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Nephew's Baptism

My 9 month old nephew is getting baptised this sunday and I am wondering if I am suppose to buy him a gift? If so what kind? Thanks!

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We got some cute personalized things from Things Remembered- like a bank, cup, phot album, etc... Or you could do a savings bond.

Hallmark stores have a section of baptism gifts. Just get him something small. I got my nephew a porcelin cross that says baptism and you hang it on the wall. It was pretty cute and simple.

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Hallmark stores have a section of baptism gifts. Just get him something small. I got my nephew a porcelin cross that says baptism and you hang it on the wall. It was pretty cute and simple.

When our nephew was baptized we gave him a picture frame taht had a spiritual verse and some teddy bears on it. We were not Godparents for him so i didn't get too heavy into a gift (like a Bible or stuff like that)

When we had our sons baptized, some people brought gifts and others didn't. I don't think that you are expected to or need to. If you would like to do something, I liked the bible story board books that people gave us. Or a CD of sunday school songs or lullabies. Just a couple suggestions.

For my daughter's babtism my cousin gave me a wonderful book called "God Gave Us You" by Lisa Tawn Bergen. I've given it to people also. Our local Kmart carries it in the children's book section.


I don't think it is expected, but it would be a nice gesture. Maybe a picture frame for his baptism certificate or a picture in his baptism outfit or one of those Precious Moments figurines. You could probably even buy him a little Bible with a carrying case to take to Church when he is a little older or a decorative one to keep in the nursery.

Good luck,

Congratulations on your nephew's baptism! I bought a savings bond for my godchildren's baptisms. You can get them at any bank for 1/2 of the face value. Ex: a $50 Savings Bond costs $25, and can be cashed in when he is older. (I believe they mature in 10 years) I have also bought baby rosaries as baptism gifts (I'm Catholic).

THANKS I need this advice too!!!

When my daughter was baptized, most of the guests did bring gifts. Most weren't big gifts, but I think everyone brought something. Though the knick knack type things are cute and I'm sure were picked out with care, there is only so much room to display them. And many are breakable, so need to go high up in baby's room. Many other people mentioned the idea, and I'd suggest going with a book. It's something useful and it's something that you won't be going overboard with, but won't be showing up empty handed either.

My side of the family has a baptismal gown that's been used for several generations now. The cap that goes with it hasn't held up as well as the gown, so we used the hankerchief cap that daddy wore for his baptism, so we combined our traditions. (It was supposed to have the ribbon clipped and given to me to use on our wedding day, but his mother didn't find it in time. But it worked out anyway. Now our daughter can use it on her wedding day.) You could check with the parents to see if they already have something traditional like this that they'd like to use. Otherwise, you could offer some of these items to start a tradition.

In our family we usually gave money when the nieces and nephews were baptized. When my girls were baptized, they received an interesting gift from my sister-in-law. It was a silver coin I believe she got at our local bank. It's engraved for a Baptism. I believe they make coins with other milestones too, such as 1st communion/confirmation, graduation, wedding, anniversary, etc.

Can you call another family member to see what they are doing? That's what I would do.

I'm not sure if you are supposed to, but I have for all three of my nephews. I like to go to Northwestern Bookstores. They have all kinds of things besides just books and it is a Christian bookstore, so they have things that are baptism themed. For my first nephew we got him a nice book with all sorts of bible stories. My second nephew's name is Noah, so we got him the story of Noah. If we buy a special book I always like to put the date and a special little note in the front cover so it is more personal.

We just had my daughter's baptism a few weeks ago. I did not expect any gifts, but she did receive some. My husband sang at the ceremony, and his parents got her a blanket with some of the words stitched on the edging. (Find Your Wings by Mark Harris). They got it at fillintheblankie.com Her other grandma got her a necklace with a dove and a children's book of bible stories. Her godparents got her a small silver cup that had Psalm 23 engraved on it and a personalized book. She also received a bib/hankie like someone else mentioned (even though we are not catholic-but that set of grandparents are).
I agree with the poster who said that a gift should be religious in nature, since that is what a baptism is about. Another idea would be a book for the parents about raising a child with Christian values.
I'm sure they will appreciate anything that you do, even if it is just being at the ceremony to show your support.

Unless you are the godparent, gifts are unnecessary. You are being invited to witness and enjoy the family.

Typically I think yes gifts are usually appropriate -but that's a call for your family. Boys are a little harder I think in this area, but there are some great Boy Precious Moments crosses, or a bible for little boys. (Some of those are great cause they are designed for kids so they are an easy read with short bible stories). Even a little blue Rosary would be neat. If all else a card saying you'll always be praying for him is great!

