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Need Some Different Name Ideas....

Hi...I just found out that I am pregnant with baby #3 and am starting to look into baby names. We're hoping for a girl, but I'm having trouble finding a name we both like. We like names that not everyone has or is familiar with...any suggestions???

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Thank you so much for all the advice that I was given...It was really helpful!! I think my husband and I finally settled on a name IF its a girl...I really liked the name Isabella but my husband just likes Bella Grace...so, its between those two. Either way we're going to call her Bella...Thanks again!!

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Sydney, Alexa, Alicia, Elise, Aubrey, Madison, Lily, Chloe, Peyton, Ellie

I searched a lot a baby name websites....www.babycenter.com is a good one to try!

Good luck!!

I would search for an I name, don't force it, my daughter wasn't named until day 2 of life. Her dad and I couldn't agree at all.

Well...this was my favorite part!
Anna, Ella, Emma, Isabella, Chelsea, Kaia, Madison, Alyssa, Allison, Eva, Ari, Dally, Shaina

Those are a few of my favs! Best of luck to you!

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Hello. When I got pregnant with our son...we had a heck of a time deciding on a boys name...but we had the girls name all picked out right away- go figure! We decided/agreed on Colin James (CJ) for our son. For a girl we were going to go with Peyton Lorelei. Some of the other names we considered were: Aiden, Davis, Nevaeh (I see someone else mentioned). Best of luck...picking the name is so fun!! Congratulations!

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I just thought about this name when I read the names of your boys. Keeping with you "I"s how about Isabella? or Isabelle?

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I would search for an I name, don't force it, my daughter wasn't named until day 2 of life. Her dad and I couldn't agree at all.

My son's name is Joby (which I have also heard of as a girl's name) and if he would've been a girl we would've used the name Kaya.

What about the name Nevaeh, (Nev-ay-ah)? In keeping with the Biblical theme of your sons' names, Nevaeh is Heaven spelled backwards. I heard of this name when I was pregnant with my youngest and it's really grown on me.

You have plenty of time to find that perfect name for your newest little one, good luck!

i just had a little girl. my husband and i had a hard time naming her to. we finally settled on kaylei. there are different ways to spell it, but this is how i wanted it spelled. her full name is kaylei lynn vaughan f. last name not spelled completely.

our daughter is named Isbabella Grace. we call her bella grace(Beautiful Grace- for us, as in God's Beautiful Grace).
but! this one name my husband found was Arabella pronounce like air-a-bella.. it grew on me after a while..lol at first i thought what the heck! lol still could have called her Bella.

other 'different' names we had were Tallulah, Raven,Lorelei, Rhiannon, Amelia,Lara,Alila,Eliana, Desiree, Maru, Keara,Daria, Paisley, Willow, Sarafina(another one of my husbands..lol) , Nina, Mia, Ashton.
Good luck.. lol
what may be 'different' for us may not be 'different' for others.. but maybe there is something in there to get you on a path to finding one.

How about Isabella? It goes with the "i" thing. Well, I suppose my name is different too, it's B. and pronounced like the guys name. Never met anyone with that before, but I will tell you it wasn't until 8th grade that I decided it was a cool name for a girl. Until then I was Brandy and no one knew my real name, and I'll tell you what, you dont' want to get too unique with names because while it might sound good now, it can really sound bad in the future. Imagine if your mom had named you Apple or Willmetta or something like that. Too trendy of a name can make the parent (not the child) feel "cool" for a little bit but you're going to get some strange looks at the park yelling that out. Also, don't forget how unforgiving children can be. Make sure that while it's different, it's not something that your child is going to catch hell about all through her school life. I dunno, just some food for thought.

I also like unique names. Our daughter is named Ambrazia. A mix of Amber and Anastasia, and we came up with Ambrazia. Good luck.

Hey, my daughter's name is Alivia (like Olivia but with an A) and I love it!

My husband and I had that same problem when we were pregnant with our third child. Our children's names are Dayne James(boy); McKenna Jo (girl) and Quinn Leeann (girl).

