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Never Ending Cold

Has anyone been experiencing an ugly virus that won't go away? Me, my husband and my 15 month old son have had a cold on and off for about a month now. We will get runny noses, sore throats etc.. and get better. Then a few days later it comes back. I have disinfected my whole house twice, but we can not seem to shake this illnes. Is it something going around?

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HI C.,

I highly recommend a nutrition product that my daughters and I have used for 5 months now.
NO colds,sinus infections or virus'...it truelly is a great product. available in powders both for kids and adults. PLease e-mail me at ____@____.com or call at ###-###-####.
Kind regards,

L. Kornely

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You need to try Original Limu my whole family is taking and my son and my grandkids as well as us have not been sick since starting. I have a friend drinking and she felt she was getting sick so drank more and woke up the next day feeling great. It isn't a miricle drink it just has Fucoidan which is the extra nutient that the body needs to kick the immune system in over drive. I have been drinking since November and never felt better.


Sounds more like allergies if there is no fever involved. Drainage can cause a throat to be sore, and runny noses that are clear in color often indicate seasonal allergies. My kids have allergies to dust, dust mites and seasonal also. Let me now if you need a good allergist in Arlington!

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Check the local daily pollen count at this web site:
and see if your symptoms are related to a particular allergen. I have noted that whenever juniper shows up on this web site I have a runny nose.

By the way, Johnny Crow (my ac repairman) told me when his son was young he had terrible allergy to fungus and mold. They installed a UV light in their AC unit and the symptoms vanished.

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I've been a Family Herbalist for the last eight years, and one of the first things I learned and have confirmed many times over, is that sickness is the bodies response to toxicity in the system. That may not be surprising to people, but looking at it another way, it's really the body attempting to detoxify itself. By compounding with drugs, you are "band-aiding" the symptoms, suppressing the toxins from being flushed from your body, and not curing the cause. So, as an herbalist, I can say your best bet, as someone else in this blog mentioned, is to use copious amounts of lemon juice, ginger, and I would even add, garlic. Garlic is a natural antibiotic, and is highly beneficial to your system without harmful effects like antibiotics. When I or anyone in my family experience symptoms, at the first sign of them, I squeeze part or half a lemon into a glass if water, sweeten with real maple syrup, (honey is ok, maple syrup is better), and drink this several times a day, cut eating down to a minimum avoiding meats, fried foods and processed or boxed meals. Stick with eating fresh fruits, vegetables, soups, and above all, drink a lot of water and this lemonade. In addition, you can take the herb Goldenseal if your symptoms are really bad, or Echinacea if your symptoms are mild and you've caught the early stages of the illness. Garlic can be used to substitute these herbs if you take a lot of it. You can find Garlic in capsules ranging from 250 to 500 mg. Take it at least 3 times a day, or more. It's garlic...it can't hurt. This season has been a good year for us...no one in my family has been affected by this, but I have managed to head it off a few times that I've noticed symptoms rearing their ugly heads. Good luck.

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there are deadly virus in tx this year so many of my friends too have this problem so the best u can do is take honey with a few drops of ginger juice/powder and few drops of fresh lemon ...that definetly improves ur cold .
vapouriser also gives lots of relief .

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HI C.,

I highly recommend a nutrition product that my daughters and I have used for 5 months now.
NO colds,sinus infections or virus'...it truelly is a great product. available in powders both for kids and adults. PLease e-mail me at ____@____.com or call at ###-###-####.
Kind regards,

L. Kornely

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sounds like allergies, not a virus. i would get allergy testing done. this weather with the wind and such has been horrible and lots of people are suffering right now even people who didn't realize they had allergies.

I have had this too, it is so irritating. Mine started with a fever, congestion, body ache, and a cough. I still have the cough and a little congestion. I have heard this is lasting anywhere from 1-2 months. It is no fun, and I'm so sick of it. I've heard there are upper resperitory infections, viral and a flu going around. I guess all have to run there course. Sorry I don't have anything good to say about this! I hope y'all get better.

