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Need Ideas for Thank You Gifts....

i realize most of you have kids and some ladies out there are pg with their first. i am having trouble coming up with ideas for thank you gifts for my showers. my aunts are doing a lot for me and i want to get them something nice besides flowers, candles, bath gel, etc. also, i'd like to find something meaningful for my mom. she doesn't really "need" anything. she's doing a lot behind the scenes for my shower and also bought us nursery furniture. any ideas???

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thanks for the ideas. i don't live in the same city as my family so it's hard to do a lot of things with them being pregnant and not traveling as much. i plan on doing something with photos for my mom for Christmas. i just wanted to give her something the weekend of the shower. i'm going to look into the birthstone ring idea.
my aunts are all so different so i'm trying to find personal gifts. this is hard!!

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For a special gift to my mom and mother-in-law I paid for a sitting fee at a local photographers(around $50.00) and that way when the baby comes she can cherish a family portrait with her new grandchild. It's also something not many people think to do. My moms loved it. Also, a spa gift certificate would be nice to pamper herself.
N. s

Hi J.,
I recently had a shower and bought the hostesses gift certificates to Mario Tricocci (spa cert's). Just a thought.
Good luck and congrats...I'm due in 3 wks w/my first.

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Hi J...One of the companies I do, is called greeting cakes. I think its unique..Why send a card when you can send a cake? There are many sentiments already and you have the option of designing your own..Probably wouldnt be the best gift for your mom, but maybe for the others.

Check out www.greetingcakes4you.com

For mom...what about a "coupon" for a special day of pampering? Or a maid for the day? Best of luck to you..K.

If your mom doesn't really need anything, then I suggest you
take her out to a really nice lunch or dinner and maybe a movie. (just you and her)
That will probably be the last time you get to spend QUALITY time with her for a while (once the new one arrives). Let her know you are doing this to show your appreciation for all her help.
I bet she will be thrilled.
I'm a mom of 2 grown daughters and my youngest (24)is 4 months pregnant. My oldest (30) has 2 kids.

Hi J.,
I recently had a shower and bought the hostesses gift certificates to Mario Tricocci (spa cert's). Just a thought.
Good luck and congrats...I'm due in 3 wks w/my first.

For your aunts - you can always treat them to a day a the spa together. They can have a lunch and treatment done. Or a cooking class together at William Sonoma. They have great clasess and you get to eat while you learn.
For your mom you can do somwthing more personal. Find that favorite picture of you and her and make a copy in black and white or sepia tone. This gives it that antique - back in the past look. Frame it or put it in an album along with a personal letter from you. She can use the rest of the album to fill when your little one comes. Grandmother's love to show off thier grandchildren - and she will have that personl pic of you and her to look upon. Hope this helps - M.

When I was pg with my son, I lived in another state. My mom lived here. She bought us so much stuff and sent it to us. She even came up for the delivery. I spent the whole time in the hospital when she came to visit. I didn't get a chance to spend time alone and tell her thank you. So I made a video and sent it to my parents. Telling them thank you and showing them my son. That was four years ago and my mom still watches that video even though we only live five minutes away now and she sees the kids every week. When my daughter was born, my mom was there for me again. Since we lived right here, I got her a cert for a massage therapist that comes right to your house when you make the appointment. My mom loved that gift so much she makes an appointment every month. Good Luck on the gift and enjoy your new baby.

Hi J.,

For family members, it is not about what kind of thank you gift you get, it is just that the recipient enjoyed her day and had a great time and really appreciated all the hard work that went into planning the event. After my 60-person baby shower at my house, I couldn't even begin to think of thank you gifts for my cousin, mother and sister. They all have enough gels, candles and bath stuff to start their own store. I wrote personal notes of thank you with a promise of time to spend with the baby afterwards. My sister (who is never emotional) saved her thank you card from me. My cousin and I still talk about how great the shower was and I always tell her it was one of the best days of my life. Write out how you feel. It is nice to send someTHING, but sometimes, a piece of yourself is the best gift. Good luck.

S. S.

I gave spa gift ceriticates for manicures etc. to my mom and her friends who hosted my shower. It was very well received and gave them a chance to pamper themselves for all of their hard work. Congratulations!

