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Need Recipes to Hide Veggies!

I'm looking for ways to get my son to eat veggies.. Any recipes that would "Hide" them would be good..

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Hi D.,

I used to sautee my brocolli with a little bit of olive oil and chopped garlic. My son loved it. Or I would bread it with bread crumbs and sautee. Jerry Seinfeld's wife has a recipe book out and its all about hiding vegetables for children unfortunately as I write this I'm having a mental block as to the title of the book. However, I did see it at costco's. I'm sure any of the major book stores would have it under Seinfeld. Hope this helps

I just got the the book deceptively delicious by Jessica seinfeld and I have been baking tons of treats while hiding fruits/veggies in them and you cans substitute favorite veggies/fruits depending on what you have in house. some are pretty good. good luck!


I bought this wonderful book is called Deceptively Delicious from Jessica Seinfield, it is all about recipes to hide veggies in your child's fave foods, from grilled cheese sand, spaghetti & meatballs, soups, brownies, etc. I love I actually have been using it to cook for the whole fam and I have found it very helpful. Hope it works and good luck, we all fight with veggies :o)


My kids love Campbells soup.. so I buy baby food... and add a small jar (the really small jars) of sweet potatoes or squash into the soup.. they never know. Also I make oatmeal or cream of wheat and I add baby fruit to that.. like peaches, applesauce... They never know. You can also add baby applesauce into the pancake mix you use.. and make pancakes that way. It's a great way to get them to eat some veggies and some fruits. My other thing is I reason with my son.. he has to eat at least 6 peas or 6 pieces of corn on his plate.. and he can get ice cream or something like that... It has worked.. he hates veggies.. but at least I get him to eat a little.. Good luck..

ok, i'm GUESSING at the name and spelling...but i think it's called Deceptively Delicious, it's a book from Jennifer (?) Seinfeld (yes, Jerry Seinfeld's wife...that the previous mom mentioned) and she has some of the most awesome recipes. you can look it up online to get a few recipes. but what she does (from what i saw on some talk show) is she takes time at night when the kids are sleeping, takes a food processor and puree's the veggies. she bags them and puts them in the fridge, and when she makes just about anything, she just throws in 1 of the puree's and viola...a delicious meal that the kids don't even know their eating veggies! she's got some for home made chicken nuggets, wraps, even BROWNIES! i've suggested it to another woman (as i haven't gotten a chance to try any of it yet) and she said that the 2 recipes she tried (i think the nuggets and brownies) were GREAT! hope this helps...i know any way u can get them to eat healthy is worth it! good luck.

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