Hello C.,
I too had the same symptons for about 2 months. Nothing over the counter worked. I finally gave in and went to the doctor when I was running a fevor and throwing up. She said I had that new strain of flu that even the flu shots do not help. I was put on a steriod pak for 7 days plus antibotics for 10 days and Albuterol for breathing and a cough syrup for the constant dry coughing. It finally did the trick and I am feeling human again. Please see your doctor and tell them how long it has been going on.

I am glad (well not literally) to see someone else is having this problem. We started this after Christmas and my daughter and I keep geting sick. We hardly ever get out in public because she is only 2 1/2 months old, but we keep getting sick. I disinfect, I make sure we all wash our hands everytime we do anything and we still keep getting it....if you get a cure let me know.

You need to try Original Limu my whole family is taking and my son and my grandkids as well as us have not been sick since starting. I have a friend drinking and she felt she was getting sick so drank more and woke up the next day feeling great. It isn't a miricle drink it just has Fucoidan which is the extra nutient that the body needs to kick the immune system in over drive. I have been drinking since November and never felt better.


I am not sure what to tell you to do since we are going through the same thing. Since January 1st, we have not had a day that someone in our family was not sick. I have 2 teenage girls and a husband, and we have all had something. There has been strep twice, throat infection, sinus infection and a stomach bug. I have washed with lysol, sprayed lysol cleaned anything that was standing still with lysol. Cleaned anything that moved with lysol and still sick. I hope someone has an answer I would love one day of wellness. We have all been to the doctor several times now. I am making an appointment for both girls again today. He just says that it is going around and gives us appropriate medicine.

Dear C.: My name is B. Josey and I've been married 53 yrs to the same man. I raised 3 kids, and have 8 grand.
As per your cold. I use clorox (less than a 1/4 cup) in my dish pan/ dish washer/ counter tops/ bath rooms/ every day until things level out. I have been using the spray for disinfecting your hands that I purchased at Walmart. Things have gone much better this year than ever before. I also fire up my tea kettle for steam in the house. This helps soar throats and nose.
The best to you.
B. Josey

YES it took me and my hubby 4 exact weeks to kick it. It was horrible! My friend's daughter in Frisco has it now.

Ugh. I know what you are going through. It is hard when our kids get sick, but I feel it is even more difficult when we, as mothers, get sick, since we are the glue of the family. I had that sickness. I don't know what it is or how I got it, I just know that I got sick about mid November and didn't get better till the week of Christmas. A total of 8 weeks. I was in my last month of pregnancy too. It all started with a sore throat, went to my sinuses, then to my lungs, then became bronchitis, started to get better, then it went back to my sinuses, and ended with conjunctivitis. It was a difficult time for myself and my family. I was doing everything I could to get better but nothing was working. I know of a couple of other people that have had it too. They just had a continual cough and congestion. Of course being pregnant, there was very little I could take. I was put on antibiotics twice. I found that drinking sleepytime tea helped, and I really drank a lot of orange juice. Vicks also helped with the comfort level at night. I hope it doesn't last as long for you. Just remember that you WILL get better. Give yourself some rest when you can too.

have you asked your doctor about allergies?

Have to checked into the idea that it might be allergies that are triggering the runny nose and then the sore throat?

We had that problem. Then when we started treating the allergies the other stuff went away.

It could be allergies or a sinus infection, I would talk to your doctor.

Had this happen in my family of five several years back. The way I got rid of it was to make all our family drink out of paper cups and paper plates, and use plastic ware for two weeks, opened all windows and outer doors and aired the house out, plus used disenfectant around sinks and door handles. It worked great!!!

