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Newborn Hair Color - How to Determine?

My new baby was born with a full head of dark hair. It seems to be getting lighter and is looking a bit red. I am not sure if red heads are born with red hair or when they show the true color. My older daughter was born with barely any hair and is a dirty blond at the age of 2.

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My oldest son was born with a ton of thick black hair. As he got a little older it would lighten and have tinges of blond and red at times. He is 15 now and has had dark brown hair since he was about 5. I have seen babies go through all sorts of color changes, so I think you have to wait until he gets a bit older to know for sure. My brother was born with no hair, then was a complete white-blond for a few years until he got his normal medium brown that he has now.

My 2yr old daughter was born with a darker hair color, kind of like a dark blonde. When she was close to a year old it started lightening. Now she is just a full-blown beautiful red head!!
My son on the other hand was born with a head full of dirty-blonde kind of hair, and now at 6 is a true light blonde!!
It's amazing how much the color changes!!

One of my older girls was born with dark black hair. Now, I cannot tell you how many colors she has ranging from light brown to a deeper brownish red. My little one was also born with dark hair, though not as dark. Now she has the reddish tint. It doesn't mean that she will have an auburn tone to her hair but I would not be surprised if she got a little lighter. I would look at baby picutres of you and your husband's family.

BTW, I knew a woman that had blond haired babies, continued blond until their teen years and then started going darker. Now they have more of a medium to dark brown with reddish highlites like their parents.

My son was also born with a full head of dark hair. After a few months his also turned red- which was strange because we don't have any red hair in the family. He is about to turn two, and it is a really pretty blonde. I still seems strange that he went from dark to red to blonde, but I think hair color is always changing with the little ones!

As you can see by the other responses, there are no rules with kids' hair color. My son's hair at birth was medium brown. Over the past year or so (he's almost 15 months now), it has gone from that to a light brown, and depending on what he's wearing, sometimes looks reddish. In fact, we recently had his picture taken at Walgreens for his passport and in it, his hair looks to be flaming red, even though it never looks like that for real. I'm sure it will be several years or more until it settles down to an eventual permanent color.

All I can say is good luck!

Our son was born with dark curly hair. It all fell out (like normal) and then he was super blond, almost towheaded last summer (he was 1 1/2). This summer his hair is a light brown.

Both my kids were born with dark hair and my sons did have a red hue to it as it lightened it. He now has bright blond hair. I think you won't really know until he grows up a bit more. He wasn't completely blond until almost 1 year old.

My son is a red head. He didn't have a lot of hair when he was born, but what he had was red, as were his eye brows.

J. R.

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