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Need Vitamin Help for 4 Year Old

My 4 year old daughter is used to taking Flintstone vitamins for ages 2-3. Now that she's four she won't take the Flintstone vitamins for ages 4 and up. She says they taste gross. Does anyone have better luck getting their kids to take their vitamins? Which kind/brand do your kids like? Any suggestions before I go out and buy another would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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My two girls 4 and 2 love L'il Critter Calcium Gummy Bears from Costco. They like Disney Gummy vitamins as well. They taste like real gummy bears.

My 4 year old daughter took Centrum kids vitamins with iron and had no issues taking them. We started giving her Flintstone and she also thought they were disgusting. She's taking them, but we hear about how gross they taste each night and will probably switch back to centrum when she finishes the Flintstone ones.

My kids did the same thing with the Flintstone vitamins, but my youngest (now 10) likes the Centrum kids Nickelodeon vitamins.

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my six year old wouldn't take any vitamis until recently either. the only ones i've ever been able to give him where as an infant (the tri-vi-sol kind) and even that was horrid to him. however, recenly we tried gummy vitamins and he likes those. they taste pretty much like regular gummies (though he won't eat those--go figure). there are also jelly belly types and gum ball ones. someone mentioned Juice Plus as well...those are gummies and great however, they are not vitamins- they are real food, concentrated so to speak. i highly recommend those as well if your child isn't a "good" eater. my kids like those too. but as far as vitamins, the gummies are great. our only complaint is that its difficult to find any vitamin that doesn't contain aspertaine (sp). we refuse to have that stuff. yuck. so we buy at whole foods. Good luck!

I'd be happy to let her try a taste of our Shaklee "Ocean Wonders" chewable for kids before having you buy a whole bottle. I am an Independent Distributor in Trophy Club. Shaklee is a 52 year old company and is the number one natural nutrition company in the United States!
Give me a call. ###-###-####

Go with the gummies, they come in many fun charatcers for the kids, my 5 yr old pics his out when ever he needs them from the store, but just beware you dont get the sour ones.

There is a brand we use, Greenz, that is wonderful. Super natural and my kids love them. We found them at Sprouts.

We've done both the gummies they have at sprouts and Ive bought the gummies at Costco too...Both worked great and the kids loved them. They also have character gummies if your 4 year old is still picky. Ive never heard of the iron supplement (the grape flavor one someone else posted about), I will definitely have to give that a try. My sons eat great, but my daughter doesnt eat as much meat as we would like.

Costco has a store brand that is likely made by the same company that makes the gummi bear shaped vitamins at Sprouts - it's less than 1/2 the price. They have all natural colorings and my kids love them. In addition, they have a calcium that my kids love. There's also a fish oil, but my kids aren't so fond of those. I have to buy the chewables because my 13 year old still won't swallow pills for the most part.


there is a much better alternative to Flintstone, supplements with brain food for growing children. It comes in Vanilla or Chocolate that you can mix with juice or milk. Let me know if you want more details.

Mom of two, work from home and raise my children.

Sour gummy vitamins. My 6 1/2 year old son LOVES them, we get Spiderman.

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