J. R

My entire family of four is just on the tail end of this. We have actually all been sick on and off (more on than not) since Thanksgiving. There are various strains of everything going around and once we got rid of one, we got another. We found that the best thing for us was opening the windows (weather permitted of course) and everyone took a round of antibiotics. One of my girls is on her third or fourth round- I can't remember how many now. Anyway, hopefully yours will go away faster. There are allergies going around now as well. But, our doctor said that we just keep passing it around to one another and that is what it is for us anyway.

Could you all possibly have allergies? Allergies will certainly cause runny noses and drainage down the back of the throat. The drainage can cause the sore throat and even laryngitis. Do you have fever? Is the drainage green? If you have fever or colored drainage then you probably have an infection (viral or bacterial).

We are right there with you...it is aweful! I think the wind is just blowing in so much stuff...

Shaklee makes a product called Defend and Resist, and it works really well! My family has had issues with illness the last few weeks. I guess it is time for me to take my own advice...D & R here I come.

We are in the same boat! But I've talked with a few specialists in pediatrics and apparently kids get 6-10 respiratory bugs in the first year of life ON AVERAGE! A virus will not stick around usually for more than 7-10 days and once they've had it, they never get it again (that's the good news). The bad news is, according to our pediatric pulmonologist, this is one of the worst seasons he's seen for RSV (a lower respiratory virus with a bunch of strains). Good news is, he promises that it will all end by Tax Day (usually it's Easter, but since Easter's early that's out). I'm seriously going to have a party on the 15th of April!!!! Hang in there...he's just building his immune system (and yours!) Oh, and apparently, it is pretty uncommon for little ones to have TRUE allergies, it's more likely environmental irritants that can be the culprit early on (fragrances, smoke, etc.) so check for those in your home if you suspect allergies.

Check for mold in your home. It may be just as easy as cleaning your vents. This can trigger this with the smallest amount. If you have vents in your bathrooms this is the best place for it to start. Good luck.

I have heard that this stuff is going around. I will tell you that depending on what kind of disinfectant you used could be what is irritating the runny nose and sore throat to come back. If it is not a natural disinfectant then it may be the source. When our bodies are sick and then you spray and wipe down everything with toxins our bodies can't recover. For a long time my family and I used the traditional cleaners, because that is what I thought was best. Because that is what the companies tell us. But many parents do not realize what are in those cleaners. Take a look at this website. tx.parentsunited.com If you click on the environmental wellness there is a news clip that every parent should see. I hope you all feel well soon.

H. M

It's just the weather going from cold to hot and back again. I know me, my husband, our 2 1/2 yr old and 5 month old are sick again for like the 5 time. If need be, go see the doctor and see if they can prescribe some meds. hope this helps :D

Sounds more like allergies if there is no fever involved. Drainage can cause a throat to be sore, and runny noses that are clear in color often indicate seasonal allergies. My kids have allergies to dust, dust mites and seasonal also. Let me now if you need a good allergist in Arlington!

The American College Of Allergists states that over 50% of all our illinesses are caused by polluted INDOOR air. It sounds like your family is just continuely spreading the bacterias around. You are applying chemicals that are more toxicant than the bacteria. WOW!

Check out my web-site. We have the answer for indoor polluted air and contaminated water. Email me and I will send you a packet.

J. G
email: ____@____.com

Hello C. B. It is possible you do not have a cold, but allergies. Some allergies would be aggravated by the disinfection you use to clean your house! Do you have carpeting? Dust is one big aggravator with allergies, along with mold, mildew, soaps, and even perfume! You can try vacuuming more than normally--like every-other-day. That is double with your bedroom if carpeting is there. No carpeting? Dust mop your floors with same vigilence. If you have a lot of papers and books around, they may also be aggravators. What about plants inside or outside? Do you or your husband smoke? What about candles, scent sprays? Or a pet that sheds excessivly? They all can be culprits. Have yo tried taking a OTC medication like Benedryl or Clariton? You can have your doctor test you for allergins to see what bothers you. Another thing to consider is if you drive a car that the previous owner was a smoker. When my son, now 37, was 18 mo. old, everyone childed me because he always seemed to have a cold and others said he was going to get pneumonia. But I had taken him to the doctors, often! Finally I took him to a peditrician and after a thorough exam, said, "This baby does not have a cold. I suggest you take all his stuffed toys away." WOW! The doctor didn't even ASK if he had stuffed toys! I did as he asked, and poof! No more colds. But every time I had him on the plush carpet, his cheeks and nose would turn red, he'd start coughing, and his nose would run. Allergies are worth looking into.


