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Netflix Vs. Blockbuster

Hey ladies! I have recently been put on "house rest" (not quite bed rest, but i'm not allowed to go anywhere) and I have 10 weeks to go before the baby comes. So I was thinking about joining either Netflix or Blockbuster to get movies through the mail. I figure I'll have a lot more time to watch movies now! I was hoping that you guys could help me decide which one to sign up for. Anything you could tell me about either one would be great! Thanks!

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My vote is for Blockbuster, too. I love being able to exchange them in store. We actually enjoy going to the "movie store" every once in a while. Also, Blockbuster is based in the Dallas area so you get the movies through the mail quicker.

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Hi K.-

We used to have Netflix and then switched to Blockbuster. We like the fact that once you get done watching the movie, you can swap it for another one at the store and not have to wait for the mail....but make sure you have enough left for the month. If you only subscribe for 4 movies a month, that is all you get, even if you watch them all in the first week. In my experience, we seemed to get our movies faster with Blockbuster. Also, Blockbuster also sends you coupons to use at the store. Another thing my hubby loves is that the movies can be substituted for a video game (I think it's still like that, not sure though). So for us, Blockbuster is the way to go.

We had Netflix and switched to Blockbuster. The selling point for us was being able to turn them in and sxchange them at the stores. We didnt have any problems with Netflix but the convenience of Blockbuster works out better for us. We get 2 movies at a time and it cost around 16.00 a month. Definately a great savings from renting in the stores,

Netflix has a better variety, more unusual and foreign movies. Blockbuster has... the blockbuster movies and old favorites.

We had Netflix for over a year. Got tired of it and went back to doing the in-store thing. We put our Netflix account on "hold" so they're not charging us the monthly fee right now.

I have not used either one but I have a friend who uses Netflix and loves it. I don't think that you are limited to how many you can get a month. I could be wrong. From what I understand from my friend, you can get so many at a time and then return them when you are done. No late fees. Once the movies are returned, they mail you your next selections. She did at one point switch to Blockbuster and found that she liked Netflix a lot better. She went back to Netflix and has been with them for years.

We use Netflix and really enjoy it. We had Blockbuster at one time but I don't know why we canceled it. I remember you can go [or husband] to the store and a movie or two. We just got used to Netflix.
Good Luck and get some rest....

Hi, K.-

We used to have Netflix, but switched to Blockbuster. The reason was that a gift certificate we gave my parents from Netflix turned into a $100 expense for them, because in the ity bity print down at the bottom of the certificate, it says you have to take the initiative to cancel the subscription, it's not done automatically. Blockbuster does not do that with their certificates, and Netflix was not willing to work with us about the whole issue. Also, being able to exchange the movies you get in the mail for movies in the store is really great! You also get a coupon for an extra movie or a game each month. I will say that Netflix has a larger selection of movies online, and they also have multiple queues. I especially liked the multiple queue feature because everyone in the family could have their own queue and each time a movie was returned to Netflix, the next in that particular person's queue was sent out to them next. I've asked Blockbuster about this several times, but have yet to receive a satisfactory response. I'm hoping time will solve both the multiple queue and the selection problems. So, I hope this helps you in some way.

Happy Holidays,

I had blockbuster and canceled because they changed the pricing structure without notifying me.

I've had netflix since and am very satisfied.

I had Netflix a couple of years ago, and switched to Blockbuster because at that time they were cheaper. I seemed to get the movies back faster too. I still like blockbuster because I do often pass my video store and you can trade a mailed movie after you are done with it for a 'store movie', but then you have to return that directly to the store. But, you can also queue a movie up on your computer instantly, if you watch them that way. I think just a logistical preference, really. If you think you will occassionally rent from the store, I'd say Blockbuster.

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