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Needing New Ideas for Child's Lunch

My 1st grader takes a packed lunch 90% of the time. Does anyone have any suggestions on something new I could pack for her? Im getting bored with the PB&J and turkey sandwiches, I can only imagine how she feels. Any ideas would help! Thanks Ladies.

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The links are great!!! Thanks so much. Im going to sit with her tomorrow and see what she may be interested in. The ideas for making hot food in the morning would be so nice for her, however, we are up and out of the house by 5:45 am. I'll have to work on the babysitter for that one :)

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I assume she is in public schools?? You could try: Ham roll ups they are easy, take sliced ham, spread cream cheese on it and roll it up.

I had to pack lunch for my daughter when she went to another child care place and we used to take a old medicine botle that was thoughly cleaned and boiled in hot water and cut little circles out of bolnoga and fold cheese into squares and add some ritz cracker and put in a capri sun or juice box for her. The luchables where about 2 to 3 bucks a piece and I could make this for less and she got the same thing and with the cheese and meat she wanted and the kind of crackers she liked.

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I don't know if anyone mentioned this but i pack for my almost 6yr old boy, and I know its not easy, and prob will get harder, but i thought of something different. Hes not allowed to use a microwave a school but I bought him a thermos, cheap one at walmart, and got a can of chef borde *sp* raviollis, new ones, 99% ff and heated them up prior to school and he had that today for lunch. My sister packs her daughter soup in the thermos also, if your daughter is a soup eater. You could put some oyster crackers in a bag too for the soup. I have gotten to the point though in the past 2 wks or so of just buying the 1.50 lunchables that have dont have the drink or extra in there and then packing a juice box or water and some extra snacks. He seems to like that alot. Hope this helps a little! Good luck :)

I know how hard it is to be creative for lunches. Both of my kids take their lunches.
One thing that my son loves is a grilled cheese sandwich. Make it in the morning and double wrap it in tin foil. Don't put it next to the ice pack, and it will still be warm at lunch time. Also try to get different types of bread, and don't forget the pita bread, flat wraps, and hotdog buns! You can make any type of sandwich on those and it is a little different. Or make a sandwich without the bread altogether. Just roll up the bologna and cheese in little roll-ups.

Other things I put in their lunches:

cheese sticks
carrots and ranch dressing
pineapple cups and other fruits

I hope I have helped! Good luck


I also pack my 9 year old daughter's lunch. Have you thought about making a lunch meat wrap. Use tortilla shells for tacos and put either ham and cheese with lettuce shreds and tomatoes. Or add tuna fish salad. With crackers. I also add carrot sticks with ranch dresing or celery sticks with peanut butter. That way they are getting their veggies.

Check out Publix's website and click on "Aprons" it's a bunch of recipes; I'm sure they have a section devoted to school lunches.
The Palm Beach Post Food Section occasionally runs articles on lunch ideas, perhaps you could check out their archives just putting in children's/kids lunches in the search box.

The recipe book section of your library probably has book devoted entirely to the subject.
The Web is also an incredible resource for ideas, simply Google "Kids lunch recipes" or something to that affect.

Pasta salads are good lunches and can be made in advance and eaten throughout the week, black beans and rice was a favorite of mine when I was a school gal. Soups in a thermos with crackers and cut up vegies. Sprout and cheese wraps. Just some ideas.

Good luck with your search and keep us posted! :)

If you go to Kraft.com, they have various little recipes. I think it was that sight that suggested making a pizza out of a bagel. Hope it helps!

I would try lunchables. They are great and some of them can be nutritious.

Good luck.

Mommy of 3 boys

My son is 4 & in preschool. I give him hot dogs (warm them up real good in the am & then wrap them in foil- he says they're still warm) w/ ketchup, yogurt, left over pizza :) & PB&J. I always put some kind of fruit with it too. I find it to be easy.


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