We actually had Quinn picked out for a boy and no girl names. I've always kind of liked boy names for girls and do not remember coming across any female Quinn's before except for that girl who was on Archie Bunker. We had a very tough time with the middle name since we wanted it to have family ties like the other two kids and came up with Lee (my husband's middle name and Ann (my middle name).

If you are going for an "I" name since your other two children begin with "I", I love the name Ireland for a girl. Probably because we are Irish.

One other thing we did was I went to a baby name website and printed off two lists each having the same 200 baby names. My husband and I sat down and circled the names we liked. Then, we compared the circled names and only had two that matched. Quinn was one of them. It was fun but a little discouraging.

Good Luck.

Here's a very unique and beautiful name I came across this week that works for both boy and girl. Emmarie for girl and Emery for a boy. God's best for your new baby and please pray that my own first grandchild will not be aborted this month.

If I ever had a little girl (3 boys) I was going to name her one of the following: Aspen, Riley, Mykela, Bailey, Rikiaya or Kalani..

Those are just different names I had liked and I don't like normal very much

I love the name Evelyn, you could call her Eve or Evey.

Abbigail, and instead of Abby you could call her Gail.

It's difficult to pick names for your children. The question is do you give them a traditional name that he/she will have to live up to, or do you give them an original name and let them make it their own.

My name is L. (lee-eye-la) and means Dark as Night. I love my name, but it can be difficult for many to pronounce it correctly. We named our daughter Cerenity Adele. My coworkers 2 month old is named Jovee. (Just a few ideas!)

But the most important thing to remember is just to have fun, and don't stress out about it. You've got time, and when you least expect it, the name will come to you and you'll be wondering why you hadn't thought of it before!

Good luck and God Bless.

That's so hard to say because everyone's taste is different.
Maybe try defining each of your parameters. For instance, we knew we didn't like vowel names for girls.

Remember, while you want it to be unique, you also need to remember that they have to learn to write and spell it. My sister named her dau. Elizabeth and in some ways wishes they'd picked something easier to spell or had a simple short form.
They also have to grow with their name. How would they feel being 35 years old with too trendy a name. It's cute when their little, but how does that look on a business card.

We started by going through our family tree and listing all the names we each liked. Then we made derivitives of those. Or tried different combos.

some of the names we liked for girls were: Rebecca, Lillian, Emma (the only vowel name we could remotely handle), Lucy, Mary, Sarah,

Our daughter's name is Braylee. I also like the name Bevan or Bevin.

My kids have different names i think my sons name is Jaron and my daughters name is Reagan. We are expecting our 3rd on sunday and herr name is going to be sophia! Good luck

Here are a few for you....Echo, Malorie, Ilana (also spelled Elana),Idalia, and Inessa

Girl names I like are Sienna and Giada which are not as popular for Boys names Kael and Ian..

I never got to use any of my girl names so will pass them on to you. I really like Akyra Jaysi. Also there was Emerald (Emy)Raye, Izabella Jayde, Jakobi, Sylvie, Kasydi, Morgan Sorrell, and Mattea. Of course you can always make spelling changes (I like unique spellings as well as unique names!). I have three boys; Zackerous Zlexander, Kolton James (not unique after all), and Raiden Tucker. Hope this gives you some ideas.

My fiance likes unisex names. So far we have had 2 girls, and we named one Charlee and the other Andee. So since you like different names, maybe try a boys name for a girl. Also, maybe try an older name, like Jack or henry for a boy.

Camdynn (Cami for short)
Brielle or Briella

It seems by your boys names that biblical is what you like, try the bible for some ideas, run through that - might give you some ideas.
When we adopted our little guy we bought an Irish names book and found some great ideas.
I happen to LOVE Olivia, Kathryn, Rori, and Gray (we were going to use Rori-Gray.
Our neighbors named there girls Irish and Seven, yes thats true.
Good luck first with the pregnancy and second with the name. Now I know why you need new lunch ideas, you HAVE to eat :)

In staying with your "I" trend for nams, how about Inga? Also, we used the Celtic Baby name book for our children, who are Aidan (which turned out to be NOT such a unique name!), and Fiona. They have some very unique names in the book, but it could also give you other ideas. I'm big on name meanings, and being Irish/Scottish, I wanted to keep with that background. Do you have a particular background you'd like to stay with? Perhaps bibilical names, like the other two? Taegyn (prounounced TAY-GIN, with a hard G, like in green) is a Welsh name that I love. We also loved Maeve (mave), and Siobbhan (sha-von), and Nellie (after my grandma). good luck and congrats!