I'm sure you don't have to buy a gift, but they are something that are given at most baptisms. I got my nephew a my first bible and a large piggy bank. The gift doesn't have to be a religous one. Just something for him to remember the day in the years to come.

When my daughter got baptized she got a lot of little knick knacks. They were cute but we never got around to displaying them. I just sold them at a garage sale. It was a waste of money for our relatives to buy them. The best gift she got was a savings bond. If you want to get something small go with a book that the child can grow into. You can find a good selection of kids books at any religious store. Good luck!

My mom used to have a dressmaking shop where she would make fine clothes for children including first communion and baptism gowns. A popular item was a bonnet that the baby would wear for the baptism. The bonnet was made with a handkerchief. With a few snips of some threads, the bonnet turns back into a handkerchief that the baby can use for their wedding day. Mine was monagrammed with my baptism date and then again with my wedding date. I have also heard of a cake knife (like the ones for weddings) that the baby uses every year for their birthday and finally on their wedding. You could start with the baptism cake, then with the birthday cakes and then the wedding cake. I know these aren't traditional gifts, but I just thought I might throw them out... Sometimes the nontraditional gifts are the ones we remember the most! Good luck!

No -- when my son was baptized he got more gifts (from well meaning people) but he didn't need any of it. Offer to bring a dish to the luncheon if there is one. Thats a better gift than another truck. If you really want to bring a gift how about a book, may be one related to the event.

I just had a baptism in my family and had the same problem,so I went to Something Remembered and purchased a piggy bank and there name and date on it. The bank was Noahs Ark and had the name Baptised on the date and I also put some pennyies in it. The gift went over very well.
I should add I am a new member to the family and not really liked yet so it was a bonus.

Hi A.!

I don't think we are ever obligated to buy a gift, but if you feel you want to, I always like to get a nice book or baby Bible from the Christian book store. A nice card would also be fine. I didn't expect gifts when my kids were dedicated, but some people (mainly grandparents) did get them something.

Hope that helps!

J. Wiebe

I like all the responses thus far. Even if it the baptism isn't a Catholic one, a crucifix or board-Bible or picture frame with a Bible verse work great as baptismal gifts.

The Bible song CD is a great one, too. All wonderful ideas.

I think if you're going to get something it should be relevant to the celebration in that it should be something religious in nature. But that could be just me and experience. I'm about to attend the third baptism of a family member this year and all the gifts have thus far been as expected: religious in some way.

I'd be wary of the heirloom clothing idea, if it doesn't already exist his parents may want to choose something of that nature for your nephew.

BTW, the heirloom baptismal gown is such an awesome thing. Every member of my mother's family for three generations (and the fourth coming up this weekend) have been baptized in the same gown. It's a great feeling of continuity and closeness to put your child in a gown that's been worn by most of your family, so if your family doesn't have one and parents aren't considering it, it might be a cool thing to do. Talk to the parents, first, though and make sure they aren't doing it themselves.

We got some cute personalized things from Things Remembered- like a bank, cup, phot album, etc... Or you could do a savings bond.

I gave my nephew a silver cup and had his name engraved on it. I got it at Things Remembered. You could put the date or his birthday on it too.

I think gifts are usually appropriate.

My favorite gift is books...you can find a book of children's bible stories and write in the cover for him.

I would think that it is appropriate to buy a gift especially since you're his aunt. I would buy something religious like a children's bible. See if there is a religious gift shop in your area. You may be surprised what you can find.

Update: I read some of the responses after I posted mine. I like the saving bond idea. Most banks have them but some banks just tell you to buy them online. But if you buy them on line you have to create an account (which is like a bank account). I know TCF has paper applications. If you don't know his social security number, you can use your number with his name.

I think gifts are all dependant upon your family's traditions. Our family (on both my side and my husband's side) always gives a gift for a niece or nephew. I wouldn't think twice about giving a gift - we just do it. We actually just had my daughter's baptism this weekend and alot of family just gave her money as this was our 3rd child and sometimes they don't need anything, so I put that all into her savings account. Otherwise, she did get this cute little my first Bible that the outside was pink. That was neat. She got a piggy bank that was in the shape of a shoe that was Precious Moments and said Jesus Loves Me on it. For my own nieces on their baptism, I made these picture frames for them - you get them at Hobby Lobby, but you can put their name in it with stickers and then there's a box for them to put a picture in there.
Good Luck! Let us know what you decide!

My sons received engraved silverwear. I really liked the "toddler" size as they were able to use them much longer. Now they are packed away in there hope boxes.
They also received My First Bible and some wonderful prayer books. One even had a handle on it for them to carry with them.
My boys are now 3 & 4 and we started reading daily devotions for children at bedtime. The books we have were handed down from my aunt to me and I love them!

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