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Need to Clean a Dirty Leather Sofa

Hello moms,
We have a leather sofa that is filthy from years of use. It's supposed to be an off-white color but looks a little more gray. I'd love to read any and all ideas you may have to clean it.
Thank you.

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Thank you for your ideas. Before going out and spending money on a special cleaner, I decided to try a couple of ideas using cleaners I already have around the house. First, on one section of the sofa, I used a small amount of Dawn liguid soap, dribbled onto a rag, then rubbed on the leather. It took quite a bit of elbow grease, but wow, the rag was filthy in no time. Then I tried the Baby Wipes, and wow, that too worked pretty well. The sofa looks better, not brand new of course, but definitely better. Thank you to all for your suggestions.

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Call up and shoe repair store, or luggage store and ask what they use to clean leather. It will save you time and money.

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The guy who owned the furniture store where we bought out leather couches told me to use baby wipes! He said it was as good as any fancy leather cleaner. That is all I have ever used and our couch looks great.

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Leather CPR. It works great. I got it at Bed Bath & Beyond.

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There's a furniture polish you can use (I can't remember which one but the can is a warm mahogany brown-I picked it up from Walmart in the cleaning aisle) that we got to clean a leather couch someone gave us. I used one can on the whole couch... problem was with ours, the people who had it before us used something to clean it that clearly wasn't for leather and on ours what looked like dirt was just ruined leather. On the spots they hadn't destroyed though the cleaner worked fabulously :)

I just got the most wonderful leather cleaner/conditioner today at Costco. You get 2 bottles with a sponge applicator for only $14.99. It is so easy to use; you simply apply the lotion like cleaner directly to the leather and wipe off with a clean cloth. I saw it used in the store and the demonstator applied black, thick motor grease to an off white leather jacket and it came off totally clean with any residue. It dries within 2 minutes and is safe to use around babies and small children. Just make sure it dries completely before letting the kids on the furniture. My husband and I will be using it on our leather couches as well as our leather car seats and it can be used on shoes, purses, belts, anything that is genuine leather. I think it's worth giving it a try! Good luck!


I have good luck with a leather cleaning/conditioning products from Tandy Leather. They have stores all over. Or u may check their website.

I am a new Melaleuca customer and I am starting my in-home business. I suggest that you take a look at our web-site and see if anything comes up for cleaning leather. This company is a wellness company and is safe for the environment and for your family too. www.melaleuca.com and if you wish to join please e-mail me we have great itmes for you and your family. My e-mail is ____@____.com and I can start you of with a suggestion: Rustic Touch® Furniture Care - Orange Scent
Shine, protect, and condition your furniture for generations to come. Sprayer included. It gets delivered straight to your home or office.
I hope that we can help you become a better person and help the enviroment while you shop.

D. K.

Leather CPR has worked great for me, although our leather is in earth tones and I don't know how it is with different colors.
Good Luck!

Use a bar of the white dove soap. Use it directly on the leather and wipe with a damp cloth. It will probably take awhile, but it will brand new.

I agree with the previous poster... Leather CPR from Bed, Bath and Beyond. Works well, although it is going to take some time and elbow grease. If your entire couch is dirty it may take more than one container of the Leather CPR.
I have also found that Mr. Cleans Magic Erasers work well for stubborn spots on my white leather couch. I'm not sure that is an approved use of the product, but it pulls just about anything off the leather.

i am eager to hear which route you use and how it comes out. I too have the same problem and was going to call the furniture store or a car detailer (leather seats in my car as well) to see what they use. can you post when you find a solution.

Melaleuca Rustic Touch should work wonderfully on your leather sofa.

Call up and shoe repair store, or luggage store and ask what they use to clean leather. It will save you time and money.

I work for a company called 3D Detailing Products and we sell a great product called Liquid Leather. I would be more than happy to send you a free sample. You can call me at work with your address. ###-###-#### X255

We had a leather sofa that was off white on the cushions and black on the rest, so it was really dirty from where everyone sat. I used the foaming dawn dish soap with a rough sponge to get all the grime off first. You could even use a scrub brush. Then Armoral ( in the car care section ) has a leather conditioner you can use after that, it's like $8. Our sofa came really clean!

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