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Nervous About Delivery

I am due to have my first baby, a boy, around december 15th. I am VERY nervous about Labor & Delivery. Is there any advice you can give me that will help me out. I plan on going as long as I can without any pain meds, but I know I am a big wimp when it comes to pain, so im sure I'll end up with an epidural.

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I just wanted to say that Labor went great! I did get an epidural, but it wore off before the baby was born. I thought the WORST part about the whole thing was getting stiched up! My baby is now 2 1/2 weeks old and just a bundle of joy most of the time!

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It is only natural to be nervous. I have had 2 children and I had one with pain meds and one without. If I were to have another child I would totally go without again. I am not going to lie to you, it does hurt but it also gets done so much faster. With out the meds you can actually feel the muscles that you need to use to push with. My doc. told me to push like I had to take a bm. (yea, its gross but it is the way to go) My first one they said push and I was so numb that I really had no idea if I was pushing or not.
Baby one with meds 36 hours
Baby two with no meds 12 hours.
Yes the second comes faster but I honestly believe that it was the no meds that made it go that much faster because I could feel the muscles. I am also a big wimp but keep in mind the end result and how much faster you can hold him. Oh... one last thing I could not work my legs after baby one after baby two I was up and walking in no time with no drug effects. You will do just fine whatever you choose. Just remember long labor versus short labor. No matter what you still have to wait to hold that bundle of love how long you wait is up to you!! Good luck!

First of all, it's perfectly normal to feel this way before delivering your first child. I certainly did!
I kept telling myself that women are MADE to do this very thing and have been doing it for thousands of years. If they can do it, so can you!
It was really comforting for me to take a tour of the hospital (St. John's) and take a lamaze class before delivery, too. It helped me become more familiar with the place I would be at, and learn a little bit of what to expect.
Of course it will be nerve-wrecking when you first arrive at the hospital because it's something you've never experienced before, but once you get going it will be fine.
Once you finally get to hold that little guy in your arms it'll be SO worth all the time it took for him to get outta your belly!!! :-)
I'm pregnant with my second child now (my son is 11 mos old). If you want to chat further, please feel free to send me a private message. I'm happy to help out any way I can - it wasn't that long ago that I was where you're at right now!
Best Wishes for a quick and healthy labor & delivery!

P.S. - one word: EPIDURAL!!! LOL!!

Congratulations! I took the classes at the hospital to prepare for my son, when it came time for him to be born, nothing they told me mattered. But it was still fun anf helped ease my mind and look forward to delivery. I had an epidural and it was so wonderful to be able to relax. I still felt the contractions and pushed when needed, I got to enjoy the wonderful experience without the crazy paain. Good luck!!

Boy..mention labor and we all have the answers and love to share our journey! hahaha just kidding. It is painful, but nothing like I had it built up to be. Labored @ home most of the time for the 1st one. Got an epidural right @ the cut off point. Wasn't numb...it just took the edge off and was GLORIOUS!! I didn't take other drugs so I didn't feel out of it and got to REALLY enjoy the birth! You could totally do it with out it, but really wouldn't enjoy it in my view like I did w/ the epidural.

God gave us the knowledge to figure that one out (epidural)and I THANK him for it!!

Pretty much same experience the second time...WONDERFUL and really ENJOYED the birth.

Don't have a set plan in mind, be flexible and open to what YOU need and DON'T let ANYONE sway your decision.

My personal opinion....the only reason to not have an epidural is to say you didn't have an epidural and I really don't think that's a big deal UNLESS it's a big deal to you! I would much rather enjoy my children coming into the world than to be able to brag about it. My 2 cents!

First of all CONGRATULATIONS!!! My first child was a little boy. I also have two daughters now. The only really good advice that I can give you is to try to relax. My first two births I did do one shot of pain reliever. My third child I did an epidural. I was very skeptical about doing that. I really had no choice though, I had ALOT of back labor. She came 2 1/2 weeks early. After I did the epidural I enjoyed my labor alot more. Yes I still felt the contractions, I still felt the pressure, but I was alot more relaxed. My first two children I cannot say that I was relaxed at all. My son was 16 hours of labor, 4 of it was the hard labor. I kind of wish now I did that epidural. My second came so fast that I barely made it to the hospital. Oh don't be afraid to bare it all in front of the world. HA HA!! I was so nervous about everybody seeing parts of me that I hadn't seen in about 6 months. I will pray that you have a normal, healthy delivery. Just keep smiling, because you know it that little one will be 5 years old. My son is turning that old in November, and it seems like yesterday I was pregnant with him. Good luck to you.


I was very nervous, too. Be sure to ask a lot of questions and have someone with you at the hospital who will be your advocate.

I would also talk to as many others as possible about their experiences, so you have some ideas of what can happen. This is very important - bring a CAMERA! My doctor suggested it and we have the most awesome pictures of mom and newborn, dad and newborn, newborn in weight scale, newborn with doctor.

If you feel something (intuition) and the staff doesn't think it is so, make sure you speak up or have someone with you who will speak up. I needed a catheter put in after delivering as I couldn't "go", but the nurse pushed around my bladder and didn't "feel" anything. Well, I finally convinced them and after they put the catheter in, a bag and a half came out. (Sorry to be so descriptive.) Also, if you plan to breastfeed, ask for the lactation consultant to come for the first tries instead of the nurse on duty.

It's an amazing experience. A couple of hours after delivery, I was ready to have another.

Best wishes,

i was nervous both times for me. the best piece of advice i can give is to take the birthing class. i only did the second time but it made the delivery so much easier and it also helped my husband to relax and to know what to do to help me. be sure to take stuff with you that you like to use to help you relax. hope it all goes well!

Let me tell ya - I was scared to death the whole 9 months I was pregnant and had no one that understood my feelings. I got horror stories from every woman I encountered and laughed at for being so scared. I had one woman tell me a week before I delivered that it was no big deal. That gave me so much relief. Remember that every birth is different for each person. The epideral is a must. It helps so much and if you start to feel any pain after that, tell the nurse immediately so you can get more pain medication through your epideral. I used nothing that I learned in the birthing classes. The epideral really made everything go so smoothly for me. It was a completely painless birth (except for the 15 min it took when the epideral ran out) and recovery for me. I was so excited to finally get to meet my daughter and that was all I could think about once I got the epideral. It will be such a great experience when the doctor plops your new baby up on your belly and you can see how perfect he is. Just remember how great that moment will be. You'll do a great job in the delivery room and I'm sure you will be an awesome mom!

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