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Nervous About Giving 6 Month Old Benadryl

Hi ladies,
My six month old has been up with a stuffy nose and coughing for the past two nights. The doctor says she has a viral illness (no ear infection, nothing with the lungs) and suggested we use Benadryl to relieve her symptoms. We want to keep trying what we have been doing (running the humidifier, going into a steamed bathroom, maybe try sleeping in a car seat or with her head elevated, saline drops) before trying the benadryl. Not that I am against medicines, but I am nervous about giving this to her unless she is really suffering. I mean, I know she needs her sleep - I just don't want to harm her. Am I worrying for nothing? Is Children's Benadryl a commonly given medicine, and no big deal? Just wanted to see if anyone out there had any good or bad experiences with it. thank you!!

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Thanks everyone so much for your replies! After reading through everything, I definitely am NOT giving her the Benadryl, at least not until she is 6 years old and probably not even then. Thank you for all the information and suggestions!

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I dont like giving benedryl for colds, it doesnt do much good. Yea it may help her sleep, but that is about it. I use it when I know my daughter has a stuffy nose from allergies, not a cold. It is safe to give though.

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I always thought Benadryl was for children over 6 years old. I do not think they have an infant formula. My doctors always told me to do as you are doing...humidifier, saline drops, steamy bathroom. The only other thing I have done was to put viks rub on their chests. It would help them get to sleep, especially my daughter who sucks her thumb and needs to nose breath so she can get to sleep.

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I'd try tylenol before Benedryl. My daughter is nearly 2 and has had a number of colds, but we've never been told to give her benedryl and even if we had, I don't think I would have. Tylenol is fairly tame but does give some relief of the aches and pains of colds and fevers. The humidifier and warm baths have worked well for my daughter most of the time.

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Your doctor should have told you the exact amount to give your daughter and how often. Benadryl is an anthistamine, and what you're doing is going after the root cause of her problem, allergies or something similar that is causing her to be stuffed up. The antihistamine will prevent her body's reaction (stuffiness, runny nose, cough and sore throat). Children's Benadryl is a common over the counter medication that many parents use with great success. Just be sure to get the dosage from your doctor/nurse. You can always check with your neighborhood pharmacist as well. Get well soon!!!

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Are you using a bulb syringe? Saline drops do good to loosen things up, but babies can't blow their nose. Just make sure that you smoosh the nostril that you're not suctioning so that you can really get the crud out. It's very effective when combined with a couple drops of saline. Just remember to hold her head still and be gentle with the syringe.

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Do you have a nebulizer. If not maybe you could get one, I think you can find some pretty reasonable priced ones. This is what we used with our son when he was little during the summer and suffered from severe stuffiness due to allergies. We put saline in the cup and put the mouth piece by his nose and it helped out a lot much more effective then just putting saline drops in the nose. Just a thought. It is always best to avoid medicine if at all possible.

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S. - I have been saved these last few months by Hyland's Teething Tablets. They work wonders for my daughter within 15 minutes of dissolving in her mouth. They also make tablets for colic, gas, and cold symptoms. I have used the Sniffles 'n Sneezes with great relief for my daughter. This is just one brand found in drug stores. You could also go to any health store and ask for homeopathic tablets for your baby's specific symptoms - that's what Hyland's are. They dissolve under the tongue or between the gums and cheek. They won't hurt her at all, so there's no harm in giving them a try! The relief usually lasts about 2 hours, and they actually prompt the body to heal!

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Benadryl is very common and has been around for decades! That being said, it's pretty strong and powerful. It can knock most people out for hours and has a strong drugged affect for a lot of people too. SO if your baby is running a fever and needs hydration, I would be wary as it would dry your baby out and cause a lot of sleeping not allowing time for more fluids to get in. Some children may get hyperactive on it too! So be warned about that as well since you have no idea what the reaction will be yet. It is a great medication to keep on hand though. As it is the first thing you will want to grab if your baby has an allergic reaction to food when introducing solids or a bug bite.

If you are looking to clear up nasal and chest passages, I would try a chest rub. Take some olive oil and add a few drops of eucalyptus oil to it and rub it on her chest. This will release gentle fumes that will break everything up. You can also buy several natural chest rubs that are petroleum free. My favorites are Mother Earth Respiratory Rub and Nature's Baby Ah-Choo! Chest Rub.

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I would be cautious with the Benadryl. It is very powerful and since they don't make a formulation for infants it can be difficult to dose. Infants have died from overdoses, so if you give it, get clear, written instructions from your pediatrician regarding the dosage.

I don't think that it is very effective in reducing congestion, but it will make your child drowsy, so she will probably go to sleep. We were advised to use it when our daughter was 8 mo old and had an itchy rash all over. It did not really relieve the itch, but definitely put her out - the problem was that after it wore off, after about 4 hours, she woke up and was very miserable and could not go back to sleep. I stopped using it after two days.

My daughter is in daycare so we deal with respiratory infections about every other week ...
To relive her congestion we use saline nosedrops. They are unmedicated and can be applied as often as needed, we usually do once an hour, when it's really bad. Put them in, wait a few minutes and then suction with the bulb syringe. I also run a humidifier and giving her a warm bath before bed time usually get's things flowing as well.

Good luck.

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When my son was four he had a severe allergic reaction, and the first doctor I took him to said to give him Benadryl. We did, and it was awful. It knocked him out for twelve hours, and he was sleeping so deeply that even though he had been potty trained for over a year he wasn't able to wake up to go to the bathroom. It turned him into a zombie. So I asked a different doctor about it and she said benedryl should NEVER be used unless it is absolutely necessary. I don't consider a head cold to be serious enough that I would use medication for my son. Recently (he is now ten) he had the flu and we gave him a little tylenol at night to help with his fever. But benedryl is a serious narcotic and I think it should be avoided. It sounds like you are already doing everything you can. Those methods combined with some cooled off peppermint tea and time will be enough to heal her. Over the counter medicines for kids have been proven to be unsafe, and in some cases even fatal.

good luck!

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Babies are obligated nose breathers, they don"t understand that they could open their mouths to breath so they try and breath through the mucus. Keep her nose clear and keep her hydrated are the 2 most important things. If you don't like the bulb suction they sell battery operated nasal aspirators at babies r us. Swaddle her up and clean out the nose she won't like it but she will feel better afterwards. I would try that before Benadryl. Good luck!

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