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Night Feedings for 4 Month Old

My son is 4 months and weighs a little over 15lbs.(double birth weight) and he still wakes up 2-3 times a night for a feeding. Is he doing this because he needs it or is it becoming a habit?? He also wakes up SEVERAL times throughout the night and will go back to sleep once paci is put back in, but then there are the 2-3 times that he WILL NOT fall back asleep and is crying HARD, so I get him out for a bottle and he generally goes back to sleep rather quickly after the bottle. Just wondering if I should be trying some sort of weaning or if he really does need these feedings at night. He eats plenty during the day approx. 35 oz.

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My son is also 4 months, but only 13 pounds. He wakes up 2-3 times a night as well to eat. I asked the doctor at our four month if he still needs it and he said he may still require them. I am not sure if this is at all helpful but just wanted you to know you are not alone.

I agree with the growth spurt theory mentioned earlier. The hard crying ia odd though. My son had acid reflux at night, even though nothing would actually come up, but it was obviously bothering him, so his doctor prescribed medication and that cleared it up quickly. I'd have to walk around with him for an hour or two every night or he'd cry really hard. Something to talk to your doctor about.

I am also in the same situation. My little guy is same size and age. I figure he needs it for the most part because he will stay up to eat some of those nights. From what I have found in researching, looks like there is a little cluster of growth spurts up to this age. I found one at three months and four months, so I am hoping these night feedings decrease once we pass this one...

Have you started cereal yet? I started putting some in milk and it seems to satisfy him a little better before bed. Not that he doesn't wake at 1130 for that feeding, but he goes right back to sleep now.

A healthy sleep schedule for a child 4 to 8 months old includes 2 awakenings for feedings (i.e. 10pm and 3am). It wasn't until my children turned 9 months old that my Pediatrician instructed me to eliminate night-time bottle feedings. 4 months is too early to wean from night feedings -- it sounds like your son is doing great!

At your son's next well-check-up, I would mention that your son is eating 35oz per 24 hours. I'm sure everything's fine, but that seems like a lot.

My little guy is also 4 months old and is 13 lbs. He wakes up twice a night for feeding as well. I think they still need these feedings.

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