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Need Recipes for Using up LOTS of Flour Tortilla's

I was given 6-7 packages of flour tortilla's (over 100 easy) ranging in size from about a foot wide to the smaller 6" size. I have a pot luck lunch on Sunday after Church and could use lots of them then if I have the ingredients needed. I have heard of baking them, frying them, and rolling them up with filling but have never made anything but cheese Quesadilla's in the microwave.

Please help A. S. A. P.!!!!!

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2 wonderfull recipe!!
Spread torts with cream cheese then spread picante sauce over cream cheese roll them up then slice into round pinwheels also another is spread with cream cheese lay a tin deli slice of ham ,lay a asparagus spear on top of ham roll up and slice.

well, I don't know many off the top of my head, but you can try allrecipes.com and campbellskitchen.com, they should have lots of recipes for you!! At the allrecipes site, you can type in what ingredients you have and then they pull up recipes to go with those, it is wonderful! goo luck!

I don't know where the recipe is, but I have made a mexican lasagna using tortillas instead of pasta, encillada sauce instead of tomato sauce, mexican cheese, canned black beans, corn, cilantro, etc. I find lots of recipes at www.allrecipes.com. Good luck!

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You've already got lots of great suggestions, but here's one I didn't see. :) Make miniature pizzas or pizza quesadillas. Mix some tomato sauce with a little garlic, basil, oregano, & salt & pepper. Then spread it on the tortilla & add pepperoni, cheese, or any pizza topping then you can bake them until melted & the tortilla is browned or fold them over or top them with another tortilla & fry in a little oil or bake them.

Another favorite tortilla recipe of mine is Chicken Quesadillas.

6-8 flour tortillas
3-4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts, bite size pieces
1 8 oz package cream cheese, cubed
1 can green enchilada sauce
1/2 can cream of chicken soup
1/2 lb. Velveeta cheese or shredded cheddar

You saute chicken w/ salt & pepper. Add the cream cheese & Velveeta (if using). Stir over medium heat until melted. Add the green enchilada sauce & cream of chicken soup. Stir & heat. Then top 3-4 tortillas with about 1/4 cup of the mixture, top with cheddar if you didn't use Velveeta, & place another tortilla on top. Then bake until the tortillas are lightly browned.

Whenever I'm out of bread I'll make sandwich wraps instead of sandwiches & my 3 year old loves it. We also like to make breakfast burritos. A quick & easy supper idea is to just cook some meat & season w/tex-mex spices or taco seasoning & throw it in a tortilla with cheese. Or just heat up some refried beans & do the same.

Hey G.! Good Morning. You've asked a great question and right up my alley since I've lived the last 8 yrs in Mexico using tortillas nearly daily and even selling them filled with varying ingredients. Those are called Burritos, by the way!

Now for recipes... one easy dish for a pot luck Sunday church gathering is this:

Using an oven safe bowl or caserole you could layer tortillas with other ingredients. I used tiny broccoli florets that had been slightly blanched, plus some handfuls of frozen corn and peas, lots of grated cheese, sliced mushrooms that had already been cooked enough to lose their water, finely chopped purple or yellow onion.

YOu lay a layer of tortillas on the bottom of the casserole baking dish. Top those with your veggies and then with cheese, then layer again and again until filling the dish. IN a separate bowl you'll beat a couple of eggs until light and fluffy adding a little milk. Pour this mixture over the layer ingredients. BAKE in a 350º oven until the cheese is bubbly and egg mixture is cooked. The egg mixture holds it all together but is not necessary when using lots of cheese.

To serve, just slice it like a pie or in small squares as if cutting lasagne! This is delicious and simple along with being inexpensive.

For the Burritos: Just cook up some ground meats (beef or pork n beef combo or even ground chicken for those who don't eat meat) Since you are probably in the states you have access to those envelopes of Taco Bell taco seasonings mix. Follow the directions on the envelope and mix in with the meat. Oh to add flavor you could sautè some finely chopped onion when cooking the meat.

Put a tblspn of the meat mixture in the center of the tortilla and top with grated cheese. Then roll it while simultaneously folding in the outer edges to secure the ingredients. Place them seam side down on a baking dish for heating purposes. I prefer to cut individual pieces of aluminum foil and wrap each burrito separately. This makes heating them in the oven much easier and cleaner for serving.

At a church gathering these would be a big hit! Individually wrapped makes it nice for the others who will just grab a couple with their hands and munch like a finger food! Also, you could simply fill the tortillas with refried beans and cheese, then wrap and heat and serve. I'd make some with beans and some with meat to have variety. This will surely use up many of the tortillas. You might even consider saving some for the grandkids!

My kids and all of their friends looked forward to Burrito day in my house when I lived in the USA. The Burritos make excellent after school snacks. When wrapped in foil, the kids can heat them without making a mess.

Good Luck! God Bless you and your fmly.


denise maria

Hi G. Glad to see your profile because we have alot in common. I am 51 and starting over as a foster parent after my son moved out. I have a 9mo and 19 mo old girls now and will have them at least a year. I love to go to christian singings watch tv and travel too.
With the flour totillos, you can fill them with ham and chesse, deli meat, chicken salad,gruond beef or basically anything. After you add the fillings you can roll and cut in circles and secure with a tooth pick. It makes great finger food. Good luck S.

G., I like the roll up snacks. You can just slap whatever filling on them from chicken, pimento cheese or something sweet...roll them up and cut into 1/2 in cross sections and you have an instant snack for your event.

2 wonderfull recipe!!
Spread torts with cream cheese then spread picante sauce over cream cheese roll them up then slice into round pinwheels also another is spread with cream cheese lay a tin deli slice of ham ,lay a asparagus spear on top of ham roll up and slice.


Scroll down to the bottom and you'll find a quick, easy recipe for apple enchiladas. There are a lot of great recipes on this site, actually, but your request reminded me of this one that calls for tortillas.

Have fun!

Believe it or not they are great to use for chicken n dumplings just cut them in strips and drop them in like you do any other dumplings try it it is quick easy and great

I make a soup that uses about 5 tortilla's but is able to be doubled for sure! I used one can cream of chicken, I can of water, bring to boil, add tortilla's all torn up into strips and then half strips, add canned or shredded chicken, cheese, salsa to taste. I have been requested to make this every time I cook and people always eat it till it's gone. You can adjust everything to taste. I had the salsa till it has a nice yellow/orange color. It is fairly inexpensive and super yummy. I serve it with white corn chips!

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