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Need Ideas for Non-Food Valentine Day Treats


I am trying to come up with a non-food Valentine Day treat for my MOMS Club Valentine's Day party.

Last year, I melted crayons and shaped them into hearts for every child. This year I am having a mental block.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Oh the age group is from newborns to about 4yrs old. I normally just worry about what a 1yr old to 4yr old would be like.

Happy Valentine's Day,
Happy Mom of Dean!

What can I do next?

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We did the Crayon hearts this year too. Here are a couple of ideas.



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Simple homemade cards (kids can help), write on them,

If friends were flowers, I'd pick you!

Attach a packet of flower seeds.

We got this one year and I'm going to do it this year at my daughters preschool.

Good luck!

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We did the Crayon hearts this year too. Here are a couple of ideas.



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One year, I made butterflies with pencils and construction paper for Valentines Day... You fold the paper in half and cut out a heart like shape with the (not really a) point being where the fold is, and little slits there on the fold to put the pencils through. When you open them up, you can decorate the "wings" however you'd like... Then, you can use a chenille stem for the antennas by just wrapping them around the pencil!!

It turned out really cute and the kids loved it!! :D I bet you could do something similar with the thicker kids sized crayons!! :D


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You can buy a Valentine pack of mini Play Doh at Target, $6.99 for 35 little canisters. It comes with little stickers with "to:/from:". The kids under 2 may be too young for it, though.

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I just cut this out of the Family Fun magazine this month. Make your own play-clay. It has a recipe, which you can print out and include in the gift. After you make it, put a heart-shaped sample into small baggies to give as a gift. Visit the Family Fun website to get the recipe.

How about a red balloon (with hellium) for each child. My son is 22 mos and loves balloons. Each child can decorate a heart and then tie it on the end of the string on the balloon.


Hi M.,

Well, what I am doing is giving my friends and family Mary Kay products, such as lipstick and lipgloss, or Bella Belara Perfume, etc., something that looks pink or red and is liked by most women. I also have men's products. I love to decorate my products for the occasion to make them look even better than they are. Did you know that Mary Kay has been #1 in skin care and cosmetics for the last 14 consequtive years?

Please, go check out my web site or give me a call, I'll be happy to help you out!

A little bit about me:

I was a nurse for quite some years, then came to the USA and became a teacher for NK - 8, German and French, and now I get to use both professions in one as Mary Kay Beauty Consultant. I love what I do. I am married and have one adult daughter.
D. Thomson
Independent Beauty Consultant


One year I made homemade red playdough. I shaped the dough in a heart gave it to the kids in our mommy and me class. It was a hit!

www.orientaltrading.com has really good craft kids that are cheap and mostly easy to make. If you order now, you could have them quickly. The nice thing is the crafts are individually packed for each child so you just supply the glue. Or make pink heart shaped sugar cookies and let the kids decorate one for them and one for mommy. Yum!

What about cutting out hearts, using starch to paint the hearts and laying on tissue paper. Then glue two heats onto a clothespin to create butterfly wings. Make a face on the clothespin and you have a valentine butterfly.

hi M.
I love little wedding bubbles. You can find them at craft stores and there is a vareity to choose from. Have fun!!
love. mamacass

Some one gave us home made soap last year. There must be a kit out there somewhere you could get.

I have this thing for gift giving, it's giving something that they would use that has a little of your personal touch. There's CD/DVD writers that can engrave images and text on your blank CDs I love it. Moms who drive all day could use some baby/mommy friendly music in the car like Karen Carpenter's "You" (Me and my Mom's theme song). Nothing like a song to remember your mom, it stays with you. You can buy a lot of CD's for $10 and if you have a pretty fast CD writer then you'll be done in an hour. The good thing about iPod's library is you just make a playlist, drag and drop songs in it, then just click on the Burn button on the upper right side you're good to go. There's also CD stickers you could put some kiddie art on.

Hi M.,
I think it would be really fun to have red, pink and white hearts cut out (different sizes) and have the kids use a little glue and glitter on them. I think you could also do the same thing with construction paper and glue sticks (if you are worried about glue making a mess). If you use construction paper, you could also use paper lace. Good luck- hope you have a great time.

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