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Need Suggestions for Bath Soap/lotion for Sensitive Skin and Ezcema.

Hi fellow moms/g-moms. My 14 month old son keeps breaking out with little bumps on his torso. Sometimes it's heat rash. Sometimes it is an allergic reaction to something. The doctor also says it is mild Ezcema. It comes and goes so randomly, that I haven't been able to pinpoint what the allergy would be to. It only seems to bother him right around his hip area, where the edge of his diaper comes, and he scratches. Right now, I am treating with hydrocortisone cream and Benadryl. Can anyone suggest a bath soap and lotion that is particularly good for his sensitive skin and ezcema? I had stopped washing the laundry with Dreft when he turned one, but will go back to Dreft. He has had this condition on/off since he was born.
I appreciate your feedback.

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Hi Everyone. Thanks so much to all of you for your suggestions. Someone is supposed to be sending me samples of the Renew Lotion. Meanwhile, I changed laundry soap to All Free & Clear. We have changed his bath regimen, and are using Aveeno shampoo and Cetaphil bar on his body. Then I apply Eucerin Calming lotion after bath and in the morning. We have also stopped giving him the apple juice he used to drink, and replaced with water and Crystal Light mix. They have an apple flavor that tastes just like the old juice. It is sugar free and has less acid than the juice. I must say, that so far, with all we have changed, his skin looks 99% better. The only place that has any rash on it is right around his waste, where his diaper stops. Everywhere else is completely clear now. So we are going to keep doing what we are doing and hope it keeps working. The next change might be his diapers, but for now, he looks good, and is not scratching anymore. We have not used hydrocortisone or Benedryl in over a week, and he is doing great! So, again, thank you so much for your insight and advice. It has all worked, and I appreciate it greatly. Have a good day, and God Bless.

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My boys used to suffer from severe eczema. We discovered by process of elimination that chemicals like formaldehyde, chlorine, ammonia, etc really, really aggravated their symptoms. Once we eliminated soaps, lotions, detergents, cleaners, etc with those kinds of things they got so much better!!! We use Melapower laundry detergent, Renew body lotion, Koala Pals baby shampoo & body wash, & Melaleuca Herbal Shampoo for when their scalps get itchy (which is very rare). I highly recommend these products. They are such a good value too.

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I have the perfect lotion for you to try. Dreft still has a lot of perfumes & chemicals that will actually irritate his eczema worse. Have you ever heard of Melaleuca? They make products that are much safer w/out harsh chemicals and they make a lotion called Renew, which is great for eczema. They also have laundry detergent, soaps & household cleaners that are very mild and are great for people with eczema. If you are interested in trying it, there is a money-back guarantee but I know you will love it. Call me at ###-###-#### and I'll tell you how you can get these wonderful products. I look forward to hearing from you soon! L.

Hello N.,
I can also recommend the Arbonne Baby Wash. My son has struggled with some eczema as well. I facilitate a food allergy support group in Tyler and consult with parents who have children with food allergies if you want some help pinpointing what might be causing the eczema. My blog is www.thefoodteacher.blogspot.com if you want to read a little about me. Let me know if I can help.

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My boys used to suffer from severe eczema. We discovered by process of elimination that chemicals like formaldehyde, chlorine, ammonia, etc really, really aggravated their symptoms. Once we eliminated soaps, lotions, detergents, cleaners, etc with those kinds of things they got so much better!!! We use Melapower laundry detergent, Renew body lotion, Koala Pals baby shampoo & body wash, & Melaleuca Herbal Shampoo for when their scalps get itchy (which is very rare). I highly recommend these products. They are such a good value too.

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I feel your pain. My daughter has fought ezcema since she was2....up until 2 years ago when I found a wonderful Dr.Angela Moore (off Lamar in Arlington).She has everything in her office for ezcema or any type od skin care you can think of from body soap to lotions,sunsreen etc..You name it she has it. She has been a God sent to my daughter and I would recommend her to anyone who is fighting ezcema.What I love about Dr.Moore is no meds are given (like most dr's try to give) like steriod cremes,mostly everything she sells either comes from France, Austrilia and is VERY inexpensive and not harmful for short or long term use.My daughter can swim and enjoy being a kid again without worry of an outbreak like before. Good luck and many blessings to you and your baby!!!

