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Need New Bottles

I am not really having an issue, but just want some opinions from other moms with newborns/infants... I am trying to find new bottles, I have a 5 month old and am breastfeeding, but need bottles for daycare. I was looking at the new MAM's and Nuk Orthodontic bottles. Has anybody used these and which worked better for you? We used Avent for my son when he was a baby and they leaked all the time.

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Thanks for the input and ideas! I got a few different bottles to try and we ended up going with the MAM's. My baby seemed to like the nipples the best and the bottles are very easy to clean and are PBA free. I discovered that the Nuks are not PBA free and I didn't really like all the pieces in the Dr. Brown's (too high maintenance for me - but I have several friends that love them!) Thanks again! I appreciate all the great input!

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I have 4 kids and I personally think the new Nuk Orthodontic are the best and worked really good for switching my 8th month old at the time who had never taken the bottle. To me it seems like the shape and flexibility is the most like the actual breast and my son totally went for after I tried three other kinds of bottles incluing Dr. Brown's and Avent. I have had a few friend use the Dr. Brown's and really like it also.


I used Dr Browns wide bottles with my daughter and never had any problems. In fact, I am looking to sell about 10 bottles. You would need to buy the nipples, but the bottles themselves have been sterilized in the dishwasher. They would need to be washed again, they have been in a plastic bag for a few months. I would take $17 for all of them. Let me know if you are interested.
Good luck,
K. ____@____.com

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I used the playtex drop-ins system. It's nice because they are disposiable, not too expensive and I can just buy a box and give it to the day care and they can keep one bottle and nipple there. Also they have a great breast milk storage system if you are breast feeding! They are really simple to use. They are BPA free, and I haven't had any trouble with them leaking.

I strongly recommend the Playtex Drop-ins. Due to concerns regarding BPA, I chose the Born Free bottles, but my daughter had a lot of gas when using them. We resolved her gas problems by adding the Playtex drop-in liners to the Born Free bottles; however, it's difficult to warm the milk in the Born Free bottles when they have the liners. My husband and I liked the performance of the Playtex drop-in liners in regards to the gas so much, we purchased the Playtex Drop-In bottles for daycare. My daughter didn't have any problems switching from the Born Free bottles to the Playtex bottles, and now I even use the bottles when we go out since they are hassle free and milk can be warmed by just placing them in water. I say save your money and go for the Playtex Drop-In system. Now I use the Born Free bottles to carry water when I need them, and, if you've seen how much they cost, it makes them very expensive water bottles.

Hi L.,
I followed another mother's suggestion and got the Dr. Browns. I've given my 11mo daughter Dr. Brown's from the beginning--and I LOVE them!! She had very few gas and no cholic issues and no ear infections at all. They are the same price as all the other big brands (Avent, Nuk, Playtex) and are much less expensive than the other BPA-free brands (e.g. Born Free, Green to Grow). Glass bottles may be chemical free but they can be too heavy for the little one to learn to hold up on her own.

Good Morning L.,

Which ever bottle you ultimately decide to use, please be sure to verify what it is made out of. Remember, there are some plastics with BPA in them, and BPA is linked to disorders in children.
Here's a link to my blog in which I wrote a post on Saturday about BPA: www.goodngreen.org

L. Amason
Independent Shaklee Distributor
Website: www.sowing4health.com
Blog: www.goodngreen.org

Stumbled upon Born Free bottles (available at Target, Babies R Us...). Like Dr. Browns with ai air flow thingy but wider mouth (like the Avents I used to use) which I need because I am clumsy and always spill powder all over anyway..They come in glass and bisephenol (how to spell?) free plastic. Yay! My baby loves the soft nipple (designed similar to Avent...) very happy with this brand...

I used the Dr. Brown's bottles for my son from the beginning. He was a preemie so he did spit up more than other newborns, but the bottles helped keep that to a minimum. Even at his little size, he took to the bottles really well. He used them for about 2 years almost since he wouldn't give them up; He loved them too much. They do have a lot more parts to them than other bottles, but I guess they have stuff you can buy now that makes the cleaning just as easy as the other bottles. And about ear infections, my son will be 3 in January and has never had one. I know that doesn't entirely depend on the bottle, but I guess it is a factor considering what previous moms have said. Also, I picked these bottles because another mom I know had a very colicky baby and this bottle was the only bottle he took.

Anyway, good luck!

My favs are the Wee Go glass bottles with silicone sleeve. With the recent BPA scare in regular plastics, i would only get Born or Think Baby plastic bottles or glass. For daycare, what I like is the sleeve will make it easy to identify which bottle is your baby's. Just a suggestion...!


My kids aren't newborns or infants anymore, but I had issues with bottles going from breastfeeding to daycare, too. The ones that worked the best were the playtex ones with the disposable liner. You can get Nuk nipples for them if they work better, but the actual nipple on those is more like a breast than other bottles. They also keep little ones from getting as much air from the bottle with the colapsable liner, so there's less tummy ache.

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