Spa gift certificates are always good! You can even make it a day for all of you to spend together getting massages and pedicures.

Hey J.,
What I did for my showers was pick up some baby themed picture frames and put a little saying thanking them for helping us with our new bundle of joy where the pic would go. After I had my daughter I sent her first pics to everyone so that they could put it in the frame from the shower. I got them at Factory Card Outlet and they were $1 a piece. I ended up getting about 50 of them.
I had three baby showers...work gave me one, my step family gave me one and then my family did the same. Everyone loved the pic frames. They were gender neuteral because I didn't know what the sex was.
Just an idea. Hope everything works out for you.

Hi J.,

First of all congratulations!

Maybe a girls night out? Dinner and a movie, or a game night. My girlfriends and I love to kick all men and kids out for the night and have the house all to ourselves. We rotate whose house we go. We play all the games and watch all the movies that the guys hate and of course who could resist a little male bashing.All in fun of course since I have a great hubby who cooks, cleans, does laundry and helps with the kids!

Do your aunts have a special interest? Maybe something individual that shows you really appreciate them. A new figure for a collection, a cookbook if one loves to cook,etc...

Good Luck

Usually a heartfelt thank you card and a hug is enough. These people are doing this for you because they love you. I am sure that they are not expecting anything back in return except for your appreciation. If you really feel the need for a gift, I like the idea of the previous poster about the photo album and scrapbook. Also that gift certs. are always welcome.

How about a photobook?
One that maybe traces your life with them so far, incl pregnancy?
Or if you can wait till after the baby is here - one of him/her would bring joy to the grandma.
You could make it like a scrapbook and throw in sweet poems or verses that show your gratitude toward them.

Another suggestion: spa passes, concert tickets, simple jewelry

OOOHHH!!! if youre thinking candles, let me know, i host candle parties and can help you come up with some creative ideas... and every time they burn candles in the holders not only will it fill the house with a warm glow and yummy scents but they'll think of you and remember how fun the shower was!!

Last year my inlaws threw a shower for me. I thanked them by sending them each a 'bay leaf wreath' on-line from William Sonoma. (They have other wreaths as well.) I thought it was a nice time of year (Oct/Nov/Dec) to send something to cozy up their home before the holidays. They smelled wonderful out of the box & they really enjoyed them because they were a little out of the ordinary. By the way, you can save the leaves & cook with them later.

I am also looking for something to give to family who gave us a baby shower this past weekend. A few ideas I have come up with are: the popcorn factory (thepopcornfactory.com), a candy or cookie boquet, http://www.funwithcandy.com/, or a herseys edible card

or lastly a gift card for dinner somewhere. Please let me know if you come up with any other great ideas (not looking to spend a fortune but want something to show my appreciation)

Two things that surprised my Mom and dad:

1. I bought my mom a personalised Gold- diamond ring (she likes ring) with our names and her granddaughter and my fathers name..all that matters with their birth stones..bit expensive but worth all the tears i got...:-)

2. I went to cookies by design..its a different way of saying thank you..and each cookie had different message for them..

Have you heard of "If an Elephant Can Paint?" in Edison Park? You can paint your own pottery. Some ideas for after baby is born is to have baby's foot prints on a plate or a frame. Vicky, the owner, is very helpful and creative. I have done several grandparent gifts there and all turn out beautifully.
6677 N. Northwest Highway

Good luck, A.

I love the photobook idea, especially for your mom. You could puchase a photobook gift certificate here: http://www.photomemoriesalive.com (sign up for the free website and get 20 free 4x6 prints and an 8x10)
and then take lots of digital pictures of your pregnancy and of the new baby that she can then have made into a gorgeous photo book with the gift certificate you gave her.

I also think the lunch out with you and the baby would be a nice gift... time with that baby and you will be the one thing your mom will want most of all.

Hope that helps!

For a special gift to my mom and mother-in-law I paid for a sitting fee at a local photographers(around $50.00) and that way when the baby comes she can cherish a family portrait with her new grandchild. It's also something not many people think to do. My moms loved it. Also, a spa gift certificate would be nice to pamper herself.
N. s

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