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If you dont mind giving me a mailing address for you, i can send you a sample of Renew Lotion that i swear by!! I have sent another mom from mamasource some and she said it worked like a charm for her grand daughters dry skin! Also, my six week old daughter recently broke out in a blistering rash on her hand, i could not get her into the doctor that day and the wait at childrens hospital emergency was unbearable, since she had no other symptoms like a fever or no appetite, i decided to try a dab of renew on her hand until the next day when i could get her an appointment. well, within minutes, her redness went away and the next day, her blister was dried up and nearly gone!! i was amazed!! anyway, if you are interested, i can send you a couple of samples of it, i will pay for shipping and everything. let me know! ;)

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My oldest had the same problem and I switched to All Free and Clear. Dreft is so expensive and I found the All worked just as well, but without the scent. I, also, used Aveeno products. When he had eczema, diaper rash or any skin irritations, I would use the Aveeno oatmeal bath packets. They really helped soothe his skin.

Here are few products that might work well for you. Natural, organic, etc...

Gentle Wash:

Laundry Concentrate:


Diaper Rash Cream:

All guaranteed and returnable.

There are many expensive products out there. I have found that Dove Sensitive Skin body wash (the label is in green) works the best without the expense. It may take several days up to a week to see improvement, but continue to use it daily even when your child is not having any skin breakouts. Also, be sure to use lotion daily to help keep his skin hydrated. I hope this helps.

One of my girls had "mild eczema" when she was 6 months or so...lots of little bumps on her neck/throat/chest and lots of itching. We thought it could have started from using plastic bibs (never really determined the cause). In addition to only using cloth bibs, we used (and still use) Aveeno Baby Creamy Wash and Aveeno Baby Shampoo. We also use Aquaphor instead of any lotions. Aquaphor really softens/heals the skin and would provide a nice barrier between their skin and diaper. I also use "All free & clear" for their wash and non-dye/non-perfume softener liquid/sheets...although we use regular detergent on my husbands clothes (so I'm not sure if you have to go 100% free and clear in your washing machine or not).

We have been eczema/bumpy free since we started our regimen.
We did not see a dermatologist - just the pediatrician.

I agree that it is important to figure out what he is allergic to so he can stop having that, but the essential oil lavendar is great for itchy skin. A few drops in a bath will usually help a lot!

My son has the same issues so I use Dove soap for sensitive skin and Aveeno cream and lotion to help keep him from he same being dry. And I wash will ALL allergen free soap and use type of dryer sheets

I saw your problem, and I have a solution. I saw that one of your replys mentioned Melaluca, and the renew lotion. Well I am a rep for Melaluca, and I can give you a presentation on the company and our products and then enroll you if would like. If you are interested contact me. Let me tell you I know from personal experience that renew works. My husband had dry nasty looking legs. We started using renew and wow they look good. I have a before and after picture on my blog http://www.thetexasdeckers.blogspot.com All of their products are chemical free, and they really work. You shop online and they deliver to your house. Melaluca has changed our lives for better. I hope to hear from you soon.

F. Decker

Monitor his food to determine what food allergies and sensitivies he has. Eliminate those foods and that should reduce the rashes.

aveno is great for eczema and allergies

My 5 year old son has had mild Ezcema since he was born and I use Aveeno Oatmeal Bath and Eucerine or Cetaphil lotion. It has really worked well for us! Good Luck!

My dd has this as well. Here is what worked best for her. 1)Give your son a bath each night (if the eczema is at a worse stage) in tepid water. Very warm water will make it worse. Get him out of the tub, without towel drying his skin and slather him in lotion. Preferably something with calendula in it. I like California Baby calendula cream, California Baby claming everyday lotion, and Gental Naturals Baby Eczema Cream (they have this at Kroger). You are trying to keep as much moisture next to his skin as you can so put on some pj's that cover his eczema areas right away. 2) Start giving him a daily Omega 3 supplement. I like Nordic Naturals Children's DHA Supplement. 3) Start giving him a probiotic daily. Nature's Way brand makes a powdered version you can add to his drinks or if he can handle a small chewable, they make a cherry chewable my kids love.4) Try to keep him out of the sun and heat. It seems to exacerbate the eczema.

