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Need Quiet Toy Ideas for Traveling with One Year Old-3 Hour Flight

Hi Mamas,
I'll be traveling with my one year old in December. Fortunately, the flight is only 3 hours long but that's still 3 hours to fill. My girl is very curious and probably won't nap much (if at all) so I'd love to hear some suggestions of how I can distract her for those 3 hours. Do you know of small and quiet toys she might like to play with? Thanks, ladies!

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I'd have to agree, the portable DVD player would be my choice...for Baby Einstein videos etc. Too young to keep entertained that long with anything else (that is without packing TONS of things). Who has that space in their carry on for that??

Portable dvd player, books, coloring, snacks, look out the windows, headphones with kid music....just a few ideas. Happy Flying!

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Hi L.,

I took my son on a trip at about that age and he played with Measure Up Cups and looked at books the whole time. You can see the cups at cindystoybox.com as well as age-appropriate books. Frog's Friends is one of my favorites. The books all have textured animals. Let me know if I can help. Safe and happy traveling!


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Get the Doodle Pro or Aqua Doodle, Travel Doodle. (Toys R Us) Good luck!

Portable dvd player, books, coloring, snacks, look out the windows, headphones with kid music....just a few ideas. Happy Flying!

My girls never wanted toys on the plane, They wanted everything and anything in my purse. It's got to be "different" or they lose interest.

I'm always bring a DVD player too BUT for a one year old, I don't know how well that will interest her.

Try to change up the schedule that day so she may nap during the flight. You don't want her too exhausted that she'll have a meltdown but a nap is a blessing during flights. The airport is a lot of excitement for a one year old--all the people, all the chaos and hustle/bustle at the holidays. It really can wear a little one out. The stimulation alone tires them which is a great thing.

I don't recall if a one yr. old is too young for Benadryl and I am NOT telling you to drug up your child. Many people use Benadryl to make sure the sinus airways are clear and dry so there is less of a chance of fluid build up in the ears for children which of course is painful for them. Ask your pediatrician.

Lastly, I bring sweets that I normally don't give my kids. I call it my "emergency stash". This is for meltdowns and when nothing else is working. It's amazing what power a lollipop has :) and it lasts a while. Bring lots of snacks.

And pack for unforeseen situations such as runways delays, etc. I'm not saying this to worry you but there are times when you are stuck on the runway or at the gate and your 3 hour flight turns into a much longer trip. Extra diapers, formula and food.

I did the same thing with my daughet when she was a year old. Just make sure you have a bottle or something for her when you take off. The pressure can build up in her ears and be very painful. Maybe a little doll or some books would be good for you to read. Maybe she will sleep if you get really lucky. Good luck and I hope this helps.

I found a toy which has multiple activities on it turned into quite a "life saver" (well sanity-saver!).

I had one that was a doll of Elmo where there was a zipper to zip up his jacket, a button on one pocket, a snap on the other pocket, a "wrist watch" that had a buckle to strap, and string to tie the hood of the jacket. I have also seen something like this on a blanket. The blanket also had a mirror and a nice teether that only made a crinkly sound.

Good luck!

My suggestion would be to get a traveling dvd player and some baby einstein dvd's.

When I flew with my DD at around the 1 year mark - I would bring a couple of pop-up / lift the flap books and a couple of toys - like stacking cups, farm animals (small plastic), and something good for chewing on (if teething!). And this is the important part - they should be books / toys that she has never seen before. Food and drink is also a very important distraction on the plane. If you can I would book the flight at a meal time - which kills alot of time too. Also you say quiet.. but I also brought her portable DVD player - and played her baby einstein DVD's. Trust me - people on the plane will not mind hearing some noise from the DVD player vs her crying. The final advice I would give is when in doubt walk her up and down the isle. We flew international about half a dozen times before she was one and I think we would probably walk half the time! But it kept her quiet and usually would eventually send her off to sleep. Good luck with the trip!

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