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Newborn and the Beach

I just had a newborn, he is 6 weeks old tomorrow. And I love going to the beach. Not to tan or anything just to sit for an hour read a book, relax... But i don't know when it is ok to him, is he too little? Of course, I will have him covered under his car seat and under an umbrella. I also would go in the morning or late afternoon so it's not too hot. Any advice?

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Hi H.!
I don't see a problem, my ped. just said no sunscreen abefore 2 months.. Also, if yo are in the Lake Worth/Boynton area, I would go with you if you wanted company, just email me, ____@____.com let me know.

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Hi H.!
I don't see a problem, my ped. just said no sunscreen abefore 2 months.. Also, if yo are in the Lake Worth/Boynton area, I would go with you if you wanted company, just email me, ____@____.com let me know.

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Hi, my ped said it's fine as long as the carseat is roomy enough. If it's snug (which generally newborn carseats are) then your baby could overheat. My ped suggested a small travel bed/pad (see the peapod travel bed or the close and secure sleeper)

We used something similar to the close and secure sleeper and also and infant bath chair (reclinded) inside a UV protected infant cabana which you can find on Amazon.com or babies r us. The cabana is great! There is appropriate ventilation and protection from the sun. Our baby toasted in the carseat plus it was TOO heavy. Have fun.

With my doctor's many encouragements, we took my 2 week old (who was born 5 weeks early and only 5 lbs.) to the beach all the time. She's 3 1/2 and she is fine! We did the same we my full term son and he's two now and loves the beach just as much as his sister. In the beginning, we only went early morning or late afternoon and always used 50 SPF sun block. Now we go anytime of the day. None of them have ever had any problems.

the beach sounds great. but remember no sunscreen on them until 6 months old. If you keep him in the shade you wont need sunscreen. if the beach will help you relax and have a good day it will be benificial to your son too. have fun!

My kids pratically live outside and I take them outside with me after they are a week old. This is a perfect time of year for the beach as it cools off some. The only thing you need to be careful of are UV rays, of course, overheating, or it being too windy. Newborns only breath out of their nose so if its windy they have a harder time breathing.

Go relax and have a great time!

I dont think there is a problem with this. As long as you keep him cool and out of the sun, the fresh ocean air would be great for the both of you. The soothing ocean sound will most likely put him to sleep and you can relax for awhile.

Go enjoy yourself

I used to live on the beach. I loved going all the time and I did. It is a little work, but I brought a pack and play and an umbrella and toys. My daughter never got overheated or sick. I think it is very calming for a baby and especially for mom. H. that helped.

We lived on Okinawa, Japan when my daughter was a newborn and the weather is the same over there as here. I remember that any age is ok for babies to be at the beach, but it just depends on how long they are out there and making sure they don't get too hot. As adults, as long as we are in the shade, we are usually ok, but for babies it's still hot so you shouldn't stay out too long. I used to gauge my baby's body. If she started to get rosy cheeks or if her body was getting warm/hot to the touch, it's probably time to go. Babies can't say if they are too hot, they just will feel really weak and tired and you don't want them to get overheated. Also making sure they have a lot of water to drink is good for cooling them down or letting them get in the pool.

U can take him to the beach, he should be fine. Just make sure to use baby sunblock even if he'll be in the shade (just in case), keep him cool and shaded in the stroller or carseat, and he'll be fine! The sound of the waves may be a calming effect for him as well!


oooh, my babies loved the beach! They would rest so comfortably. I would go as early as i could, that way,#1 less people, #2 cooler, #3 we'd nap on the beach, be up all afternoon, and sleep soundly at night!!!!!

Please go to the beach! I took my baby to the beach when he was a couple weeks old and there wasn't sunblock back then, or umbrellas or any modern conviences. He is 27 now and just fine. It's not hard to make shade for a baby, a little sun is good for you.

Hi H.,
I live in Florida and also love the beach. I don't see why not if you go in early morning or evening. If it is hot outside I put a cool thin cotton blanket even a cotton pillow case works great to put in the car seat/seat as an under lining to help keep him cool. Being outside a little is good for them in my opinion. If he seems sweaty I wipe him down all over with a wipe or damp washcloth. I also read that letting them suck on the outside of a clean water bottle(condinsation)helps keep them hydrated. My baby is 5 and half months and holds the bottle himself, its his little treat when we go for walks, he loves it. We still never stay out more than an hour. Have fun at the beach.


Go to the beach and have fun!My son loves the beach and ocean water in general is his favorite thing lol As long as you make sure you have plenty of shade then everyone should have a great time !!! Enjoy!!

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