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Need Some Food Ideas

I just found out that my 16 month old daughter is allergic to milk and soy. The doctors said no milk/soy based products but to use Rice Milk or Enfamil Almentum. I have her on solid foods but most of them are milk based.

Does anyone have any food ideas that I can try for my daughter other than meat sticks, hot dogs, potatoes, and fruit/veggies. I need more meal ideas.

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How 'bout some big fat cheesy pizza with soy tofu? Ha ha ha...I'm just joking. I know she can't have that! Hope things are going okay with her new diet.

What about frozen diced veggies, such as squash, sweet potatoes, etc? Does she like peanut butter?

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How 'bout some big fat cheesy pizza with soy tofu? Ha ha ha...I'm just joking. I know she can't have that! Hope things are going okay with her new diet.

What about frozen diced veggies, such as squash, sweet potatoes, etc? Does she like peanut butter?

Just start feeding her the same food you eat, mash it down if you have too.
Ask him if she can take lactose pills for some items?
Good luck

Unless she has other food issues you can still give her cereals (rice, oatmeal, etc) and use the rice beverage just as you would have previously used the milk. If you are using a recipe that calls for milk, you can do substitutions of the rice beverage. It is sometimes trial and error as different rice beverages can sometimes change the consistency of a recipe. I know that this seems overwhelming but look at this as an adventure and it will get easier!

Hi L.!! My daughter just turned a year old and is allergic to milk/soy. We just found out a month ago. She was breast fed only until she decided to quit. I have to exclude any kind of butter or milk in her food. She loves rice, meats, and some fruits. Noodles are good as well, and anyting with bread. I accidentally fed her some yogurt and she actually did really well. Come to find out it is made with acidophilus. I don't know what your daughter is able to drink, but we found out that our daughter can drink Lacto free milk. They also make acidophilus milk. Land O Lakes brand is what we get. We use WIC and they help provide us with that. I am a pasta eater so I make alot of spaghetti, homemade chicken and noodle, etc.... Just a couple of ideas. She likes fresh fruit I found out. She is not big on canned fruit. She loves bread. PB&J, lunch meat sandwiches. She practically eats everything you and I eat. Now for instance you make your veggies with butter....what I do is cook them pull hers out and then add the butter to ours. Now I have been slowly introducing some milk products to her and testing what she can and cannot have. Try something once and wait for a few days before you try something new. Make sure you record it to give you and your doctor some kind of idea. I hope this helps you out. Good luck!!


Hello L.,
I kind of understand your dilemma my daughter was allergic to milk products until she was 2, however she could have soy so I feel for you. There is a website www.allergicchild.com that has some recipe ideas and links to other websites that could help with what she can eat.

Hope this helps, good luck. Maybe she will grow out of these allergies.

Be very careful with meat sticks - my sister was using the Gerber meatsticks for a while until she found out that they had milk, but under a different name. I am afraid I am not much help with suggestions, but I wanted to make sure you weren't unintentionally giving her milk. Has anyone shown you how to look for the Kosher symbol on the label that means dairy free? Sometimes it is much safer to do that then look at the ingredient list. Good luck with it - I know what a nightmare it has been with my niece.

You might try going to a health food store for ideas. They tend to have a lot of options for people with allergies. Of course they also tend to have a lot of soy options. I know the KC area has some great health food stores.

We arent so keen on cows milk anyway... and our daughter loves rice milk! She drinks that all the time... Just focus on the protiens like meats and beans... and she can get all the vitamins she needs (that makes cows milk "important" anyway... because is is enriched) from vegis and fruits... try all vegis and fruits... the season for some good fruits is almost here so you can offer her a wide variety like mangos and blueberries and stuff... we give Meadow infant vitamins every day to make sure she is getting what she needs, so if you dont all ready you may think about that... I bet you are doing good though ~ she will be just fine without milk products...

This site is supposed to be awesome for parents of food allergic kids: http://www.kidswithfoodallergies.org/ Some forums are available to all, but for some a paid membership is required. I understand paying the fee is well worth the price.

Also google POFAK (Parents of Food allergic Kids), and look at
http://allrecipes.com/recipes/healthy-living/dairy-free/V..., &
http://www.kjsl.net/~beanmom/nomilk.html (if you're nursing)

It's a challenge but it really will make a difference in her. :) I suspect my 16mo also had MSPI, but she had a huge turnaround upon turning one. Best wishes.

rice, and veggies sound better to me than potatoes. At 16 months my boys were already eating the same meals as the rest of the family. Of course you're going to have to alter the recipes to avoid the dairy and soy based products but you can do it.

There is a wonderful new brand of chips in stores now. they just came out and they are rice based, very healthy and taste great! They are called Flat Earth. They are ina blue bag with a red label. They come in fruit and vegetables varieties. They were passsing out samples in the grocery store last week so i let my two year old try them... he went nuts! So I bought a bag and they were gone in less than 48 hrs because I happened to pick one up. I was sure I'd hate anything so healthy and now I'm hooked. Walmart isn't really putting them in the chip isle yet but they are on those center racks. I can't be sure that they are all milk and soy free but they ARE all rice chips and many flavors should be. Good luck hon.

my son is allergic to milk, but not soy...but he loves beans. lentils and white beans particularly. i simmer them in chicken broth with other veggies like carrots, onions, celery, and some rice. he loves it! the beans are perfect little finger foods. he also likes deli turkey meat or ham. but there are all kinds of other bean things you can do. give it a try! little burritos...good luck!

Hi L.,

I would suggest going to either Wild Oats, Whole foods and Hyvee. My daughter has celiac disease, she has had this since she was 1 1/2.. It is hard to find stuff that they can eat when they have a certain allergy.. I know that I had to speak to a dietician because gluten is in everything. Some are covered by insurance. One you get the hang of it, it will become easy.. Not much to much help. Also maybe you can find a list or something on the internet.

Wow, that's a double whammy, sorry to hear that. You might want to check out Whole Foods or Wild Oats. They carry foods that are alternatives to soy and milk plus you may get some ideas by cruising the aisles. Good luck.

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