In researching ways to help dd, I have found that eczema break outs tend to do more with diet than outer/skin irritants, although eczema inflamed skin can be more easily irritated by things like sun, heat (FOR SURE), and chemicals in soaps. I figured out dd's eczema is brought on by cow's milk products. She seems to do okay if they are cultured though like with yogurt. She is now 2 and her eczema is much much better than when she was small. It helps a great deal though that I figured out that cow's milk was causing it.

Good luck. I hope your little guy is itch free and comfy soon!

Ps. You can get the items above at Whole Foods, Central Market, Heath food stores, Kroger and online. My favorite onine place is www.vitacost.com. Their prices are very good and shipping is only 5.00.

Aveno really works great for sensitive skin, but I don't know about Ezcema. Some Target stores carry their own generic Aveno version of bath and sunscreen items that are working great for us and cost less. We started using All free & clear liquid detergent and it is really great for getting everything clean in our front load washer. It is free and clear of dyes and scents for sensitive skin. Good luck!

Do you was Tide for the rest of your wash. My daughter and her family had a rash much like the one you are describing. She stopped using Tide and the rash went away.

Ivory soap is another suggestion.

An oatmeal bath may help...you can buy packages at Walmart from Aveda. Also, we changed over to ALL "free" which is dermatoligist recommended and have no more problems. Much luck. Maybe it's the plastic in the diaper? Do they have latex in them?

I read all the other advice and it is all good. My nephew has bad ezcema and food/pet allergies and both of my childern have had mild exema. My 2 year old also has the bumpy heat rash on her upper back and various places. We usually don't wash with saop just water (2 year was also getting loys of yeasty rashes), but nephew uses aveno, eucerin and hydrocorizone. I would use the hydrocortizone and fragrance free lotion of choice on all the rashes. We do use a steriod cream on the ezcema. Usually 1-2 applications works, but the hydrocortizone will help if you donkt want to use steriods. What I have not seen mentioned is Dr Smiths diaper cream. I works wonders for diaper rashes, but also for exema in the diaper area. Good luck. These skin issuses are lots of trial and error and a little frustrating. I am sure you will find what works works for you.

Dove sensitive soap (fragrance free)

Origins Precipitation Body lotion.

aveeno (creamy), my pedi suggested aquaphor! has worked for us

My Son has Keratosis Pilaris and our Dermatologist recommended Cera Ve body lotion and cleanser for washing him. It is gentle and doesn't have any fragrance in it. It is developed with a Dermatologist. You can buy it at CVS.

As far as laundry soap, we use All Free and Clear and don't have any problems with that. The Dermatologist recommended not using any fragrance in soaps, lotions, hair products, powder, laundry soap. She also recommended not using dryer sheets. A lot of shampoos have fragrance in them, however there are a few (not baby ones) that don't have any fragrance in them.

My daughter is the same way. We us Tide Free and Clear to wash all of our clothes. It works well and it is cheaper than Dreft. I use CeraVe or Cetaphil to bathe her. You'll be able to find Cetaphil easier and it comes in a bar rather than just a "soft soap". Both brands make moisturizers as well. Good luck!

Aquaphor is a type of lotion that has worked great for us.

From our eczema family - we have always used unscented/non dye detergent for all of us, but not Dreft. The other brands are cheaper, and isn't Dreft scented? My doctor recommended CeraVa lotion, which seemed to work well. For a steriod cream, when needed, I use a prescription on my daughter that's weaker than over-the-counter hydrocortisone. Have had better results from the ointment version than the cream. For bath soap, I used the California Baby sensitive skin body and hair wash. Recently switched to Method (cheaper), but she's a bit older now and not quite as sensitive. It seems to be working okay.

Two of my daughters have gone through this. We use the ABC baby wash and lotion from Arbonne. The diaper rash cream works on every rash! We also use detergents without any dyes or fragrances. Everyone makes them now, All, Tide, Purex. Oh, and no dryer sheets. We don't use any fabric softeners at all.
I was so impressed with the Arbonne products that I am now a consultant. I would be happy to mail a sample.

My family has had tremendous experience with a lotion made by Melaleuca (www.melaleuca.com). The lotion is called Renew, and they also have a bath soap formulation. My sister has lived with eczema her entire life and this is the only one she had found that actually makes it go away with continued use.

Good Luck!

