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Need to Fit Three Car Seats Next to Each Other

Does anyone know of any narrow car seats? I need to fit three next to each other in my Hyundai Santa Fe. I need a seat for my almost 3 yr old, a booster for my 5 yr old and an infant seat. Any suggestions?? Thanks!

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Good luck with that, I was in a similar situation with my blazer, I tried 6 different seats, I brought the vehicle to the professional installers and there was no way. There was not much difference between the seat sizes. I ended up with a minivan.

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Sunshine Kids car seats. I have three across in my minivan, work great!

The narrowest car seat we have found is the Sunshine Kids Radian 80. It is heavy but generally it doesn't come out of the car so we don't mind. Our son started using it facing forward at 11 mos. and his cousin has used it everytime she visits (ages 3 and 4). She tells us it's very comfortable.

Good luck!

Hi D.,

I was thinking about this same problem on my ride to work. I have a Kia Spectra and a Nissan Altima. We are considering having a third, but I can't afford 3 kids AND 2 new cars.

Have a look at the Radian from Sunshine Kids. We have the Radian 80 (rated for infants through 80 lbs; also a Radian 65 model for kids up to 65 lbs) that is extremely narrow. Been very happy with it. Good luck.

I don't have your problem (3 kids, 1 backseat) but I do have a very small car and I purchased this: SafeGuard Go booster seat. Which is quite narrow and will do for the 3 year old and then if converts to a booster. So far we really like it, it attaches to the car's LATCH system and has a soft back. It also has a travel case which is why we bought it. It is a bit expensive (we think) but if it lasts for the next 6 years (we bought this when we switched to a forward facing seat this month) it will be worth it.

Hope you find a way, Good luck, N.

Hi D., I had the same problem. I could not find any smaller car seats or booster seats. My kids are older and I got permission from my safety police officer in town to let my oldest boy sit in the front ( he is turning 10 this August). If you find a smaller car eat, please let me know. S. G

The Britax Frontier is pricey, but it is an excellent option. It is narrow and still has side impact protection. It has a 5 pt. harness and can also be converted to a belt-positioning booster. I'd also do a google search on narrow booster seats. I haven't always had such good luck with the sales staff at Toys R Us or Babies R Us - sometimes they are knowledgeable, but it's really hit or miss.

Go to babies r us and ask them for help. They will go out to your car w/ you with floor models and you can see for yourself how they will fit, how they work, and if your children will be comfortable in them.

Good luck with that, I was in a similar situation with my blazer, I tried 6 different seats, I brought the vehicle to the professional installers and there was no way. There was not much difference between the seat sizes. I ended up with a minivan.

I'm researching this same thing as baby #3 is due this summer. Radian80 seems to be the narrowest that fits older children too, and the combi coccoro is the best I've found so far that fits an infant comfortably - but it's a convertible seat, not an infant seat that you can remove. You can technically put an infant in a radian80, but they don't fit rear-facing in all cars and it doesn't look very comfortable in the rear-facing position (seems fine forward-facing).

I did it with my vw jetta. You kind of have to test a few. The britax does not fit. My 5 year old had a greco booster (with back), my two year old had the seneca (i think that is what it is called, you can get it at walmart , kmart, it replaced the cosco one.) and then my infant was in a greco infant seat. I had to put it in that order in my car or it wouldn't fit. SO my 5 year old was behind the driver, 2 yr in middle and infant behind passenger.
It works but we also got a mini van so now we don't have to do it all the time. Good luck. C.

HI We went through the same thing when we had another baby. We have two year old twins and an eight month old and needed to fit three car seats next to each other in a Toyota Highlander with a optional third row seat. I tried several car seats going back and forth to Target and Walmart and found my Britax seats were the narrowest-the Roundabout and the infant carrier I believe called the Companion. They all fit in but they were wedged up against each other and we didn't feel it was safe and neither did the did the guy at the fire station who does the safety inspection and he was extremely helpful. He tried lots of different ways and seats with us to try to make it fit. In the end we had to buy a mini-van. I was so disappointed (our Highlander was a hybrid and was bought with the plan of putting a third baby into it) I wish I had a better recomendation for you but we did get the car seats three in a row in the Toyota Sienna 8 seater and that is the only mini-van that would do three in a row safely. I can tell you that Rochester Toyota gave us a good deal on the van and a better trade in on our Highlander than anyone else and we tried everyone. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful I hope you have better luck than we had. You may be more lucky since one of your seats is a booster. I would try Britax they seemed to have the narrowest seats. Good luck. M.

Sunshine Kids Radian is a great narrow seat and the weight range is 5 to 65 or 80 pounds (depending on which model you get). Most kids would outgrow the seat by height before they reach 80 pounds so you could probably get the Radian65 to save a few bucks. The seat will be suitable even for your 5 year old and is safer than a booster. You can install it rear-facing for the infant up to 35 pounds and skip the bucket seat if you want.

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