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Need Some Different Name Ideas....

Hi...I just found out that I am pregnant with baby #3 and am starting to look into baby names. We're hoping for a girl, but I'm having trouble finding a name we both like. We like names that not everyone has or is familiar with...any suggestions???

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Thank you so much for all the advice that I was given...It was really helpful!! I think my husband and I finally settled on a name IF its a girl...I really liked the name Isabella but my husband just likes Bella Grace...so, its between those two. Either way we're going to call her Bella...Thanks again!!

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Sydney, Alexa, Alicia, Elise, Aubrey, Madison, Lily, Chloe, Peyton, Ellie

I searched a lot a baby name websites....www.babycenter.com is a good one to try!

Good luck!!

I would search for an I name, don't force it, my daughter wasn't named until day 2 of life. Her dad and I couldn't agree at all.

Well...this was my favorite part!
Anna, Ella, Emma, Isabella, Chelsea, Kaia, Madison, Alyssa, Allison, Eva, Ari, Dally, Shaina

Those are a few of my favs! Best of luck to you!

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Hello. When I got pregnant with our son...we had a heck of a time deciding on a boys name...but we had the girls name all picked out right away- go figure! We decided/agreed on Colin James (CJ) for our son. For a girl we were going to go with Peyton Lorelei. Some of the other names we considered were: Aiden, Davis, Nevaeh (I see someone else mentioned). Best of luck...picking the name is so fun!! Congratulations!

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I just thought about this name when I read the names of your boys. Keeping with you "I"s how about Isabella? or Isabelle?

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I would search for an I name, don't force it, my daughter wasn't named until day 2 of life. Her dad and I couldn't agree at all.

My son's name is Joby (which I have also heard of as a girl's name) and if he would've been a girl we would've used the name Kaya.

What about the name Nevaeh, (Nev-ay-ah)? In keeping with the Biblical theme of your sons' names, Nevaeh is Heaven spelled backwards. I heard of this name when I was pregnant with my youngest and it's really grown on me.

You have plenty of time to find that perfect name for your newest little one, good luck!

i just had a little girl. my husband and i had a hard time naming her to. we finally settled on kaylei. there are different ways to spell it, but this is how i wanted it spelled. her full name is kaylei lynn vaughan f. last name not spelled completely.

our daughter is named Isbabella Grace. we call her bella grace(Beautiful Grace- for us, as in God's Beautiful Grace).
but! this one name my husband found was Arabella pronounce like air-a-bella.. it grew on me after a while..lol at first i thought what the heck! lol still could have called her Bella.

other 'different' names we had were Tallulah, Raven,Lorelei, Rhiannon, Amelia,Lara,Alila,Eliana, Desiree, Maru, Keara,Daria, Paisley, Willow, Sarafina(another one of my husbands..lol) , Nina, Mia, Ashton.
Good luck.. lol
what may be 'different' for us may not be 'different' for others.. but maybe there is something in there to get you on a path to finding one.

How about Isabella? It goes with the "i" thing. Well, I suppose my name is different too, it's B. and pronounced like the guys name. Never met anyone with that before, but I will tell you it wasn't until 8th grade that I decided it was a cool name for a girl. Until then I was Brandy and no one knew my real name, and I'll tell you what, you dont' want to get too unique with names because while it might sound good now, it can really sound bad in the future. Imagine if your mom had named you Apple or Willmetta or something like that. Too trendy of a name can make the parent (not the child) feel "cool" for a little bit but you're going to get some strange looks at the park yelling that out. Also, don't forget how unforgiving children can be. Make sure that while it's different, it's not something that your child is going to catch hell about all through her school life. I dunno, just some food for thought.

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