My friend is a derm and he recommends Cetaphil cream (it's in a jar). Don't bathe him everyday. Maybe only twice a week just be sure to wipe his diaper area with a wet wash cloth before bed. good luck.

Hi N.,

My son suffers from severe eczema triggered by everything. One thing u could do is try some vinegar in the final rinse to eliminate any residue that might be left behind in the clothes. (U may have to tweak the way u rinse and it is add'l work) but your baby will love feeling better. I only use dove on my son and he is 6yrs old now. We used aquafor ointment and still do. It has been a God send for us along with the hydrocortisone crm. Creamy lotions and creams seemed to irritate us more. I hope this works Be blessed. Sincerely M.

The best thing honestly would be the Arbonne baby products. Dermatologists and pediatricians recommend it. I use them and love it for my almost 2 year old. The sunscreen is my favorite must have product. I'm sure you will have no trouble finding a rep on here. I would recommend Katherine Harrell. She is so sweet and always tries to give you a great deal. Her number is ###-###-####

I have the perfect lotion for you to try. Dreft still has a lot of perfumes & chemicals that will actually irritate his eczema worse. Have you ever heard of Melaleuca? They make products that are much safer w/out harsh chemicals and they make a lotion called Renew, which is great for eczema. They also have laundry detergent, soaps & household cleaners that are very mild and are great for people with eczema. If you are interested in trying it, there is a money-back guarantee but I know you will love it. Call me at ###-###-#### and I'll tell you how you can get these wonderful products. I look forward to hearing from you soon! L.

My children both have ezcema. We use a mild bath soap (Dove sensitive skin). I also wash clothes in All Free and Clear. I still use regular fabric softner and dryer sheets and it does not seem to affect them. We also lotion them immediately after a bath. We use Eucerin Calming cream. It is pricey, but it works. We put hydrocortisone cream on one of them after we apply the lotion, but the other one has a prescribed topical steroid cream that we apply after the lotion. Hope this helps.

I wouldnt use dreft either. If has just as much fragrence and such as others. If anything switch to a free and clear soap. We use Aveno bath wash and lotion for my daughter and Eucerin cream if it gets real bad during the winter. they also have free and clear mr bubbles so they can play in a bubble bath as well.

Hi there. I make an unscented Honey Oatmeal soap just for sensitive skin. My daughter also has eczema and since she started using it, no breakouts. It is gentle enough for babies too. I saw one post on here about putting lavender eo in his bath. While that does work, please don't put it in everytime. After prolonged use, it can make the skin sensitive to it and then you wouldn't be able to use anything with lavender eo in it. If you would like, I could send you a sample of my Honey Oatmeal soap for you to try. Just send me an email with your name and address and I will get it to you. You can see my products here, www.havenssweetscents.webs.com. I hope I can help you out.

H. V.
H.'s Sweet Scents

I had this same problem with my now 33 month old son. I was using the regular items like all free & clear soap & J&J Shampoos etc. Well I found out that he was allergic to most if not all of that. He has sensitive skin. He also had asthma. So I started looking into the more natural ways. I found Melaleuca products & they work great. We have been using them for about a year now & he no longer has any asthma problems or anymore rashes!! The lotion is called renew & there is a whole line of baby soaps & shampoos & there is laundry soap & household cleaners. You may not think about the effects of household cleaners on the skin, but it does effect the skin. You wash your bathtub with cleaners then take a bath hence coming into contact with the cleaners. GL

HI N.,

My youngest daughter had the same skin problem as your 14 mo. son. WE ended up using Neutregena soap for her.

I am also aware of a fairly new product that some of my friends have used for sensitive skin and ezcema. It is Skinlogics Sensitive Skin set. It contains a cleaser, tonic,calming agent and a mositurizer. This would be good for your son't torso area that is so irriated!

This product line is; fragrance-free, oil-free, gluten-free
and non-comedogenic.

If you are interested in trying a trial set of Skinlogics, I would be glad to call a friend who reps this line.


I am reading a lot about skin problems because my husband has rosacea. Some suggested to read about those chemicals SLS and SLES. They potential dangerous to us. My husbad will try the products with no SLS and SLES.

Sappo Hill soap, from Whole Foods has been great for us - my husband and I used it before we had kids. We tried all the "gentle" baby soaps and lotions and some were better than others. But the only thing that caused no reaction at all was the soap we were using for ourselves. They have a variety - Oatmeal, Almond, Aloe. They are all great! They have a website also: www.sappohill.com

The only actual baby product that ever worked for my kids was Arbonne, but it was a bit pricey.