There must be something going around, because I've had it too... along with my husband and 16-month-old. I started it right before Christmas, and my doctor said it was bacterial, not viral. I eventually ended up with a sinus infection, double ear infections, a throat infection and acute bronchitis! Then I got a bit better, but my cough and congestion never went away. Then last week, I found out it had turned into Pneumonia! So, be careful... They still say it isn't viral, but everyone I know has had it at some point... so I don't know. My daughter started coughing and sniffling again this weekend. If she's not better by Thursday, I'm taking her in. Pneumonia was bad enough for me; I can't imagine my 1-year-old with it!

Hope y'all feel better soon!

try airbourne, and emergency from Whole Foods

Have you considered that it may not be a cold but actually allergies? I used to have what I thought was an ongoing cold but when I mentioned it to my doctor, she started me on a nasal allergy spray and that cleared it up very quickly.

Good luck!

It is going around! My 6 month old has had RSV and we've been in the hospital with him. The pediatrician said there are so many strains that nobody will ever be "immune" to it. In those with more developed immune systems RSV comes out as a common cold. Those a little younger can have more serious symptoms. My husband and I have been sick since before Christmas.

Absolutely!!! There is something going around, it started for us at Christmas time. And EVERYBODY in our family has had some form of it. My 2 year old ended up with an ear infection from it about 3 weeks ago and my poor husband just can't get rid of it. I finally convinced him to go to the doctor and he has an appointment tomorrow morning.

Good luck, we are going through the same. Me, my husband and my 2yr old have been sick since Thanksgiving. We've had cold symptoms, flu symptoms, fever, coughing - we've tried every over the counter med you can imagine and have had antibiotics etc from our dr but nothing seems to help. I too have disinfected our house more than once, wiped all the door handles, light switches etc. We also open the windows when weather allows (not often lately) but still nothing helps. For now we only have the lingering cough, which is pretty bad but at least it is not accompanied by fever etc. I just think there is something going around that isn't affected by the usual meds and from what I hear from others who've had it, it will go away in 2-3mo. Hang in there, keep seeing the dr, maybe you'll find something that works.

Have you tried a nasal irrigation, such as the Neti Pot? Basically, you clear your sinuses with saline.

You can go to Walgreens, Whole Foods or the like to get the products.

I have personally heard great success stories about people feeling better, eliminating sinus trouble and staying well.

Hi C.,

We (my family) and I have had something too going around. It all started when we the grass fires and heavy winds were going around. I tried over the counter stuff but it made me feel weird. So, I decided to focus on drinking plenty of liquids, eat healthy (stay away from cheese & milk - both cause mucus) and take my ProBiotic Restore along with my other nutritional products. Seems to be helping.

ProBiotic Restore is friendly flora, helps with digestive track to keep things balanced.
Hope this helps,

You may go get checked out. It could be allergies or there is a nasty strain of the flu that was not in the flu shot going around. I was sick off and on, three doctor appointments later and a shot, a shot, and a high powered anti-biotic for the lung infection that developed I am finally getting better.

We have had the same thing! My husband and my 1 and 2 year olds; we have all been sick off and on since Christmas!! I have other friends that have been experiencing the same thing,..

My doctor said that there is a version of the flu going around that even the flu vaccine would not work against. It can lead to sinus infections and bronchitus which also can lead to ear infections. He said it's viral, so antibiotics won't help :-(

I hope you guys start to feel better.

