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Need Lunch Ideas for 1St Grader

I need some ideas on what to pack for my son's lunch. He has been buying lunch throughout kindergarten and the beginning of 1st grade. Now after eating lunch with him yesterday, I realize he has hardly any time to eat his lunch once he gets through the line. I need some easy ideas because I work full time and getting out the door each morning is a challenge already. He doesn't like PB&J so that's out. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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I buy my son, who is in the first grade also, lunchables and put a banana or something like that in his lunch box and capri sun and he loves it.

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Make sure you have 2-4 small ice packs.
I send my dtr w/ a different kind of meat & cheese sandwich cut into cool shapes. Use either cookie cutters or the sandwich cutters(they have a dinosaur one). No mayo on it tho...just in case it does get warm.
I send her with either a jello or pudding cup. I try to toss in a small banana or orange.
Sometimes I make oatmeal muffins or I buy them.
Sometimes a small snack baggie of chips or cookies.

Get a bin of snacks. Let your son pick out 2-3 decent thigns to put in his lunch. Make sure to change it up tho otherwise he WILL get bored!

I can never get good lunches packed in the mornings! I have to make them the night before! I got this cool thing called a laptop lunchbox which really helps, but you don't need it to pack a great lunch, however I used to go to this site called Vegan Lunch Box and I go there from time to time to restock on great ideas, the comments and links from there and from the laptop lunchbox site have awesome pictures, ideas, recipes that are healthy and varied and mainly structured around picky eater children. You'll find plenty of inspiration if you look those things up! Have fun!

Peanut Butter and marshmallow creme or Nutella, cheese and crackers, yogurt, cheese sticks, raw fruit and tiny raw vegetables, fiber drinks that add to water, yogurt drinks, almonds (raw and no oil or salt and 11 is a serving), soft rolls with meat and cheese or whatever he likes, but small enough to satisfy and eat in a short length of time, dried fruit and cereal bagged up in a snack bag, etc.
V. B.

Both my 1st grader and my 4-yr old love to take a quesadilla for lunch. I can take a tortilla, spread refried beans on half and sprinkle with pre-shredded cheese. Fold it in half and it is ready after 30 sec in the microwave. Add some fruit or veggie (grapes or tomatoes are tops in our house), little bit of goldfish and now a piece of Halloween candy for dessert an she is set.

My son gets a ham or cheese sandwich cut exactly the way he likes, or cheese and crackers, or a string cheese & pretzels... this is always accompanied with about 5-8 grapes or a peeled clemintine... which ever ones he likes easy to unwrap and eat. He also gets a apple or lemonade juice box etc.

I wrap most of the stuff in clingwrap and put in his lunchbox.

My husband usually takes care of the sandwich so my job is the fruit and drink.. (of course if it's you doing it all, you could do it the night before so long as it is air tight - I think)

I buy my son, who is in the first grade also, lunchables and put a banana or something like that in his lunch box and capri sun and he loves it.

There is a brand of tortilla made of whole wheat flour, but it's still very soft. I buy those for my daughter's lunches and fill them with all kinds of different stuff. Sometimes I spread mayo on the inside and add tuna salad, then roll it up like a burrito. Sometimes I spread pizza sauce and fill it with chopped up pepperoni and shredded mozzarella. Sometimes I spread mustard and mayo and add lunch meat of one kind or another. I've even spread it with peanut butter and added banana ... the possibilities are endless. I think she likes it because it's rolled up. Sometimes the simplest things ...!

I have a first grader too! Here's what works for us besides pb&j..

I put together our own "lunchables" with some crackers, cut up ham or turkey sandwich meat, string cheese, and often a small fruit cup of mandarin oranges, or baggie of grapes and then a juice box or pouch.

My daughter loves a regular sandwich too but it gets old to get the same thing-so the chips get swapped out for different types or with carrot sticks. One mini or bite size candy bar tops it off once in a while to make it worth looking forward to and when I have a quick moment (which is very rare) sometimes I'll write her a quick note in words she can now read about how I love her/to do her best/to be nice to others/to have a fun day, etc. Teachers in the cafeteria usually take the note away and read it to her although she can read it herself. It annoys me but she doesn't mind becuase she's busy trying to wolf down her food.

Then too, after a night of pizza, I'll send two slices of pizza with juice or water to drink. I have some gel packs I stick in to keep things cool so nothing has a chance to go bad.

I try really hard not to go the route of expensive lunchables, fruit snacks that are so much sugar and I work on making things healthy. We do whole grain breads, and hormone/antibiotic free milk and so forth. It's paid off already because my daughter is one of the few first graders who isn't having to deal with body odor yet.

I realize it's different for boys though. So anyway, hope all this helps you out! Mornings are nuts for us so I make lunches the night before. The lunchables I put together are put together enmasse-so there's several just waiting. :) We also have several lunch boxes and several gel thingys so we can grab a new one if one is dirty or can't find the favorite, etc. Makes life simpler too!

A napkin or wet wipe and plastic fork for fruit cups are included when needed. So far, she's never gotten in trouble for a plastic fork so hopefully they won't ever go there!

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