We use All Free & Clear detergent.
To make sure all the detergent rinses out, add vinegar to the rinse cycle - it also works as a softener. I also use dryer balls instead of dryer sheets.

I would try Aveeno. It is really mild and some of the soap is made with oatmeal I think. I have had problems with allergic dermatitis and that works well for me.

I would look at some Aveeno products. I have had allergic dermatitis alot and their products work well for me. I think they have a line for babies.

Hello, i have a now 3 year old with ezcema (allergies to eggs, dairy, bananas, dust, etc, etc). Basically, i can't use soap on her delicate skin (i rarely use it but find i can use it a little more often now). I also have to be careful with exposure to hot sun. Anyway, my daughter gets a thorough rinse ever day. Followed by a thick layer of Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment. I buy it in 14 oz Jars over the internet...i'll buy 3-4 at a time for the best price possible with free delivery. I have tried a huge assortment of creames/lotions/oils/etc...in the USA, Canada & Europe...this has been the only thing that works for us. Her most itchy/ezcema spots are on her wrists, arms, inside her elbows, and behind her knees. I coat her with the ointment before bed, cover her with clothes so she can't itch and keep the room cool so she won't overheat. Another coat of ointment in the morning and again after shower. Once she starts itching, she can't stop and can't sleep either. So the creame and using barriers (clothing) to prevent itching has helped immensely. I hope you find what works for your family. Good luck and hang in there. Many children out grow this and if yours does not...you will learn to live with it and it's not a big deal at all.

Hi N.,

I would highly recommend the ABC Baby products from Arbonne International. My daughters both have had ezcema and these products really do help. I am an Independent Consultant for Arbonne because of the difference I've seen in my skin from psorisis and from my daughter's skin from ezcema. I would love to send you a sample packet of the ABC line to use on your son's ezcema.

T. Ebbinghouse
Arbonne Independent Consultant
cell ###-###-####

Cetaphil worked for my little girl.

Be very CAREFUL with hydrocortisone cream. Long term use can be very DAMAGING.

This sounds like reactions to foods.
At this point you are treating symptoms. It is in the best interest of your child to find out the cause.

I can recommend a few professionals who will do food allergy testing to see what your little boy is reacting to.

Dr. Debrah Bain in Frisco is our daughter’s pediatrician who conducted our testing. www.healthykidspediatrics.com

Dr. Jeffrey Fine in Irving is a gastroenterologist specializing in food sensitivity. www.drfoodsensitivity.com

Faye Elahi in Plano is a nutritionist who does food allergy testing. www.specialneedsnutrition.com

The allergy testing will not be inexpensive. But your child is worth it!
If you do not want to test, but figure it out on your own, you will need to do a very intensive elimination diet. Google elimination diet for more info.

We had the same problem as you. Sierra (now 26 mo) was on hydrocortisone creams for face and body, daily Zyrtec, creams and lotions for body and prescription shampoos for her scalp, Benadryl for hives, and EpiPen for “just in case” since 4 months old.

Since food testing at 15 mo old, eliminating the foods that were poisoning her system, and rotating the foods she eats, she has been completely clear and free of hydrocortisone and daily Zyrtec for 8 months now! (The prescription shampoo never worked.) We still carry the Epipen. That is a MUST have. You never know what, when, or how severe your little one will react.

Also, this process will not be easy. It is very difficult at times.
The support group on Yahoo! called Terrific Kids with Food Allergies will be helpful during times of struggle. http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/TerrificKidsWFA

At the bottom of this article http://www.llli.org//NB/NBJulAug98p100.html, is the most comprehensive food allergy and sensitivity symptom chart I have ever found. In addition to the bumpy, rashy skin, Sierra was also a light sleeper, had runny nose, dark circles under her eyes, swollen eyelids, red eyes, gelatin-like fluid in her eyes, hiccupped all the time, sneezed all the time, had a red butt, and many bouts of loose stools.

Please PM me if you have further questions.

BTW, we have worked with a traditional Allergist (most allergists only deal with environmental allergies and are completely ignorant about food allergies) and a Dermatologist. We still use Hylira, a prescription lotion, and Cetaphil lotion daily to keep her beautiful, smooth, bump-free, and non-itchy skin hydrated. CeraVe lotion is good too.

