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Need Recommendations for a Vacuum Cleaner

Hi, Moms.
I have used a Miele vacuum cleaner for so many years that it is probably beyond repair. I am wondering about the newer vacuums that use water to clean. (the Dysons, for example) I am particularly interested to hear from moms who can compare the two brands, but would be very happy to have enough advice to go to my local Target to buy a new vacuum. The Miele brand is so expensive...Is it really the best?
Thanks in advance!

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WOW! Look at all of these responses! Thank you, Mamas.
I think I will find out first if my Miele can be repaired and for what cost. Since the Miele is such a great brand, I probably would then try the Dyson, since it is a different type of vacuum. I still could get a fancy Dyson model for about half the price of a Miele. Also, thanks to those of you who reminded me to use coupons!

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I agree w/checking out consumer reports. I have tried tons of vacuums, then almost 2 years ago the Kirby people came knocking on my door wanting to give a demo. I let them and ended up buying the vaccuum. They are expensive, but so worth it. Really great for people w/allergies and asthma!!!We have 2 dogs and 4 kids and I can not say enough about how it cleans and handles. It also does everything-it is a carpet cleaner too. Anyway, you can get them on ebay also to save a few dollars. Good luck!

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I hated vacuuming. Never had a good vacuum cleaner. I've been married 37 years. Tried the orek canister and hated it, felt like I was dragging a big bag of cheese behind me. I took it back the day after I bought it. They were very nice about returning my money. Next I researched the Dyson animal. We went to Best Buy and the salesman was terrific. It's the best vacuum I've ever had. It's still not perfect but the best so far. I feel the manufacturers listen to their customers and keep trying to make their vacuum better and better.

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We also have a Dyson Animal vaccuum have had it ever since it came out and it still sucks just as well as the day we took it out of the box. Its also really easy to clean which I love.
It's worth the money but I was smart about it found one and bed bath and beyond and used a 20% off coupon to make it under 500 :)

Good luck

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Hi - We have the Dyson Animal Vac and I just love it. Amazing how much it picks up each time (vac 2x week). We have a 100 lb German Shepherd & a 40 lb PBGV and plush carpet through most of the house (and hardwood in others).

I bought mine about a year ago at Kohls when they were actually on sale, AND used a 30% off coupon. I think I paid about $300 for it.


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We used Consumer Reports online to help decide which vacuum to get. The top rated is the Kenmore (Sears) Direct Drive. It comes in around $300.00 and like someone else said, the Dyson, at $400+ doesn't even make the top 10. We ended up getting the next rated Bissell Health Home. It was $60 cheaper than the Kenmore and had all of the same features. It works really well. My only complaint is that it is a bit heavy. My husband is a compulsive vacuumer and he really likes it too. Of course, the weight doesn't bother him at all.

My brother has a dog and the Dyson Animal and he hates it. A friend of mine has the Eureka Boss (under $200 from Target) and she loves it.

Good luck on your search. Once you decide what you want you could check craigslist.org


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Hi Amy-

I would definitely check consumer reports...but I can tell you I LOVE my Oreck upright. I live in a 2 story house and it is great for carrying up and down the stairs.

Hope that helps!


You might consider checking Consumer Reports....they have a variety of vacuums that they have rated...I was surprised to see that my Dyson (which I think works pretty well) wasn't even in the top 10! You can probably look at the magazine at your local library.

I actually have the Oreck upright vacuum. I don't mind vacuuming because it's SO lightweight. And they last forever. When my cleaning lady came for the first time, she opened my closet and said "Oh, good. You have the good kind" when she saw the Oreck. I think that says it all! :) They have stores in a few places (Wilmette & Vernon Hills, for example). You can also ask to buy a show model for a really good discount and if they don't have one in their store, they'll call all around the country to find one and then ship it to you for free. They're tuned up and have all new parts (except the motor), they're just the demos for trade shows. And, if yours ever needs a repair, they'll give you a loaner to take home until it's fixed. I just think they're a great company with a great product.

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