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Need Pirate Party Ideas

I am having a PIRATE party for my son's 5th birthday party. There will probably be 5 or 6 add'l children, including at least 2 girls.
- Looking for some type of treasure hunt with a map, but these kids can't read yet.
- What girly items should I include if any?
- Looking for food ideas that seem pirate-y.
- Any other ideas
I've googled this a lot and it seems that most pirate parties are for older kids.

What can I do next?

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Thank you all so much! I absolutely love the ideas to use pictures to find a treasure box at the end. I'm not sure if I'll use a map with digital pictures on it or just pictures. I'm so excited. I just don't want to overplan, like overload the kids on pirate-y stuff!

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Hi, I am also getting ready a pirate party for my 2 sons. I am getting a lot great ideas from this site:


Good luck with the planning!

Have you tried familyfun.com? I subscribe to this magazine and have for several years. I love their website - I have gotten many great ideas there! You don't have to subscribe to the magazine to use their website. Have fun, matey!!

I like the "birthday in a box" website. kinda pricey, but gives a lot of ideas. http://www.birthdayinabox.com/party-themes/boxbuilder.asp...

they also do every character and a ton of themes. Good luck!

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Have you tried familyfun.com? I subscribe to this magazine and have for several years. I love their website - I have gotten many great ideas there! You don't have to subscribe to the magazine to use their website. Have fun, matey!!

Hi K.,
We did this when my oldest son turned five, and it was a lot of fun!
For our treasure hunt, we made a map out of manilla construction paper that we tattered and tore the edges off. I placed it in an empty bottle in the middle of the table. On the map, we used picture land marks of the backyard and a dotted line to follow with a start spot and an X at the end. They still needed an adult to lead them through, but had a blast doing it. At the end, we hid a cardboard treasure box (oriental trading) filled with candy and toys.
I also purchased small treasure boxes (in lieu of party favor bags) and gave them to them empty. We set up a kiddie pool full of sand with hidden "treasure" in it. They used small shovels to dig up the the things for their boxes. For this I used "gold" coins, pirate pencils, plastic beads, skull erasers,etc.
I also ordered skull beads from oriental trading along with an assortment of other plastic beads. We used black cord and made "pirate" bracelets. I included some girlie beads as well b/c we had a few girls too.
Have fun and good luck!

I am having a pirate party for my son who is turning 5 next weekend. I printed treasure maps on paper bags that I cut into 8X11 sheets of paper. I got the treasure maps from familyfun.com . I then put on them Ahoy mates! Please join us for some pirate and princess fun as we celebrate XXXX'a birthday. I used white paper to print the theme of the party, when it was, where it was, when the party started. For example on top of the ship on the map, I put the party enters dock at 4:00 pm. On the island on the map, I put our address etc. At the end I told them to RSVP by X date or their be walkin the plank! I wrapped them with burlap cord. All the kids loved them and can't wait for the party.
Decorate the pirate chests. I bought them from Michaels. They are wooden minature chests about 8 inches long. We stained them and I bought glitter glue, foam letters for their name, jewels, sequins etc... They are $5.99 each but you can use the 50% off coupons so they are $3.00

Next is an obstacle course. Jump on the trampoline, zig zag around cones, jump through hula hoops, up the rock climbing wall and down the slide and walk over the plank. We bought a 4X6 wood plank and are going to put over a kiddie pool. They will all get a foam pirate hat bought at Michaels $1.49 each.

Next is pass the crocodile. This is hot potatoe but we are passing a crocodile. They will all get a pirate eye patch and earring.

Next is throw the cannon balls at the pirate. My husband is going to dress up as Captain Hook and they are going to throw water balloons at him.

Next stand on the plank and try to throw pennies into a treasure chest that is in water. They will all get at least 10 pennies to try. They will get their sword here.

Lastly they are going to do a treasure map. I am using colors for the clues and have an adult read the clues to them then they have to find them. The last clue will lead them back to where they started and their treasure chests will be filled with candy. candy necklaces, ring pops, choc. gold coins, Oreo's, smarties, stickers etc...

All the boys are going to get foam swords. I bought them at the dollar store.

Girls are getting tierrras, necklace, ring and magic wand all bought at the dollar store.

Food we are doing, pizza, breadsticks, salad, fruit kabobs and goldfish crackers. The kids are not going to care about food... they will have so much fun with everything else. Family fun has a pirate hat cake that looks really simple to make so I am going to try that and make a bunch of cupcakes.

Good luck with your party.

Have you looked at www.orientaltrading.com? If you do a search for 'pirate' it will bring you to a page where you can look for costumes, party supplies, and novelty gifts. Under party supplies they did have some treasure map place mats. I didn't look too much more, but they usually have some fun stuff and it's usually reasonably priced. If you sign up for their emails, they send out emails on a regular basis that usually have free shipping (orders usually have to be $60 or more).

Have fun!

good morning K.........i just wrote in
pirate 5th birthday ideas go to janines pirate birthday party.........thats the only one i looked at.......but there are many others...... good luck have fun

i go to fisherprice.com and they have the little kids party stuff. you can look up on the search engine when u get to the site. hope this helps. I have used this for the last 5 yrs now.

Try this link: http://familyfun.go.com/parties/birthday/feature/famf58bi...
On this site, it says to write down clues for a treasure hunt, so that the children can read them. Instead, maybe you can read them to the children. Maybe you could even add in some eye patches for them. You can easily make these out of black construction paper, or whatever color they want(for the girls at the party), and ribbon or yarn!
Good luck, and have fun!!


Check out Party America if you are from the Holland area. It seems to me that they have stuff like that. You could do something like, "Pirate Pizza's ( English Muffins with pizza toppings.) For the Birthday cake, you could do a pound cake shaped like a treasure chest. I used to work at a bakery in Holland that does alot of theme cakes for customers. One of them was a Treasure chest with alot of wrapped candies in it. Really cute!! The bakery is Creations by Marcia Bakery. For the little girls, you could get some play beads for pretty cheap. HTH!! A.

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