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Need Information for an Infant Car Seat for a Toyota Yaris

I have a 2007 Toyota Yaris and I am having difficulty finding any information online regarding a suitable car seat for my car! I am due in June, so I have some time. I have tried the car seat compatibility website, but my vehicle is not listed. I would like some general information so that I do not spend ALL day at Babies or Toys R us trying out car seats! Whatever help that is offered will be greatly appreciated!!

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Why don't you ask Toyota. They should have this information somewhere. Your local fire department might also have this information since they are the ones that do the check to ensure that your seat is installed correctly. They might not be able to answer your question, but may be able to point you in the right direction.

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I know that the top rated car seat by consumer reports is the Chicco Key Fit, they have indicated that it fit in all five of the vehicles they tested it in...it might be worth checking out. The other thing you could do is find a seat you like, then go to the manufacturers website to see if they indicate it will work in smaller cars. I have always found the staff at Babies' R Us very helpful with this as well, you may be able to walk in, talk to someone and they can tell you exactly which seats will work with your car.

Good luck!

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I have the Chicco stoller/car seat, it is very safe had alot of great reviews. My husband and I purchased this one, and it is awesome. We love it very much. You need to look at the safety first. I have an convertible and it fits but I have to raise the passenger seat up close. But it don't matter as long as it is very secure and safe.

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My daughter in law who lives in CT went to a baby store and asked the question without running in and out of stores trying it in the vehicle she had. they were very helpful. I am sure a baby store would be more than helpful to help you too. I am new here to raleigh.

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I don't know how to read the other responses, so I will go ahead and respond.

www.nhtsa.gov (National Highway Traffic Safety Admin) will help you find the best seat, they also have a search engine for finding someone to inspect your carseat.

I live on Pope and I called the fire stations in Fayetteville and found one that can do inspections from 10 am to 8 pm to make sure your seat is installed correctly. They are located off yadkin road.

I am a bit of a carseat mommy, I have been installing my own for 10 years and am very good at it. If you need any help drop me an email.


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Why don't you ask the dealer where you bought the car? They should know exactly what type of carseat you should buy. When you do buy one, I would bring it out to the car before leaving the store and make sure it fits. I have a Britex Marathon and it's a pretty big carseat so we didn't know if it was in properly. We went to the hospital where my daughter was born and they showed us how to install it correctly. Good luck!

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try calling the fire department or police department. i have a friend who went to get hers installed and they said it wasn't right for the car she had and gave her one that was. they have some good information.

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I am not sure if you tried this but the first thing that I thought of was checking your owner's manuel or contacting the dealership and letting them know your problem and seeing if they have any answers. Or you can also try the I believe it was called the Parent safety council or something like that. When we had our first we went to a seminar and they recommended a 5 point harness carseat the cosco tourive and I loved that seat to this day. I hoped I helped with at least a place to start.

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If your Yaris is a small car, I'm thinking it is, a great bet is the Radian 80 by sunshine kids. It's goes from birth to 80 pounds, in the 5 point harness. The incredible thing about it is how compact it is and how strong it is at the same time. There is only one other car seat, to my knowledge, that goes up to 80 pounds.

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Check with your local agencies- quite often one will be holding a "Car Seat Safety" seminar. They not only can answer all your questions, but often have low cost or even free car seats to install! (Installing can be a big headache, so that is nice.)

For my newborn grandchildren, I prefer the kind where the base stays in the car, and the seat disconnects to carry into the house. You can buy extra bases for these as well.

Blessings to you and your new baby!

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