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Need Ideas on Meals for a 2 Year Old!!

I need help and ideas in preparing meals for my 2 yr old son. He likes almost everything, but seems to be getting bored of what i make for him. I just need some ideas to make his meals interesting but healthy. Thanks!!!

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Anything you make that's healthy, inexpensive and you can freeze half of works in my book! Beans and rice, chicken on a stick, mashed sweet potatoes with coconut milk, black bean cakes, steamed salmon?!-www.weelicious.com

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My boy loves those soybeans (edamame) you get from costco. I would serve those with fruit smoothie and some turkey slices! Sometimes I don't have very much time to cook that is my easy way out and its healthy!

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A good breakfast meal that I make for my 2 yr. old:
I make my own "syrup" for waffles.
1/2 C cottage cheese
juice of choice (enough to make syrup)
Fruit which you have on hand: strawberries, blueberries,
bananas, frozen peaches, etc. (pick 1 or a few)
plain yogurt (or same flavor as fruit)
Honey, to taste if needed

Puree in blender. Warm only what he'll be having in waffle
and refrigerate the rest.

**Use less liquid for a dip with fruit.

It doesn't taste like cottage cheese because of the fruit and they're getting 3 groups in a meal: protein, dairy, and fruit.

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Homemade pumpkin pie. You can control the amount of sugar you put into the pumpkin and BAM your kid is eating orange food! If you're not the baker, purchase pre-made pie shells in the freezer section. Get the unsweetened pie filling; it's not hard to prepare and then you have control of the eggs (organic/non-organic), sugar amount and type (brown/white/honey), etc.

A word of advice. Don't go overboard with the 'healthy'. Give the kids something they'll look forward to. I served this as the main meal sometimes to my son for years at this age and yes, he is doing great and continues to stay within the 75-85%-tile for his age. I'm not worried. And at 8, pumpkin pie is his favorite. Good thing too because I've gotten really good at making it!

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Anything you make that's healthy, inexpensive and you can freeze half of works in my book! Beans and rice, chicken on a stick, mashed sweet potatoes with coconut milk, black bean cakes, steamed salmon?!-www.weelicious.com

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Hi M.:

Here are a couple of resources for you. The first is a government site: http://www.mypyramid.gov/, and if you scroll down, you will see on the left hand side that they have a page specifically for 2-5 year olds. Another good, healthy food site is whfoods.com (wh stands for world's healthiest"

Just keep on giving him healthy choices so he can always make a good choice.

Best wishes.

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Hi M.,

I am a Shaklee distributor and I use their protein powders and meal replacement shakes to make yummy treats into a nutritious snack/meal. You can take the protein powder or shake mix and make frozen smoothies pops and they think their getting a dessert when it can actually substitute as a fun breakfast. Blend milk, protein, fiber, ground flaxseed, and frozen fruit (and even a little frozen spinach or other veggie) in a blender. Pour it in paper cups, cover with plastic wrap, put a stick in it, and freeze. Yum! You can also make chocolate shakes or orange julius with it. They really love it and they're getting great nutrition. Shaklee also has a powdered vitamin called Citriboost that goes great in the orange julius. The Instant Protein Mix won't lose it's nutrients under heat so it's great to add to oatmeal or anything baked to add extra protein. Ground flaxseed and fiber are a great add-in too. Kids won't even taste them. You can check out the prouducts at www.shaklee.net/greennutrition or register to win $200 in free products at www.freegreenproducts.info.

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At that age I relied on Trader Joes's mini-tortellini and ravioli, with some peas or corn or carrots with ranch dressing. Multi-colored pasta was also a big favorite, as was rice with peas (a great way to sneak in a vegetable). Tomato soup and cheese quesadillas were also a favorite, as were dino-shaped chicken nuggets.

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i feed my 2 year old daughter what i eat. i also give her a variety at every meal. heres her meal plans-

breakfast- some mornings she will have a yogurt, applesause cup, fruit cup and a handfull of dry cereal. or a bowl of cereal, small pancakes/waffles with some syrup and butter, eggs, and when we have it fresh cut up fruit. she loves all fruits.

lunch and dinner are basically the same- she would eat oone of these sandwhiches 1/2- pb and j, turkey, or grilled cheese. she will eat chicken nuggets, pasta, fish, pizza. with lunch/dinner she sometimes has a string cheese, salt free pretzels, a few animal cookies etc. and with both meals she always has a veggie.
if she eats her dinner i sometimes give her a sugar free popcicle (popcicle minis they are slow melts and only like 2 1/2 inches long)

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