Yes...we've had it since January! Two of the five of us have had to get antibiotics. Good luck! A.

Hello there!

Have you tried changing your air filter? Whenever my family gets sick I do the same thing you do but I change my air filter as well. The virus circulates thru your air vents as well. Good Luck!!


It sounds more like allergies...which have been bad this year. February is one of the worst months of the year in north Texas. Everyone in our house has had runny nose, sneezing, coughing, sore throat, headaches. 2 of my children ended up with sinus infections due to their out of control allergies. You can try Claritin and/or Zyrtec (which I hear is now over the counter). Ask son's pediatrician about what you should try for him.

Good luck!


Sounds like allergies, not a cold! We go through the same thing and it's very hard to tell the difference. Start taking allergy medicine (and stay on it) and see if this makes a difference. You should see improvement in a couple of weeks.

I have one word for you: LYSOL.

Seriously it's going around, This "Crud". Germs need to be tamed down - LYSOL and GERMX would probably be a major help at this point... It will not only stop reinfection, but help against ALL other infections that might be about.

I spray it daily, coat the house, the door nobs, the beds, the bathrooms. Let it air dry. I even walk through it and breath in deep. Why you ask? Well, b/c lysol kills 99.9% of all airborn germs - what is in your lungs? Air.

GOOD LUCK!!! (FYI: the walmart brand of Lysol is ok, it works, but once it's more than a few months old, it smells like old tires)

I'd recommend green tea with honey and real lemon juice. Your 15 month old should be able to have honey now, I think it's under a year old that they shouldn't have it. The drink has been used by several people I know and it seems to work for everyone. Drink as much as you can for a couple of days and you should feel better.

I have been using melelueca products for over a year now. They have many vitamins that you can take, but I found that the immune builder pills are excellent, and it keeps my teenager from picking up so many colds & germs at school. The reps. name is Tracy with Melelueca, and she is on Mamasource. Good luck with getting them better too!

D. G.

Hi C.,

Our dr. said Mountain Cedar is off the charts right now because of all the rain. We can totally relate. We are sick of it, too. He said by the end of Feb. things should be better. Mountain Cedar makes me feel bad so I think I have a cold half the time, but it is just allergies.
Feeling your pain!
T. Wood

Hi C.,
About 4 years ago my family had the same problem, and when the cold did go away it was back in 2 months. My sister told me about a product call Limu, and I started drinking it 2oz twice aday. In less than a week the cold was gone and we have not had colds or flu in our family in 4 years. We call ourselves flu and cold proof.
Many of our friend has since start using the Limu and they too are flu and cold proof.
If you want to find out more about it contact me @ ____@____.com call ###-###-####

C. P

My Husband,my son age 6 years old and myself have experiance these colds symptoms. I have asked the DR "why are we getting sick more this year then the year before"? He says it's been a bad year for allergies. My son has had about 4 ear infections,throat infections for about 5 months now.My husband has had sinus infections and is dealing with one right now. I had to go see the DR several times for sinus pressure and infections. I wonder if it has to do with it beeing Windy latley. The wind Kicking up all that pollen and dust around us.
I will ask the DR when we see him today. My son has another ear infection.
Maybe you and your family can get on Claratine. See if that helps.I believe they have it for children too.
Hope your family gets better soon.
Hope this helps a little.

You might want to go to the doctor. My son, when he was 5, seemed to get sick on the weekends but during the week he was fine. After 2 weekends of this, I took him to the doctor anyway. It turns out, he had walking pneumonia! I felt like such a bad mother!!! There was no way he was going to get better without antibiotics. Long story short, you may have more than just a cold.

Find an allergist & get tested for allergies.

Remember that when you disinfect, you also kill the good bacteria that your body uses to fight the bad bacteria.
My doctor always puts the family on chewable colostrum (first cow's milk) tablets whenever we're fighting a bug that won't leave. You can find colostrum at any health food store.

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