Sunscreen may become an issue. www.supergoop.com is made for sensitive skin. They are based here in Dallas.

California Baby Super Sensitive Body Wash and Lotion have worked for us, and we have a similar situation. We also use Charlie's Soap, www.charliessoap.com, and it has been great!

Hi N...
My son had ezcema pretty bad on his elbows and legs when he was a baby..I tired everything the doctors gave us..it would go away for a short period but then always return immune to the medication..I did research and found that the diaper rash cream DESITIN --the original--not creamy--has healing properties, ZINC and fish oil..I tried it and only had to use it a few times..my son son is now 21/2 and it has never returned Thank god..hope this works for you..

My husband and my young great nephew both have ezcema so I know it is a problem. We used all the creams, lotion etc but nothing seemed to help. Then we tried an "old home remedy" and it worked on both of them. It is head and shoulders shampoo. You put it on the break out, let it dry, then shower/bathe off. Then you can moisturize with Eucerin or Aveeno. Both are good lotions. The Dr also told my hubby and my niece that unscented Dove soap was the best. Both hubby and nephew's rash healed in a few days from using the head and shoulders. I've suggested it to a couple of other people and it has worked for them too. So maybe this is something that will work for your little one and is not as expensive as some of those creams.

Aveeno, Aqua-phor, Eucerin

My daughter had excema when she was a baby and toddler on her feet and behind her knees. My Dr. told me that sometimes they grow out of it.....Thankfully, she did grow out of most of it. Her toes with sometimes breakou if she is barefoot in the grass. The beach/sand seems to make it better.

We used the above products I mentioned with success. If she breaks out now, she does have calamine lotion. She said it is soothing.

Best wishes.

I tried lots of things. I love the Kiehls baby lotion & it helps my daughter's skin, but just plain old Aquaphor from the grocery store has worked wonders for us. It was suggested by 2 friends when my daughter was 3 months old & helped her skin so much. My pedi also said the topical creams (benadryl & hydrocortisone) were a bad idea as they could backfire & cause more irritation to baby's sensitive skin.

Both my kids have highly sensitive skin but since I started using Dove-sensitive skin body wash and Curel for moisturizer we have not had any issues.

Good Luck.

Hi N.,
I have a website you could order from. I will get it for you when I have some extra time. It is a beef tallow soap. The plain one is so gentle. It makes skin so soft. The other option is a swedish bitters soap.Dr Bronners Castille soap plain liquid for baby. Go to Natural Grocer on Campbell and Coit in N Dallas. They can help you. Try Sprouts also or Whole Foods.Good Luck!

My 11 month old has had ezcema his entire life and we tried every product out there. The only thing we use on him now are Aveeno products except for when he has an outbreak. When he breaks out the only thing that seems to give him any relief is to take a bath in the aveeno baby bath soak (he usually spends about 20 minutes in it) and then we lather him up in Disney Baby Ezcema Cream (i buy it at target but I am sure they sell it other places to). The Aquafor works jsut as well but it leaves his skin very sticky and he seems to just pick up every speck of dirt he come in contact with all day long (he looks gross within a few hours) the ezcema cream soaks in better so he doesnt feel as sticky to touch.

My son has eczema due to food allergies and have not yet found anything that prevents his outbreaks! I hated aquafore, eucerine, it was too thick and broke him out more. I tend to keep the eczema under control however, with Arbonne Baby Bath/Wash and The Aloe Skin Healing Cream. This lotion is the ONLY thing keeps his skin moisturized without breaking him out even more. Also, i have foudn that anything that has mostly aloe or lavender is great. My pedi recommended a brand named Jasons- it's the same company as Earth's Best. You can find it at Whole Foods or Market STreet, though have not tried it. A lavender lotion we love also is Hummingbird Farms, their website is hummbingbirdlavender . com

The Aloe Cream is quite expensive, but so worth it. Here is the website: corium21. com/store

For heat rash, this sounds gross, but i have found that Boudreux's Butt Paste works AWESOME, and does not burn their skin like lotions do.

Hope that helps!
God Bless

Eucerin Aquaphor. There's a bath wash product too as well as lotion. They also have a sun protection product. I second the notion that you do not need to waste money on Dreft. Get Target brand or All or whatever without any fragrance or other irritants for washing all clothing.

