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Nickname Spelling: Gabby or Gabi?

Hi everyone!

Just wondering if anyone can give me an opinion on nickname spelling for my daughter. Her name is Gabriella, but we call her Gabby. I like the spelling Gabi better than Gabby - is it too weird? Will she be constantly correcting everyone?

Opinions, please!



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Beautiful name, but Gabi is a little too cutesy, in my opinion. She won't be a sweet little baby forever, unfortunately! Gabby will carry her through life, and might help when she enters a career. I teach career development classes, and it may not be fair or make sense, but people are judged on their names. To me, Gabby seems more solid, while still retaining the pretty sound. Just some thoughts!

I can tell you that Gabi is WAY cuter!! My name is G. and Gabby for short. Just recently realized I like Gabi much better! lol

I love Gabi, My daughters name is Gabriella also. We didn't give her a nickname, but we were going to name her Abigail her nickname would have been Abi.

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I love Gabi, My daughters name is Gabriella also. We didn't give her a nickname, but we were going to name her Abigail her nickname would have been Abi.

I like Gabi. My full name is C., but my nickname is Cristy... I don't know if I have ever seen another Cristy, and I LOVE IT!!

If your daughter is anything like me (and a million other girls I am sure), she will probably change the spelling of her name 100 times anyway. I have been C., Cristy, Cris, Cristina.... When she gets older she might decide to go by Gabriella anyway...

These days, spellings are very unique, and I say go with what you want. It doesn't matter if people always correct it. You could have a very common name, and people will still spell it wrong (think Nikki, Niki, Nicky, Nicki, Nicci...)

Hi, J.!

I guess it really depends on whether you'd like people to pronounce it gabi (like gah-bee) or gabby (like gab-bee) Because that's how I would personally pronounce those spellings.

You will have to spell it out on certain occasions.

We've called my oldest and middle children by their nicknames and all their gifts come with that name on the tag. There is also the fact that some longer names are harder for little ones to spell out and you might want your daughter to go by her nickname in school. (Their names are the first words that they learn to spell usually)

My oldest is in 1st grade now and although she can spell her full first name (Victoria) it was much easier for everyone in earlier times because we called her Torri.

In the same way, my 3-year-old's name is Galatea and we have all KINDS of problems with her name. Her nick-name is Teya, with the 'y' placed in so that people don't accidently call her tea (as in the beverage).

Either way, you're the mom, so your word is law! Don't let anyone give you trouble about the spelling of your daughter's name!

I really like Gabi... Its looks more updated, and will be easy to write.

Although it's a personal preference, there could be some people that think Gabi is pronounced Gah-beye or Gah-bee. Most people should be able to figure it out. My nickname is D. and it is always being mispelled (Danni, Danny, or Dannie). I don't care though, I love my name and rarely go by Danielle. If you are too worried about it you could go with Gabbi or Gabbie or wait until she is old enough and let her choose the spelling. Otherwise spell it the way you want instead of the "correct" way, it's more fun that way.

I like Gabi better. Maybe Gabbi. The gabi may be said as Gabe(y). I know a cple Gabbys and one gabbi

I like the spelling Gabi also, it's unique. C.

I love Gabi vs. Gabby too. It's very cute!


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