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Need Relief for Son's Mouth

I just took my 24 month old to the Dr. for having a high fever that has lasted for about 2 days. There are no other symptoms other than a fever and some blisters on his tongue that just showed up. The Dr. said it was a form of Hand Foot and Mouth. He doesnt have anything anywhere else on his body, just on his tongue. Does any one know anything about this or how to sooth the pain? All I was told was to give him 1/2 tsp pink Benadryl and 1/2 tsp Mylanta or Maalox mixed to numb the sores. He is loosing weight due to this because it hurts to eat.

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I just wanted to thank everyone for their help, this was an aweful virus that he had and lasted for a full 8 days with fever the WHOLE time and the blisters. The fever is gone, blisters are almost gone, just healing and he is back at school. Thank you for all the advice, I was thinking that he was the only one that ever went through this, I know we wern't alone now. Really, the only thing that helped was to give him tylnol, benedryl and a shot of orajel to numb his mouth. He lived off popcicles, ice cream and apple sauce for the week!!

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Maybe some ibuprofen would also help with the pain/inflammation. The benadryl/maalox combo is a good one too. My son also had this and it is miserable, but it should be gone in about a week! good luck.

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It is a form of hand, foot, and mouth called herpangina. My oldest son had it twice when he was little. 1:1 ratio of Benadryl and Maalox will help with the blisters. My friends son had this just a few weeks ago and she used orajel mixed in to help with more numbing.

I'm sorry your little one is miserable but it will get better...viruses suck.

I had the same thing when I was 6 years old. I lost a great deal of weight and I didn't have much to begin with. I missed 6 weeks of school because of this nasty little thing. I didn't have any problem with it afterwards. My mom used peroxide to help with the sores. There is a product called peroxyl that my dental hygenist sister recommends for sores in the mouth.

Give your little one a straw to drink out of. It will keep the pain to a minimum. My dad made me shakes with eggs in them for protein. Puree the food and drink out of a straw.

HOpe this helps...praying for a speedy recovery.

take care and God Bless!


Maybe some ibuprofen would also help with the pain/inflammation. The benadryl/maalox combo is a good one too. My son also had this and it is miserable, but it should be gone in about a week! good luck.

My son had this and it was miserable for him. I'm sorry I don't have any real solutions for you, but I remember the doc telling us it was common, and that it didn't last long.

Good Morning R.,
My sisters son had it once and if I remember correctly it just needs to take its course. I looked it up on webmd (great website)and this is what I found: How is it treated?
Hand-foot-and-mouth disease does not usually need treatment. Most cases go away in 7 to 10 days. You can use home care to help relieve your child’s symptoms.

Offer your child plenty of cool fluids. Your child may also have Popsicles and ice cream.
Do not give your child acidic or spicy foods and drinks, such as salsa or orange juice. These foods can make mouth sores more painful.
For pain and fever, give your child acetaminophen (such as Tylenol) or ibuprofen (such as Advil). Do not give your child aspirin. It has been linked to Reye's syndrome, a serious illness.
To help prevent the disease from spreading:

Teach all family members to wash their hands often. It is especially important to wash your hands after you change the diaper of an infected child. This is because the virus may stay in the stool for several months after the blisters heal.
Do not let your child share toys or give kisses while he or she is infected.
If your child goes to day care or school, talk to the staff about when your child can return.
Wear latex or rubber gloves when you apply any lotion, cream, or ointment to your child's blisters.
Have a blessed day! K.
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Well my daughter often get's those blisters in her mouth but on the inside of her lips and what has always helped was to dap sugar on them. For some reason the sugar heals the sores faster. Just poor a little on the sore throughout the day and see if it helps. I sure hope so.

I have had this myself - as an adult - it was MISERABLE! I had the blisters in my mouth for 3-4 days & couldn't eat or drink much of anything. I also felt bad in general - no energy - just wanted to sleep. I took Tylenol & Motrin alternating as much as possible. In case no one has mentioned, the blisters will probably start sloughing off in a couple of days - very disgusting but also a relief! I hope your little guy is feeling better soon!