I named my daughter Hailey. Of course there are many ways to spell it. Here are a few names to toss your way:

Desirae (dezzi)

Good luck, you might want to think about someone you admire or idolize and come up with an idea from there. Congrats!! And Best wishes for you and your family.

As far as the name thing goes here is one that I am only aware of 3 people having. D. (yes, that is my name) I have never been able to find it in any name books or name meaning sites. It is pronounced Dave-a-knee or Dava-knee. My mother got the name from Joey Heatherton (an actress in the fifties) Her real name was D. Johanna, therefore I was named after her and another young girl was named after me. Through out my life I have heard over and over, "I have never heard that name", and NEVER have I been told by someone that they know someone with that name!! So if you are looking for a different and unusual name you can't get much stranger than that!

Sydney, Alexa, Alicia, Elise, Aubrey, Madison, Lily, Chloe, Peyton, Ellie

I searched a lot a baby name websites....www.babycenter.com is a good one to try!

Good luck!!


I have a 15 month old daughter and when I was pregnant, my husband and I had the same problem. We named our daughter Cameron Isabella, but we had thought of...Tenae and Aliah. This might help you a little.

I have yet to meet another A. (pronounced: Air ra ment a)
Nor do I hear alot of Verity's or Felicity's those are all girl names I love. For Boys I have always like Zachary, William and Bryce.

Hi J.:
Try simply googling baby names, that is what i did and found my sons name, Kessler, and i used the middle name of my father, Stanley.

Well...this was my favorite part!
Anna, Ella, Emma, Isabella, Chelsea, Kaia, Madison, Alyssa, Allison, Eva, Ari, Dally, Shaina

Those are a few of my favs! Best of luck to you!

My son is named Asher, which means happy. My daughter is named Ruth, which means friendship. Some other names we considered for our son were Cade and Thane. For our daughter, Liana, McKenna, and Iya. I love unusual names, too, but not ones that are too weird so they'll get made fun of. Picking out a name is fun but hard work! Good luck!

I like the name Emerson. Could be spelled a little differently for a girl though. My fiance and I definitely don't agree on that one. He's more traditional, I am not.
Good luck.

Well if you are looking for girl names that are unique, my name is N.. I have only meet one other girl with my name and she spelled Nyssa. My name is scandiniavian meaning little elf or brownie, and arabic it means women. I believe that thier are N. Dolls in Norway(?) Thought I would put in my two cents b/c my name is not common.


Why not stick with I names. Like Isabella. India. Or here's my favorite Adrianna or Allianna. Congrats on baby number three.

We have named our daughter Sapphire Rylee.. We also had names Jayden, Hayden, Pearl, Olivia, Baylee...
You could always look at names that our like jewels, flowers, trees, or stuff like to come up with unique names.

What about these names


Those were the names we had picked out but we have two boys so we didn't get to use the. If your interested in having natural products in your house let me know I just started working with Melaleuca so I can stay at home with my boys but make some money as well. It's very important.

Try going through middle names of grandparents because thats what we did with our daughter and everyone liked that idea, but if that doesn't work, use intinals of things that you guys like or who are your favorite charcters.

I love that you found a name that you guys like. I have always been a big fan of "full" names. I love names that can be shortened. Isabelle/Isabella = Bella, Jessica = Jess, Michael = Mike. For some reason it always seems nice to be able to have a formal and informal form of a name, and as someone grows, they can decide what works better for them. You can always call her Bella, no matter what. My son is Jack, but when he gets older, he may prefer Jakob. That is just my two cents, and my preference, but it sounds like you will be happy either way. Good luck and congrats.

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