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Need Some Suggestions for Good FAMILY Movies

We have family movie night every Friday night and my kids really look forward to it all week. We have been doing it for a little over a year and lately have been having a hard time finding good movies. We have an almost 6 year old, almost 3 year old, and 1 year old and usually try to find a movie that is appealing to them but also something that my hubby and I will enjoy. We usually try to find something in the family section at Blockbuster. We have seen some of the older movies and also lots of the new ones. To give you an idea of what we usually watch we have seen ET, Chronicles of Narnia, Marley and Me, SpiderMan, the Pacifier, Waterhorse, Fly away Home, Ghostbusters, Monsterhouse, Home Alone, Nims Island, Akeelah and the Bee, Space Buddies, and the Secret Garden. If you have seen a good movie would you please share them with us.

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We always watch movies as a family as well. My kids are 13, 11 and 6 (boys) and 8 and 4 (girls) we watched beverly Hills Chiuaua (yes I know I cant spell it...lol) The other nights and they loved it. Bolt was great as well.

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Have you tried the Anne of Green Gables DVD's. There are 3 in that series. Also, try the Tales of Avonlea series. They have 7 seaons of that TV show.

We just rented Mr. Bean's Holiday. My kids, ages 5 and 8 loved it and my husband and I liked it and would watch it again. It was funny and had a sweet ending. It is rated G, but was originally rated PG for mild language. Not sure if they edited something out, or not.

How about The Wizard of Oz; The Sound of Music; and The Princess Bride?

Just an FYI... check out the website http://www.kids-in-mind.com They rate movies from a parents perspective and lay out exactly what and how much of anything a parent might find objectional. Another good site is Plugged in Online.

We always watch movies as a family as well. My kids are 13, 11 and 6 (boys) and 8 and 4 (girls) we watched beverly Hills Chiuaua (yes I know I cant spell it...lol) The other nights and they loved it. Bolt was great as well.

I know they're ancient, but for our weekly movie, I got them from the library for free and the 2 year olds and 6 year old I watch love them (they were my favorites when I was little): Old Yeller (though I did distract them by calling them to the kitchen to get their snacks and drinks right before the sad part, and they returned to the living room right after that so they saw the end of the movie to see the new horse and puppy), and Swiss Family Robinson. Swiss Family Robinson really has it all: stormy shipwreck, lots of animals, island adventure, pirates, etc. We all liked Underdog too.

We loved Bolt as a family!


Feature Films for Families
My parents bought movies from this website (well, magazine back in the day). It was stuff you couldn't find in video rental stores.

Funny story: After we viewed Forest Gump (PG-13) at school (a Catholic School) my parents decided to donate a lot of movies to the school that were appropriate for kids.

you family might enjoy some of the Disney classics--Mary Poppins, Lady and the Tramp, or some of the Disney Pixar movies like CARS. This is a great tradition for your family to enjoy!

My kids are the same age...I agree it's tough to find entertainment that is appropriate. Lately, I've been introducing my girls to the old classic comedies and they love them! My oldest daughter especially loves the old Bob Hope movies. They are fun slap stick with an easy story line and I always think they are hilarious. All the "Road to... (Bali, Shangrila, etc.)". Friday we watched "The Pirate and the Princess". Also, any of the Abbott & Costello movies are really funny too. And, my girls really enjoy old musicals with great singing and dancing. We caught "7 Brides for 7 Brothers" on AMC channel this weekend. Also, you can always check www.pluggedinonline.com if you're not sure about a movie and they will give a really detailed movie review for families.

Have you tried the parent trap movies. The older one is just as cute:) Or even the new and old herbie movies. Of course Mary Poppins is a must see for every kid at least once right? And, the willy wonka movies might be fun. If I think of any others, I will let you know. Ohh..one good idea might even be to rent old tv shows on dvd. Like full house or something. Have fun! ~A.~

You've already gotten some good suggestions, so I'll just add some. We love the movie Night at the Museum. THat one was really funny, and they are coming out with a sequel to it this summer. Also, How To Eat Fried Worms is another favorite of theirs as well as Bedtime Stories and Space Chimps. I haven't seen Space Chimps, so I'm not sure if it's "adult" friendly too, but my parents said it was fun. My boys also like Batman Forever (the one with Jim Carrey). Hotel For Dogs comes out on DVD next week and that's a fun one as well as Paul Blart, which comes out in May I think.

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