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Need Minivan or SUV Purchase Advice

I am pregnant with my third child and need to purchase a minivan or SUV that fits two car seats and one booster seat. Is this possible with a small SUV or do I have to give in to a minivan? Anyone out there with experience or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! S.

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Thanks for all the advice and opinions; I really appreciate it! I tried to fit three seats in my car as a last desperate attempt, but my son and daughter were so smooshed and my older son really didn't like sitting in the middle! So, I think I am going to go with a used Dodge Caravan since they are the "most popular" and are a bit smaller than the bigger versions out there. Thanks again!

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I just had twins 3 months ago and we had to up grade to something bigger I had a car now I have an SUV we got a honda Pilet holds up to 8 people I have 2 carseat the in middle seat and my older sons booster seat is in the 3rd row with the stroller I have one seat down and can get him in from the passenger side and the twins I put in from the driver side I could also get the oldest son in from the back of the SUV but we only do that sometimes, my oldest son love seating in the back back seat nice right i know Or you can try the honda odyssey that is a good mini van and they are reliable I PROMISE You can ask my fienca he well tell you he is good with finding cars
Let me know

I had the same problem and I had to go to a minivan. I hated the idea but I found one that I love. Two doors are the best.

Hi S.,
I drive a 2004 Honda CR-V. Although I only have one child, I have very frequently put 3 car seats in the backseat. I'm tall (5'8) so I don't need to stretch to buckle the middle child in. But someone who's on the shorter side might have an issue with this. It's a tight fit, but none of the kids have complained (they're 2,2,and 5).
My friend bought the Honda Element (06) which also fit her 3 carseats; she's able to go in there (somewhat like a mini-van) but she's alittle thing (maybe 5'2).
I hope that helps!

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LOL you sound liek me, but i mad eit till number 4 showed p before i broke down and did the deed, a minivan is much more practicle, while you might fit the seat in an suv there generally isn't a lot of extra space left after that and if you get a larger one with the third row you are generally left climbing over the center row to some degree to get back there, all i could see where gross wet shows all over the backs of my seats jsut to get them in the darn thing. lol. i went with a smaller minivan and wish it were bigger most days, it's a 7 passenger which means we have space for one more when we all go out and there isn't much room in the back for groceries or such when i have the kids with me. hope this helps some, i found it much easier to jsut go look, you might e surprised. oh but if you do get a van make sure it has doors on both sides ti's so much easier. lol.

I have had a Jeep Cherokee and currently have a Chevy Trailblazer. Unfortunatley 2 car seats and a booster will not fit in either..even a extended SUV will be hard to get into the third row and the gas prices would be enormous...id go with the dreaded mini van at this point. Some out there are really very nice..the town and country would be my top pick.

My sister has twin boys who are 3 and a daughter who will be 2 on X-mas eve. She has 2 boosters and 1 car seat, she found that the best vehicle for her is a minivan, actually a Dodge Grand Caravan. I have 2 teenage daughters, a disabled son and a 2 yr old that I babysit, I have a minivan and an SUV, I like the minivan much better. I had a Grand Caravan and got rid of it at 180,000 miles, I now have a Chevy Venture and would much rather have my caravan back! Best part of all, they are AMERICAN!!!!!
Good Luck!

I went through the same thing and caved in to the mini-van. I got a Dodge grand caravan and actually really like it! It has the stow-n -go seats so I put the two car seats in the last row, car seat for baby goes in the middle row and i put one of the van seats in the floor for easy access to all of them. Especially nice now with the weather getting cold, I can hop in the back to buckle them and shut the doors so it stays warm. Both the sides doors and the hatch are automatic too so it really is easier when dealing with three little ones. The two older ones can just climb in.

My hubby chose to keeps his Durango with the third row seats. Our oldest (4) climbs in through the trunk and we have to lean in to buckle her in which is hard for me because I'm only 5' 03". But it works. And everyone has to stand outside until it's their turn to be put in.

Hope this helps, good luck!

I would think that it would depend on whether or not your oldest child can buckle themselves into the booster. If they can you could get a SUV with a thrid row, if not, you probably need a minivan. I drive a minivan that we bought the day my oldest daughter came home from the hospital-she's 2 & 1/2. I always hated the idea of driving a minivan and have always dreamed of having an SUV. My husband is a used-car salesman at a small carlot in Crestwood and he brings home all kinds of cars, trucks and SUVs. I always try them out with my 2 girls and honestly, nothing compares to my minivan. It's a Toyota Sienna 2001. It is still the easiest to get the kids in and out of and still hold other people if we need to. He would be willing to help you find the perfect vehicle for your family. You can check out what he's got in stock right now at www.streamline-automotive.com

It's just my opinion, but I'd go ahead and give in to the minivan. While SUV's do have a pretty roomy backseat, after you squeeze 3 childseats back there, you'll be lucky if the doors close. Plus, they will be pushed completely up against each other making it next-to-impossible to buckle/un-buckle the seat belts. Minivans also get alot better gas milage, and you'll have room to spread your children out (and hopefully reduce fighting) as they get older.

i just traded my suv for a minivan and I am only pregnant with #2! I didn't want the hassle of two in the back seat of the SUV. I love my minivan. The double slider doors and roominess of the back will be great. We alredy have made a road trip wit our 2 year old. I used the back seat (bench) to ahnge her on and could walk thru the whole car to get things. I traded an Infiniti QX4 (just like the Nisan pathfinder for a Nissan Quest. Try to test drive your top choices overnight.


We bought a 2007 Honda Oddessey before our son was born and we love it!! Actually I drive it the most because I am a SAHM and have to drive the kids everywhere I go and I love it! That new Chrysler Town and Country that I keep seeing the commercials for looks really nice too! I think minivans will give you the most space. Good luck finding the right car. If you go to www.cars.com you can look at different types and pricing and options for all models.

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