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Need Some Ideas on Catchy Slogans

Hi ladies.

i am trying to think of some catchy slogans. Something that means i am above the rest....above the regulars....about the norm.
This is for a business venture. Above the Mundane will probably be the name of it. But every slogan I think of has been used or sounds whack!! Please note that a variation of it may be used to help promote my friends business whenever she decides to move forward with it. She's still in brainstorming mode.

Can you think of any?

What can I do next?

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It's hard to think of any without knowing that the business/product is...? Is that not applicable to the name?

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It's hard to think of any without knowing that the business/product is...? Is that not applicable to the name?

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Personally, (and I work in marketing/adv for 20+ years) I would never have a negative word like "mundane" in the NAME of a business. LOL That's like shopping at a store called "Not Crappy" or something! Very, very bad idea. You always want to stress the positive, not a negative. Even though she's saying "Above the" it's the "mundane" people will remember.

Here are synonyms for "superior"....maybe a word will catch your eye:
super, tiptop
topnotch tops(predicate)

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Need a lot more info.

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Need more info. What is the business?

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Rise above
One Step Up
One rung higher (meaning on a ladder...)
Star shooter
No limits

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Beyond Plebeian
Surpassing Mundane
So Totally not Lame? LOL
Inferior to Superior
Exceeding Expectations

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For what? Is this for a business or something you will include as a signature line? Whom are you comparing yourself to?

I'm not your normal mama
Flying high above the rest

I'm sure I could come up with more if I knew what it was for!!

ETA: thanks for the additional information! i realize the risk in blurting out your possible venture - but what is it you want to do? Will you be doing marketing, sales (a specific one or general?) or consulting...

One of my girlfriends last name is Knight - she does marketing and promotion (most of it at night) and hers is Knight Owl Productions....

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From your profile I see you are in the event business so here are some ideas for this or a similar market:

A Touch Above
The Great Event
Superior Events
Uniquely Yours
Raise the Bar
A Touch of Elegance and Class
Elegant and Classy Events
Elegance and Class
The Main Event
Extraordinary Events
Top It Off
Page Six Events

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You need to explain about what the business is and what it does before we know what to call it.

Select Events
A Step Above
Arise Above

Einsteins Cloud

Better Than You

Always Brighter

Above The Rest


This was fun.

What's the theme of the business? Might help in thinking up names.

Over the Top
Out of the Proverbial Box
So Not Cheezy
Hovering Above the Others
The Brighter Side
Defying Gravity

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