have treated her with cough medicine, allergy medicines. She does not have ashthma. I would like to avoid steroids...and also continuous use of any medication for that matter. My Q to all moms is that do you know the name of this problem and had any child experienced this. What have you done for that?

b) My daughter also has very large tonsils and so she snores a lot..again more during winter. I'll be taking her to an ENT specialist in a couple of days...but are there any tips that moms would like to share with me in this regard.


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I am not a doctor but I can only share what my exerience is with my daughter. When she was 3 months old she coughed most of the night, and I didnt want to use steriods. But I was noticing that her lips were turning blue at night, and the doctor said she had asthma(she has large Tonsils and she snores alot too!) but we put her on Plumicort and Xopenex breathing treaments. It helps SO SO SO much with the coughing and snoring. We only use them when we need them, Sometimes its for a week or just a day. It is steriods but as much as I didnt want to use them, the benfits from using them out weighed my reasons not to. By using them when we need them, we cut out cough medicine and sleepless nights and blue lips. Hope your little one gets better soon and Let us know how it goes!

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i understand not wanting to do the steroid thing or continuous use of medication but it is necessary at times. My 3 year old was diagnosed with asthma a year ago february by an Allergy and Asthma Doc because according to our regular doc she was fine. Well, i found out that she was highly allergic to our cat which was triggering her asthma. She was put on Singular and Albuteral as needed. Well I never used the albuteral because honestly i thought the doc was crazy for saying she had asthma just because she was coughing. Well the following August my then 2 year old told me that it hurt to breathe. Her ribs were very apparant and she said her back hurt. I took her to the regular doc and they said she was fine, i took her home and started giving her the albuteral and noted a huge difference in how she was breathing so i continued with it until she went to see the asthma doc the next monday, she was still bad enough she had to be put on Prednizone and an antibiotic for a respitory infection. She then was put on a maintenance drug which she now takes in a nebulizer twice a day and has the rescue med for as needed basis. The night time coughing is gone, we get to sleep now. When it gets cold she has to wear a mask because the cold air bothers her lungs and she will have an attack. This is not something to leave to chance. mine has been to the emergency room many times and is now catagorized as having severe asthma, i do not wish this on anyone, i don't like her being on all the meds but i do want her to be able to breathe. Your child is old enough they can do more extensive tests on her. take her to a pulmonologist or asthma doc and have them run tests if needed. i always thought people with asthma only wheezed but that is not true, please research her symptoms online and you will find that they relate to asthma.

Good luck.

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I get a similar thing but only in the winter. I tried cough meds/cold meds and the only thing that helps me is Tylenol cold/allergy meds whem it is really bad. With me, allergies get triggered (been getting worse each year; never had allergies until about 3 years ago) and once I get over the worse of the allergies, I am left with this cough.

Try gargling with salt water, staying hydrated, try a hot air humidifier in her room and a night time cough med. Also, give her cough drops as too much dry coughing gives me a headache.

I think the ENT will have some insight as well. Good luck.

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I wonder if a humidifier would help?

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Has anyone suggested a pediatric pulmonologist?

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It has bees said before---- asthma does NOT always mean wheezing!
I have gone to many presentations on Pediatric Allergies and asthma by Dr Lange. I really like her! My friend uses her and sings her praises also. I would recommend going for an eval.

Elisa Lange, MD
Board Certified in Pediatric Asthma, Allergy and Immunology
AIR Care, PA
8440 Walnut Hill Lane, Suite #350
Dallas, TX 75231
Ph: ###-###-####
Fax: ###-###-####

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My kids when they start coughing and coughing and coughing means they are having an asthma attack. Athma does not neccessarily mean wheezing. Some Dr.'s just don't get that. But go to a pediatric pulmonogist and he will put her on a machine that she blows into and it will show her lungs are not working like they should.

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