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New Dishwasher Leaving Spots

We have recently moved into a new home and had a brand new dishwasher installed, but every time we run it on whatever setting it leaves spots on our dishes and glasses. I have added Jet Dry but it's not doing it's job either. Any suggestions??

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Thanks so much for the input. I will definitely try all suggestions! I could possibly be using too much detergent, cuz I always filler up plus a little.

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I read some where that sometime it helps to run the dishwasher empty with the soap and let it clean the washer out. Maybe thi with help.

Me too. Lemi-shine helped a lot, but I am liking Melaluca dishwasher soap even better. Is "green" and nontoxic as well. (as are all their products).

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I have the same problem. Jet Dry doesn't work for me either. I use Lemi-Shine, which you can buy at Wal-Mart, it works wonderfully. It is a little expensive, so I just use a small amount with each wash. I no longer have those awful spots. Good Luck!

B., I hsvent tried this yet but my friend swears but it! 1/8 cup baking soda & 1/8 cup washing soda in laundry isle, she says it work great she even uses this formula in the laundry instead of laundry soap. I'm gonna try it as soon as i run out of my soap now. ps its all natural! & cheap!!!!!

Hi B.,
When we moved last year I found myself in the same situation. What I did is run a complete cycle with a cup of white vinegar and then ran two complete cycles with nothing. Then I switched to the dishwashing liquid/Jet Dry combo that comes in the small pouches. It worked and I've not seen any more spots. Good luck.
W. Q

Try Cascade with Dawn. It comes in a bag with pre-measured packets. It works much better that any detergent I've used.

Good luck.

Maybe you need a water softener. We have the same problem in our new house & we are getting a water softener. Try to find one that doesn't use salt. It's better for your family & the environment. We have the first one, but had to order the booster. We are on well water & it's the highest level. We will install the booster soon. Our plumber suggested the 2nd one & said he's had great luck with it.


Good luck!

My suggestion would be to have the hardness of your water tested. Ours was so hard we had to put a soft water system in. It pays for itself in less soap in anything we use, dishwasher, shower, and laundry. That was the only problem we had with spotty dishes. It was the hard water.

Are you using a drying aid, such as Jet Dry? Most new dishwasers require that or you will always get spots. I learned that after replacing a 15 year old dishwasher 3 years ago.

Sounds like you might need a water softener. Or if you have one, make sure it's got enough salt and is working properly!

get a hold of where you bought it from cause there seems to be a problem with it cause jet dry cures that problem maybe the dryer isn't working right

WE recently moved also and had to put in a new dishwasher. As they left after installing it the technician reminded me to only use a teaspoon total detergent. He explained that most people use way too much detergent and THAT is what leaves the spots. I tried it, and sure enough: SPOT FREE DISHES!
Blessings to you.

I live in the south and my dishwasher is also new and it leaves spots. I have also tried jetdry which made a huge difference but there are still spots. It is just because the water is so hard and has so many minerals in it. I don't know where you live but I would guess it is just the water you have. The only thing that would get rid of it is a water softening system but those are expensive.

I read some where that sometime it helps to run the dishwasher empty with the soap and let it clean the washer out. Maybe thi with help.

You may have very hard water. You may need a water softener unit.

Me too. Lemi-shine helped a lot, but I am liking Melaluca dishwasher soap even better. Is "green" and nontoxic as well. (as are all their products).

Hi B., if the home is new, you might need to flush the pipes. If its in a new neighborhood, they would be building other homes as well and working on the pipes all the time. If its in West Edmond, you're in trouble. The wells we're on contain VERY hard water. The only way to combat is to add a softening system. Lowe's and Depot carry a pretty good selection and price range, and you'll be amazed at the difference. Its a good investment, the hard water that's spotting your dishes is also eating away at your laundry and could be doing harm to your skin while showering. You'd be horrified at the grit we have to flush out of our water tank every six months just to keep it running. :}

Sounds like you have to much lime in your water. The only soulution is to install a water filtration system, if this is already in place than it should be checked to make sure it is working properly.

we have the same problem...maybe it is hard water??? that seems to be our problem. i don't know how to fix it though so i am interested in seeing the responses. thanks.

You said you have a new home. Do you have the Dishwasher warranty? Is it still in effect? I would contact the manufacturer. Is it a cheap brand?
This should not be happening. Go after them!
Good Luck!
K. D.

check the temperature of the rinse cycle. If it's not hot enough your dishes will be spotty. You may also want to check into a water filter for the hose. Often hard water will leave residue or spots on clean dishes.

hello, use the Dawn tablets. that is what I use. and works good. It is made by cascade.

Lemi-Shine will do the trick!

I have very hard water, but a great Bosch dishwasher - so I was disgusted & disappointed with the spots on everything. I started using Lemi-Shine and all spots are gone! It's incredible. Just put a little of the powder in with your regular detergent and wash as usual. It works wonders!

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