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Needing Some Advise Please!!!

thanks to all who have sent me great idea's for my reception alot of you have saved me time and money with your idea's so sending many thanks to all that have respond to me thank you J.

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thanks for those who have responded to my request and all of your idea's where great!

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J., do you know anyone with a nice yard that would be willing to allow you to set up tents for tables, food, and entertainment? All can be done at a reasonably low cost, especially if you have family/friends who are willing to pitch in and help with decorating and set up. Good Luck and I wish you a Blessed marriage.

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Going to a condo or apartment complex with a rec room usally works...they are willing to rent rooms out for a fee...Also what about having it outdoors with tents...it could be whimsical, romantic and allot of fun! I know August can be hot, but if you find a cool shade area it may be very nice!

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Since it is going to be in august, why not plan the reception for outside. You can get a covering tent..some places rent them..or they are available at wal-mart this time of year. It could be very nice. If you don't have a yard big enough you may could use an area park.

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If you don't want your guests to have to leave the church site, then you could always switch churches. If you're already tied to this church, then if you want a reception then you're going to have to find something else. I have never really liked church receptions, so we chose to have my wedding reception at a different site. We found a clubhouse on the lake that was just beautiful. Of course, I don't live in NC, so it's hard for me to make suggestions, but just by making a quick search online I found:

Eli's Reception & Meeting Hall
152 W Main St, Albemarle, NC 28001

Uwharrie Vineyards & Winery
28030 Austin Rd, Albemarle, NC 28001

The Copperfield Room
270 Copperfield Blvd Ne # 203, Concord, NC 28025

You should also check with local parks to see if they have pavilions available.

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Why would you have booked a church knowing that there was no reception hall available. How is it going to work with your wedding and fellowship hall booked to some other party? Won't that be a little crowded with two events going on. I suggest that you change churches and get one with a fellowship hall. You still have plenty of time to get the invitations printed and sent out. Be calm, it will all work out. I have directed weddings for years and I know that if you can keep the wedding and the reception together more of your friends and family will attend the reception. People are busy in the world today and they don't like traveling from place to place and waiting and waiting for the bridal party to arrive. Best wishes on your upcoming marriage.

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I don't see why you need him here to plan this wedding--most guys do not get involved in wedding planning.

You may have to go outside of Albemarle for the reception--what about going to Charlotte, High Point, Concord, Monroe or another city nearby that has appropriate locations for a reception? Clearly the church you have chosen is not one you attend your you'd have known about the fellowship hall in the first place...that being the case it should not be too difficult to find another church or wedding hall in another area and do it all in one city.

Have you talked to the catering company you are using? They may know of places that you have not thought of--another good resource are the society pages in the paper, they list a number of reception venues in the weekly bridal announcements.

Good luck!

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Jody your talking to a woman that Just got married at the end of last September
And Managed to do it on a a Budget of Less then $3000
That Said if there is room in the Budget why not creat your own "Reception Hall" with Rented tents
or simply turn your recetion into " A Garden Party Reception" or "Picnic reception"
We got Married ouit side on a lake shore up here in Northn Ontario and northern Ontario is a natoriouce Snow Belt.
We got married out side with no tenting just walked down the grassy Isle with my satain shoes i had to have have ordered to fit my long feet sinking into the grass with ever step but the day was so bright and Sunny that there are some wedding pics of us taken in our sun glasses. ha Ha
Dont Stress out about the details even thow I know your stressed right now
My wedding was far from Perfect I had to replace 5 memmbers of our wedding party 2 months before the wedding and the day of the wedding. The Maid of honor was a no show as well as the flower girl because of car troubles and she lived 5 hours away.
And the reception hall owners decided that we could not do any of the Cooking at the reception hall the Night before the wedding { We Supplied the Potatoes and the Roast beef for the wedding but everything else was Pot Luck reception its the french community tradition up here wich allows relatives that cant efford a gift for you they can at last honor you with the gift of food}
So that made my Mother in law to be My future Hubby and the best man Late for the wedding because they had to find 4 stoves to cook all the potates for the reception as well they they couldnt get into thereception hall decorated until the day of the wedding
The whole point is Jody you are marrying hte man of your dreams Dont sweat it beleive me if your wedding insnt until Augest you have plenty of time.
Even thow I know it dosnt feel like it. Open your Mind up to asking family memembers for help finding a reception hall if you have your heart set on an Indoor reception or asking a restuarant to host your reception or maybe a camping resorts Dinning hall there are all kinds of Possibilities.
Just open your heart and your Mind up to them and youll find the reception hall or create the reception that suit your budget and that you and your guests will enjoy.
And beleive me if you do pot luck reception and you clue your family in on it can be lots of Fun.
If family knows of a Pot Luck reception and they know that you are a on a tite budget they will have no problems donating to it no matter how far they have to travel to come to your wedding
If your Supplying the Wine for the reception Just check with the place that your hiring for the reception to see weather thier liquor licents allows you to bring in the wine or you have allow them to Supply it ant at what Point due you cut off the bar tab.
The Whole Point is to Have Fun relax your marrying the man of your dreams and take the Time ot treat your self to a bubble bath at least every two weeks during the process of planing this wedding to destress.
Take care of you Jody and your body so that you will have the strength to take care of all of the details and your littel family.
May God pore out all of His blessings upon you and all of your littel family and your New hubby to be and I hope My insight helps you a littel
A Littel about me I am 45 soon to be a bible college student again.A mom of too gorgus teenage Daughters. Been threw maney trials and heart achs and still standing. The heart achs have made me stronger and brought me closer to the feet of Jesus and Yes I am a Christian and my reason for going back to bible college is to become a Pastor. And My new Hubbyis french Canadian So I am learning North French as my second Language wich is a different Dialect then Quebecoise French

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Congratulations on the wedding!!

I don't live near you, but a couple of suggestions might be to check out
* local golf course club houses,
* VFW/American Legion Halls or Knights of Columbus
* YWCA Buildings
* High School gymnasiums

Good luck!!
K. H

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You don't have to have your reception at a reception hall. YOu could try a musuem, something on the beach, park, etc. You could also check other nearby churches and tell them your situation, you might be able to have your reception there. Is your fiance in the military? You could have it on base or at the armory. Check:


something might jump out at you as a great idea! Congrats!

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Since it is going to be in august, why not plan the reception for outside. You can get a covering tent..some places rent them..or they are available at wal-mart this time of year. It could be very nice. If you don't have a yard big enough you may could use an area park.

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Rent a beautiful state park facility or other outdoor area, but plant to tent.

I would go ahead and make as many of the arrangements as you can, find out about cancellation policies (you might have some outs if he really hates your choices), so that fiance does not have to do anything but say "Wow, honey, that's great!"

A great party is nice, but remember what the celebration is really about.

Good Luck & Best wishes!

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