I use cetaphil soap and eucerin lotion on my baby, she will be 2 in october but i have been using it since she was an infant. It really moistorizes her skin. Its about $3 a bar at walmart.

This is something that runs rampant in my family. I constantly itch, my kids have little bumps everywhere. One has what looks like patches of scabs. Anyway, we use products with NO PRESERVATIVES. Our favorite is Lush's Olive Branch. Its not cheap, but after going thru tons of soaps, lotions, steroid creams - all which didn't work I didn't care anymore.

I don't itch anymore. Period. Its awesome. My kids don't itch anymore and the bumps have all but gone away. Its very soothing with natural extracts and oils and works wonders. I might also suggest all natural fibers. No synthetics they can scratch the skin. Good luck!

Aveeno Advanced Care body wash and body lotion. Look for it in the pharmacy section near the anti-itch remedies, or order it online from cvs.com. I started using these products a couple years ago (it used to be called Aveeno Eczema Care when it first came out, but didn't sell enough under that name so they renamed it to appeal to a 'broader' demographic). This stuff is WONDERFUL! I used to have to use steroids on my older daughter every day. Since switching to this, I haven't had to use a steroid cream ONE TIME. Amazing.

Stay away from fragrance, animal products in the products you use and any mineral/baby oils.

Arbonne Baby Care Line will prevent the symptoms from returning and the diaper rash cream will heal any symptoms.

There is a Hair and Body Wash, Lotion, Body Oil, Sunscreen, and Diaper Rash Cream.

It's the only thing we use!

Good Luck!

Hello N.,
I can also recommend the Arbonne Baby Wash. My son has struggled with some eczema as well. I facilitate a food allergy support group in Tyler and consult with parents who have children with food allergies if you want some help pinpointing what might be causing the eczema. My blog is www.thefoodteacher.blogspot.com if you want to read a little about me. Let me know if I can help.

My daughter, Grace age 8, has mild ezcema for the last 4 years. We use Tide free or Cheer free laundry detergent. Also pay attention to the type fabric softners. We use Snuggle or Downey Liquid. Whichever is on sale and I have a coupon! As for soaps~ Her dermatologist suggest Dove for sensative skin which is what we use 85% of the time and Cetaphil which has a great bar soap(smells really good) and lotion but I am not too fond of the bodywash. You can visit their website to get coupons. The maker is Galderma. At the present time we are using Aveeno lotions / bodywash because a friend is a sales rep for them and she was able to give many many samples...and they are working well for her. We have not seen the dermatologist since she was 5 years old. Hope this helps.

I have a son with ezcema and I use Cetaphil soap and lotion. Make sure you don't give him anything with a scent. This will cause the ezcema to get worse. Also, you may want to have him bathe in oatmeal. Aveeno makes a good powder that you can put into the bath tub. This helps soothe the itch. Good luck!

I'll keep this short and it may be a repeat, I didn't read all of your responses but I was at the health food store yesterday and I got in a conversation about my son having eczema and she said it is most likely a allergic reaction to Milk, and to cut out all milk products for 2 weeks, and to help heal have my son take Flax oil, (which I bought the strawberry smoothie flavor) take flax 2 a day and I can put regular flax on his skin, like baby oil... so I have just started that, we have used Vitamin C in the past with good results also ###-###-####) and that has helped, the lady at the health food store said that Vit. C is a natural anti-inflammatory so that is probably why it helped sooth the itching.

Hi N.! My son has eczema bad I started using all the products from Melaleuca. I was using Aveeno, Johnson & Johnson Naturals, Burts Bees etc... and they all didn't work. Melaleuca makes all natural products that have no chemicals. I've been using it almost 2 months now and it's almost completely gone. I use the hair and body wash for kids, bath oil, lotion, and the laundry detergent. It's part of my business to enroll people so if you are interested in enrolling and giving it a try, let me know! I couldn't pass this question up because it was so sad to see my child miserable because he's itching so much. I had to share my secret! My email is ____@____.com
Hope to hear from you soon,
A. M.

