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Needed: the Gentlest Wipes for Terrible Diaper Rash

My 17-month-old daughter has persistent diaper rash. We believe it's partly yeast related -- it all kicked off about four months ago after she was on a course of antibiotics. Her whole diaper area is very red, and frequently little patches of skin break down, producing raw sores. As a result, diaper changes are very painful and difficult for her. We've moved beyond the readily available drug-store diaper creams and, on our pediatrician's advice, are now using a combination of clortrimazole twice a day (for the yeast) and Flanders Buttocks Ointment. This has helped somewhat.
We recently stopped using diaper wipes at home, and instead are using washcloths with warm water. This seems to make her much more comfortable, and the area is looking better. But we can't expect her daycare providers to do this too -- it's too messy and time-consuming. So I'm looking for recommendations for the most gentle, non-irritating wipes out there, to send with her to daycare. We have been using the BJ's soft cloths, which are hypoallergenic and alchol-free, but they still irritate her.

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Thanks to everyone for your advice! Since many of you mentioned diet, I wanted to let you know that we already are feeding her yogurt every day, also giving a probiotic, and being very careful about sugar. We also had used Triple Paste religiously since her birth (we still use this for her twin sister), but found it wasn't helping in this case -- that's why the switch to Flanders (hard to find, but very good!). Fwiw, Desitin Original didn't seem to help when we tried it. Anyway, I'm planning to send her to daycare with a roll of Bounty paper towels, and ask them to use those for her with water only. We have seen such an improvement since we stopped the wipes at home, and I think this will make a big difference. Thanks again for all your help!

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my daughter is 12 now, but she never had diaper rash. I used warm water, and that was it. When she got a rash after a shot, I put the Balmex on her and globbed it on and it worked in 2 days. As for the yeast problem, I don't know how that works. Good Luck. Annmarie V.

I don't know about wipes, but for bum cream i swear by Penatin cream. It's fairly expensive but is absolutely fantastic at clearing up many skin problems and amazing for bum rash. Desitin is the runner up.

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try huggies extra sensitive baby wipes you can find them in almost all convenent stores and grocery stores they cost about $3.50 but there worth every penny my son had diaper rash and they were the only wipes that didn't make him cry or feel disconfort.

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My friend's son had an allergy to baby wipes and she would send a roll of paper towels to daycare with him and they would use warm water and paper towels to change him. I would think that your daycare provider would be okay with this. No matter how sensitive the wipes are, they all will probably sting or burn her. Good Luck.

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try cloth diapers

I used little g pants and diapers

they are very similar to regular diapers BUT the diffrence is the COTTON touching her bottom,
My kids are allergic to the material in the diapers and blister up because of it

I use Nystatin cream for the yeast, and Dr boudreaux's BUTT PASTE from walmart it smells good, and is sort of oatmeal ish
but is works good,

Also try giving your baby some yougurt the active yeast cultures can be helpful.

try dipping the babies bottom into the water at each change,
and NOT using a wipe,
PACK a few wet washclothes into her bag for the daycare to use
tell them you think its an allergy

they can toss the clothes if they need too,

But like i said what worked for me was CLOTH DIAPERS

initially it costs more money up front, but long term its cheaper, NOT messy because you dispose of the insert
and i haven't had any rashes like THAT since.

I also when home use a prefold cloth insert sold at walmart
for pee's

and with poos just dump the poo into the toilet,swish the dirty cloth diaper around, to rinse it off, I have a special garbage can int he bathroom for the cloth diapers,
and wash them separately. BUT i am a stay at home mom.

Its really not as difficult as you might think, and no more nasty than rinsing off a poopy wash cloth.

PLUS every one thinks they are super kewl


OH and triple paste samples from your doctors office is good too.

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The wealthy keep it simple.

They buy:

Daipers: Huggies Supreme - the deep red bags (less chemicals in manufacture and no scents - which are just more added cheap chemicals anyway). Babies get very few rashes with these.

Wipes: Huggies Newborn Wipes (unscented, alcohol free, ect.)

Cream: Desitin, Original for the occasional rash. (has 40% zinc oxide, whereas Creamy only has 10%) You normally need a prescription to get 40% zinc oxide in a hospital setting because it works the best!

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I have 22yo twindles (twins), so I went through the wipes, formula, food issues too. There are baby wipes that have aloe, shea butter and there are alcohol and fragrance free wipes also. I use these for my granddaughter because she has similar problems as your daughter. At home we use luke-warm running water to clean her bottom during these episodes. Her pediatrician also told my daughter to use a weak boric acid/water solution to help with the yeast problem. Talk to hers about this possibility.

I have 2 words for you...TRIPLE PASTE. It works better then any diaper rash cream I've ever used. It's a bit expensive but well worth it. Also you can as your doc for a rx for nystantin cream. That is what we used when my son had thrush and it worked great.

MY son gets extremely red and raw and no wipe is gentle enough. Not only from the make-up of the wipe, but also the motion of the wiping is irritating. We went to the pharmacy and bought dry wipes and use them with water. If that is too much for your daycare to do, fill an empty wipe box with these dry wipes and let them sit in water. Not that they are floating in water but the consistency of a regular wipe.
I hope that helps.

I believe you can locate specialized products online. My suggestion would be more about the condition itself. Do you let her go without a diaper at all? Of course the time would need to be supervised, and in a situation where clean up is possible, but getting air to her skin would help. Also, using cloth diapers for part of her day would let air get to her skin.
Have you looked at her diet in hopes of rebalancing her system so the yeast would go away?
Sugar feeds yeast and it is in so many foods. You may want to look at that part of it.
Good luck !

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