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Need Recipes for Post Jaw Surgery

I am having jaw surgery in 9 days and will be rubberbanded shut for 8-10 weeks. Does anyone have any good recipes that will go through a tube & syringe? I don't want to live on Ensure for 8 weeks!

Also, I will not be able to talk much and will be difficult to understand. How do I communicate with my kids (4 & 2) as I am a stay-at-home-mom? They know the basics of sign language, but there is still going to be difficulties. Any suggestions?

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You can blenderize just about anything :-D.

You can do smoothies...mix fresh fruit, yogurt or tofu together in a blender.

You can even do Green smoothies using fresh greens (spinach and strawberry is pretty good..you don't even taste the spinach)

Smooth soups.

It's really important that you get A LOT of protien. Protien is essential for healing.

As for communicating with your kids. I have an Autistic son and we use something called "PECS" to help communicate.

It is small pictures of everyday activities, foods, tasks, etc. You can also take pictures of their items...like their shoes, or their toothbrush, bed, the car, etc.

So Say you need to leave.

Show them a picture of their shoes, and point to their feet. Idealy they would go put their shoes on. Then show them a picture of the car and point for them to go. They should go out to the car....

You'll probably have to practice a little bit before the surgery so they know what you mean when you show them a picture. But this is the easiest form of communication I can think of.

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I would try fruit smoothies, milk shakes, soups and that sort of thing. You can buy protein powder to mix in that will add nutrition. I would also add some fiber, like Benefiber to it as well since pain medicines can cause constipation. Get yourself a dry erase board to help communicate. Good Luck

My husband had this done many many years ago. He started out with smoothies from different stores but quickly found that they were too thick for him. We also tried to make smoothies, and his doctor had him drink ensure daily. He ended up giving up and throwing everything in the blender. It looked really gross, but he was desperate. I think the craziest thing that he did was throw a big mac in. He seemed to like it though... As far as communicating, he managed. I could pretty much understand everything, and I don't think he had much trouble at work either. Good Luck!

Hi there almost one year later. I too have to get jaw surgery and am in Novi, Mi. How did your surgery go? Did you use a surgeon in grand rapids? I will not have my sugery until this fall/winter as I am just getting my braces on this Friday. Thanks!


My mother had surgery for a severe overbite (it caused migraine headaches) about 20 years ago. Her mouth was wired shut for two months. Everyone was able to understand what she was saying except my grandmother (she couldn't hear very well). So, I'm sure you will be understood. Though I would recommend having someone stay at the hospital with you just in case they're needed for translating your words to the doctor/nurses as I know this was a struggle for my mom and I stayed as the translator. :)

As far as what she ate...she did put everything in a blender. I think the most appetizing thing I remember her eating was cantaloupe. But, I would suggest alot of protein smoothies made with fruits & vegetables. She had gained a little extra weight since she knew she would be dropping alot of pounds.

Good luck and hang in there! I hope this helps.



Also, my dad had this done YEARS ago... and you'll be able to communicate better then you think. He even continued to teach his class while he was wired shut! I'm sure you have daily routines and I would bet it won't take much to keep the kids on those routines. They know what to do. Also kids often find this extra 'good' behavior when mom or dad is sick.

When my sister was little my mom had hip surgery and was laid up for quite awhile. It was amazing what my sister was capable of...she was about 3 at the time and she was the one home with my mom all day.

Good luck with the surgery.


I KNOW this doesn't compare, but as a teenager I wore a retainer called a bionater. it kept my jaw clenched shut and I was only to take it out to eat. So, yes I could eat..

But I could still talk and go to school with it in. It wasn't easy..but it can be done. Your kids will understand you... The yelling and disaplining times may be tough for you..BUT they will understand.

I have faith you can do it!!

As for recipies.. I'm sorry I have none... lots of milkshakes and smoothies..is all I can think of..sorry...

I know what you're going through, I had jaw surgery many years ago. I lived on ensure, energy drinks and soup fr the first few weeks. After a few weeks they gave m bigger bands so i could open my mouth a little more. When this happened I pureed foods ad used a small spoon to feed myself.
I don't really have any recipes just remember eating a lot of soup through a straw. Smoothies could work too, using milk ice cream and fruits.
With your daughters you could make flash cards to help communicate. If you make them soon you would have a few days to go over what they mean. I remember a lot of communcation with a pen and pad but they are obviously too young to read. I really think flash cards coud work well though along with the signs that they already know. Also you could use a bell or somethig like that to get their attention when you need to.
Good luck, the time will pass quicker than you think.

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