Both my kids had the hand foot and mouth disease and it was terrible. What their pediatrician said was to rotate tylenol and ibuprofen for the pain and the prescribed "acyclovir". It is a viral antibiotic and those blisters are caused by a virus. It only comes in a small pill so we had to crush it and give it to them, but within a day and a half, the blisters were already pretty much gone. Talk to your doctor and see about giving them this antibiotic. I was told most doctors don't prescribe it but my children's doctor did and yes it does work and it works well. Also keep fluids down him. Hope he gets better soon.


You may want to suggest to the doctor that it may be some form of Herpes. There are many different forms and this could possibly be a strand in the chicken pox family. I had something similar and they couldn't figure it out until I went to a specialist. They put me on the Herpes medication and it started to show some relief after a couple days.

My oldest got this when he was little. We just did Motrin at the time. We also gave him yogurt, ice cream, popsicles, mashed up bananas and such for food. You just have to let it runs its course. Hope this helps.

I am NOT a doctor, nor have my kids had this (so sorry for your son :-() but the first thing I thought of was teething tablets. I don't know about drug interactions or anything, but since the tablets are homeopathic and supposed to help with teething pain I wonder if they might help with the pain of the sores?

Hi. My name is C. and I wanted to respond, but forgive me, I didn't have time to read the other responses.
My son had this last April and it was terrible. He was almost hospitalized for it. He wouldn't eat or drink and was getting dehydrated. The dr gave me 8 hours to get something in him. I tried everything. Finally we found it... a shake! Its cold and soothing and has milk to help coat. His favorite was strawberry. When the dr checked on us I told her about the shake and that kept us out of the hospital. He lived on shakes for a week! Breakfast, lunch and dinner! Sonic loved us! And the dr was fine with it as long as he wasn't dehydrated! Other than that we were told of the Mylanta mix too, but it didn't help him.
I'm sorry to hear someone other little one has to go through the terrible virus!
Good luck!

My daughter had herpangina about a year ago. The benedryl and mylanta mix does work a little. Don't make your little one eat if they don't want. My doctor just recommended letting her have all the popsicles and ice cream she wanted. That will also help numb the mouth and throat so there won't be as much pain and discomfort.
I am soo sorry you are going through this! Hope your little one feels better soon!!!

When my daughter had this, we did the Benadryl/Mylanta trick. We also served her a lot of cold and frozen foods as it seemed easier for her. She loved popsicles and frozen bananas the best (make sure you peel banana first!) We put ice in her pedialyte drinks. It will pass soon...tough while waiting it to run its course!

I am so sorry to hear that. My daughter had this twice, and both she and I were miserable because she wasn’t able to eat anything and it was very painful. One thing I used was to mix ½ of Banedryl and ½ Maloxx and coat on her blister 3 times a day. Medicine wise, this potion and Tylenol were the only things I can gave her. Food wise, we were feeding her ice cream and mac and cheese. Alternate two foods, one for each bite – ice cream numb the pain a little, and mac and cheese were so soft, that she almost doesn’t have to chew. It last about 5-7 days, but feels like forever. Hanging here.

Ugh, I'm sorry your little guy has this! I have had it. I felt like I'd been run over by a truck! I got it just from a weekend visit to my sister's house where she has 5 boys. The good news is once the blisters show up, he is on the mend and will be better soon. I have never had the blisters in my mouth, only on my fingers and toes so I don't know of any thing to help. Maybe just some Tylenol or some Hyland's teething tablets?

This is caused by the coxsackie (I think I've spelled it right, but I'm not sure) virus and it is EXTREMELY contageous. It is very common in daycare and other settings where there are small kids. If anyone else in your house develops flu like symtoms in the next couple of weeks, it is probably this. It may also come back next year without being re-exposed.

Good luck. I hope he is better soon.

Haven't had experience with this, but I wonder if popsicles, smoothies, and maybe if you can food processor his food and see if he'll take it cold? Kids are so fussy with food, who knows what will work! Take care!

Try using a q-tip and wetting it with peroxide and placing it on each sore (using a clean one for each sore??) i have gotten sores in my mouth before and kept trying to heal them with the salt water solution recommended and it didn't help and then i rinsed my mouth with peroxide and they healed almost instantly - hope this helps

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