First thought: change the brand of diapers you use to an "all natural brand" or go to cloth. My oldest son was allergic to something in the disposables, we had to go to cloth diapers. It was a hassle, but the rashes cleared right up. Second thought: I am raising my grand-daughter, she is 3 1/2 years old. She has very sensitive skin with rashes in the diaper area since birth. The doctor suggested using Dove sensitive bath wash and Aveeno lotion for sensitive skin. He said to never use Johnson's brand. I also double rinse her panties after washing them. He also prescribed a tube of Triamcinolone Acetonide ointment (generic name) for the actual rash. It isn't rubbed all over, only on the rash and it isn't put on thickly, but it takes away the irritation and the itch. The severity and frequency of the rash is less, but we have to watch what she eats (food diary). Hope you find some answers that work for your child.

A little about me:
Grandmother helping to raise four of my nine grandchildren: three teens and a 3 1/2 Yr old. Retirement? What's that??

My daughter has had the same issue since she was very little. She is now 8 years old. The rash, or itchy spots as she calls them, are worse where her clothes rub;the bends of her arms and legs and her waistline. We have tried several things, but we have found the most cost effective to be Kirk's Castille soap for bathtime (you can find it at Kroger's for around $2.50 for three bars) and All Free and Clear for laundry. We also use Downy Free for a fabric softner. For after bath, the Aveeno products are really the best as far as lotion. They have several to choose from and even some with sunscreen. All of these products can be used for the whole family so that you don't have to buy a separate set for your son to use. These have been really great for keeping the itchy spots down. When we do have an outbreak, our pediatrician has given us a topical cream for just the areas that bother her. I have been told that she will grow out of it eventually, but as long as we stay on top of it, she is so much better. Good luck!!

Cetaphil is gentle and works great. It comes in a liquid or a bar. Good Luck.

G. M.

My son has sensitive skin also and we use Aveeno during his bath time. It works great!!

Aveda makes really good products for sensitive skin. Also, check with your pediatrician to see what s/he recommends.

Do you use chlorine bleach? When he was 4, my older son used to get hives and mild asthma every time we stayed in a hotel and only in a hotel. He also started feeling nauseous every time he would swim in a pool. We eventually figured out he was allergic to the chlorine they used in the pool and on the sheets.

Good luck!

P.S. I am building a team of 5 financially free champions over the next 2-5 years. Want to be one of them? Contact me through Mamasource if you are ready for change!

We have had great luck with AVEENO BABY Fragrance Free Soothing Relief Moisture Cream. The label says "soothes and relieves dry skin, even dry skin from eczema." It works great for my daughter's sensitive skin. I get it at Walmart in the section with baby lotions, shampoos, etc. It is in a beige tube with a navy lid. Good luck!

My 6 month old has ezcema and some days it's quite bad. I use Gentle Naturals Eczema Baby Wash and lotion and I get it at Target and Diapers.com. It's AWESOME. It has saved the day for us a few times over. It's gentle and it's very smooth going on. It always clears his skin up within 2 days and I don't know what I would do without it. Hope that helps!!

My little girl had some excema when she was born. We have been using the Aquaphor products. They are incredible! I use the Aquaphor Gentle Wash for bathtime and we have the Intensive Lotion, but we haven't had to use that much because Aveeno is fine.

My 18 month old has the same problem. What works for us is to use a fragrance-free, color-free laundry detergent; and we use Aveeno soaps and lotions. We've tried other stuff, too, but this is what works best for us! Hope this helps! Oh, and buy the travel size Aveeno stuff just to try it out...that way, if it doesn't work for yur son, you won't have wasted as much $$ and be stuck with a big bottle of product you won't use!

I have a 15 month old little boy who has the same. When it flares up I bathe him in baby oatmeal bath. It seems to soothe his skin. Then I put a lot of baby powder on him to keep it dry.

The only products that worked for ezcema in our house was Shaklee baby and laundry products. I can happily say we are ezcema free.

Hi N.:

I've been to the dermatologist for my son's issues. She simply suggested Aveeno for the bath and lotion. Is really rough areas she suggested Eucerine.

Have you thought about your son's shampoo? Since it runs into the tub when he is sitting in it. Just a thought, but, in case that is something it can be attributed to, I have found a great product. They have shampoo and a leave-in conditioner (which I use daily b/c my son has curly hair). It's called Nature's Baby Organics. I love it. It can be found at Market Street and Sprouts. Not sure where else.

Good luck.

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