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Need to Get Marker Out of Clothes!

My finances are very tight, and I went out this week to get my daughter clothes I couldn't afford, b/c the child had no warm clothes! We went to church this morning with her in her brand new dress and tights. Well, of course, there is pink marker on her dress and tights! I'm pretty sure it's just regular crayola marker. Does anyone know how to get marker out of clothes (her tights are cream and her dress is dark purple)? I really love this new dress, and I'd hate to get only one use out of it! Please share miracle fixes for getting marker out of clothes. Thank you!

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Thank you everyone for your great advice! I ended up just treating with spray n wash n throwing it in the washer. It came right out! I kinda over-reacted when I saw the bright pink marker all over my daughter's new clothes! I will definitely keep your advice in mind for future reference. Oh, and yes, I do shop at second-hand stores. The dress she wore on Sunday was from Macys, but those was only b/c I had some gift cards there. Again, thank you.

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I always use hairspray to get out ink from pens on my clothes. I think it will also work for markers. I just spray the hairspray on the area and use soap and water to spot clean. If it comes out, I throw it in the wash to get any residual ink out. Hope that helps.

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Rubbing alcohol will remove ink. Place a paper towel under the stain and squeeze alcohol from a cotton ball drip by drip. When the stain gets really light, spray Spray N Wash on it and then wash it normally.

This won't get the stains out, but we shop at Frisco Resale for clothes. Usually the items run about $1. When we drop off the things that no longer fit my kids we will do a run through to see whats available inside. When my daughter was going through her sleeveless jacket phase she bought 3 sleeveless jackets there for $4.

I agree with the one poster that Sol-u-mel should work. Its not cheap and if you dont have an account with Melaluca then its hard to get. I have a ton of bottles as we order them in bundles. I would love to just give you a bottle. If you like please contact and we can work it out on how to get it to you.

Also I had some rust stains at one point and someone suggest a product from WalMart called Wink. I got it and it worked, I also used it on some paint that my youngest got on her white uniform and it it worked like a charm. I tried bleaching, Oxi clean, and even Sol-U-mel. None of which worked.

Try Energine found in the laundry section of a grocery store or Spot Shot found in the jantorial section at Home Depot or Lowes(this is a spot remover for carpets but works well on clothes as well as hard wood floors). Neither of these products leave an oily residue behind.
For over 50 spot removal secerets from product already in your home go to www.UnitedCarpetClean.com and down load our spotting guide. Good luck if you need further assistance call my cell ###-###-#### J. Larriviere


try spraying hair spray on the marks- saturate it- don't let it dry- and then put the clothes right into the washer. When the wash cycle is done, check to make sure the marks are out- if not, try more hair spray and wash again. I've saved several shirts and pants using this (all of my sons love art!)- it has even worked on Sharpie marks and regular pen marks.
Hope it works for you!

K. M.
Mother of 5

would be best if you can take it to the dry cleaners they have special solvent that can remove the marker and not harm the clothes I use to work at the dry cleaners for over 20 yrs and worked on stains like that alot S. K.

Spot Shot..it comes in a blue bottle with an orange top. It's with the carpet care products. I use it on clothes all the time. My son "colored" a cream colored shirt of mine that I loved with black permanent marker. It got every bit of it out. It also got the red permanent marker out of the sofa (he kept finding the hiding spots :) ). I use it on our clothes all the time and I have never had any problems.

Shop Goodwill/thrift stores/church sales for clothing. You would be surprised at the quality of clothing for cheap. Try www.marthastewart.com for recommendations on getting marks off of clothing. Good luck:)

I use a great product called Sol U Mel to get out the tough stains or Pre-spot to get out the not so tough stains. Both are eco friendly awesome products made by a green company. There are also many other natural good for family, home and environmental products made by this company. I am a marketing representative of the company - please call or respond if interested. Thanks ###-###-####. Check out products that use in home www.GreenUnitedTeam.com. My website: www.greenforyouandhome.com.

Try Oxy Clean or Oxi Clean, not sure of spelling, for the marker. For the tight budget, try garage sales and resale shops for clothing, shoes and toys for little ones. You get wonderful items at a fraction of the cost.

have you tried just washing it yet? if it's washable marker it should come right out. if not i would use oxi clean.

Oxiclean and cold water...good luck.

It's probably the washable marker stuff and will wash out. Or follow the advice given by previous posters.

My two cents: buy her clothes at thrift stores. Frisco has a nice one (Good will? not too far from I-75) In Plano there is a very nice Salvation Army at Spring Creek Parkway and Ave K (just east of I-75), an okay Good Will at Spring Creek and Alma (about a mile or so west of 75). For clothes that are even less expensive, there is The Thrift Store at 18th and Ave K.

Set yourself free from the Buy New mentality! My teenage daughter loves shopping thrift stores!

PS There are probably families at your church that would love to give you their outgrown clothes if you make your need known.

Saturate with hairspray and then wash. Don't dry until you are sure the stain is out. Oxi clean as a prewash or simple green if that doesn't work.

I always use hairspray to get out ink from pens on my clothes. I think it will also work for markers. I just spray the hairspray on the area and use soap and water to spot clean. If it comes out, I throw it in the wash to get any residual ink out. Hope that helps.

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