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Newborn Not Seeming to Thrive

I was not jumping to conclusions or making assumptions about this newborn not thriving. It is weak. Sleeps nonstop, all day without waking, doesn't even move its head when the diaper is being changed. I was with this newborn all day and saw his typical day. I was not making trouble by asking for some other peoples' experiences with newborn feeding. I was just very concerned about this 7 week old and his weak and lithless way. I wish I had minded my own business and not gotten involved.

Shannon N upset me by implying that I was jumping to conclusions and making assumptions. I was already upset with this situation because the mother of this baby was heavy before she had this baby and decided that she wanted to be a thin mother and decided to go on a diet while she was pregnant and didn't eat and LOST 65 pounds. I couldn't believe this and at the time told the girl and her mother that I didn't think it was advised that people should diet while pregnant. They got upset with me.

Then Sunday I spent 12 hours at their house for an allday baby shower and saw that this baby is not thriving. They said that they don't want the baby to get big and fat. I am thinking that they need some help in feeding this baby enough so that it will thrive. It is lifeless and weak. I am going to phone the girl and her mother tomorrow and tell them that I am afraid the baby is weak and not thriving. I am only thinking of the baby. Thank you all for your concerned, caring responses for letting me know about your experiences so that I have some more information about feeding newborns. I know I never worried if my 6 week old was getting too fat.

I will let you know how the baby is doing.

What can I do next?

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This posting made me tear up. Every six hours? Are you kidding me? School age children don't go six hours without food - but a newborn needs a bottle about every three hours during the daytime and THE ABILITY TO EAT ON DEMAND! Of course it's not growing if it's on such a horrifying schedule. Is the baby just given a pacifier? Some babies are seemingly "content to starve" with something to suck on all the time, and the parents need to intervene.

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Not enough food!! This baby needs help.

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Wow, my little one was eating every 2.5 hrs, and we were giving her 4ounces, then as she got older we increased her to 6ounces. People like this irritate me, when my daughter was an infant I knew her cries, i knew when she was hungry. And if she was hungry I fed her. I was not one of these crazy mothers who look at the clock and say nope you have 10 min before you can have a bottle. I mean what is that? A control thing, or do they just like to see a baby cry????? Plus this baby is 6wks and only gained a pound and a half??? That is not normal, I agree with the other moms, someone has to intervene. Is this their first child? Who advised them to feed their baby like this? Usually in the hospital the nurses tell a new mother how much the baby should be eating and how often. For me, it just came naturally. I new what was good for my baby, and especially that young they say to feed on demand. You do not hear of too many mothers who are limiting their babies intake on food its usually mothers who are worried their babies are not eating enough!!! If this continues get someone else involved!! Let us all know what happens. God bless that baby!!

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They are starving that baby to death, and the baby is going to end up mortally ill or dead shortly unless you intervene. You need to call social services IMMEDIATELY. Please make the call. If you don't, that baby is probably going to die.

Although 28 ounces a day might be enough for an 8 week old, their poor little tummies need to have food in them much more often, about every three hours if formula fed. Dehydration is a huge risk.

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If they were offended at your suggestion, I do agree that you need to call someone about this situation - perhaps their pediatrician? Babies need to eat ON DEMAND - when they're hungry, for as long as they want/need. THEY decide when they're done/full, NOT THE PARENTS!!!

GOOD LUCK with this, I hope you can get that baby some help!

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My daughter was breast feed so I'm not sure the exact amount she ate, but all I know is that she was eating every two to three hours. My friends son was kind of like your friends child though. He was content to eat every 5 hours. I really think every baby is different. The only good thing is that when babies are that young they go to the doctor often so the babies doctor will be able to see if their child is not getting enough nutrients. It's nice to see your concern and when you mentioned it to them don't take it to heart that they got offended- I'm sure you can remember how emotional you are months after having a baby and for your parenting to be questioned can make even the nicest person go on defense.

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Hi Valli,
This is a touchy issue with friends who may feel that you are butting in. If you know that they are diligent about taking the baby to well-baby visits, I'm sure the ped. will catch it, but if not, then you've got it on your conscience to make sure that either they take the baby to the doctor or you call DSS. If the baby was growing and thriving, that's one thing, since all babies are different with schedules, but this baby has hardly even gained anything! You could certainly approach your friend and let her know that you are really concerned and not just trying to butt in, but also that you feel you have a responsibility to her baby. Give her the chance to do the right thing before making the choice to call Social Services. I'm a mom of 6, and all my babies were way over this weight by 6 weeks, even my smaller ones, and none of them went longer than four hours without eating. Although I've heard that formula takes longer to digest than breastmilk. But still, the real issue is whether the baby is thriving, and it doesn't sound like this baby is. Maybe you should hook your friend up with this site, and show her the posts, or even have her post it herself. Might make a difference, knowing it's not just coming from you.

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Hi Valli,
Usually, new babies eat every 2-3 hrs. Where did they get this idea from anyway? Seems way too long in between feedings, regardless of how much the baby is eating. They aren't supposed to wait that long in between, even at night when they are this young. Sorry but, definately something wrong with this picture! There is such a thing as physical neglect....my opinion, :(.

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