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Need Ideas for My Daughter's 9Th B-day ----Something "COOL" She Says Not Babyish

Please HELP...I have no idea what to do for my daughter's party. We know that she wants a sleepover, OMG! 5-15 girls. All the usual traditional games just wont do anymore. I guess musical chairs went out of style years ago unbeknownst to me. LOL I have a modest budget maybe $100 or so. We need games and goodie bags and FOOD. February--snowing--no outdoors.
Thanks All.

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We decided on a spa party theme. Sleepover. Pizza and salad for dinner. Movie and popcorn at night. Facial masks and nail polish and pedicures (my sisters are going to play nail techs!). I ordered white plastic headbands to decorate and flowers and jewels and bows and all that jazz to decorate with for a hands on craft that they can make and take. Goody bags include lip gloss, temp tattoos and a glamourous sleep mask as well as faux diamond rings and personal playdoughs and fuzzy pens w/ mini notebooks. Whew! All ordered online. We got the Hannah Montana CD and a karaoke machine for star performances! Fun stuff. Thanks all.

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One of the things my cousins who are that age love is to get beads and jewelry making kits from places like Walmart or Target. It's something that is pretty inexpensive and will keep them busy for a long time. Designate one area in the house otherwise you will have items everywhere. The cool thing is all the girls can make something that they will take home and remember the party with.

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Hello, I think the traditional games are fine. Musical chairs, hot potato, the "limbo". You can change them around (use a water filled balloon for the hot potato, different size chairs, etc) For a sleep over you can have pizza, (Costco or Little Cesars) salad and cake.Or bake cupcakes and let them decorate their own with the frosting and assorted sprinkles and toppings. You can rent movies (chick flicks-age appropriate) maybe even a dance contest or kareoke (spelling?) You can still have a great party at home. Go to dollar tree or Wal-mart for goodie bags. Hair pins, bows, lip glosses, nail polish. Whatever you decide i'm sure your daughter will have a great party and everyone will have fun. Good luck. I don't even have girls, I have 2 boys and we had many birthday parties at home. no complaints.

One of the things my cousins who are that age love is to get beads and jewelry making kits from places like Walmart or Target. It's something that is pretty inexpensive and will keep them busy for a long time. Designate one area in the house otherwise you will have items everywhere. The cool thing is all the girls can make something that they will take home and remember the party with.

Check out birthdaypartyideas.com. I love that site. I've used for two of my son's bday parties and they've been hits. Use the search engine and it will give a list for the them you've chosen. Have fun!:)

S. W.

Idea 1. How about a pottery birthday party. Located in the Castro Village shopping center is a Art and Cermaics store. The girls could make bowls or plates or anything they like for their party. Its been a winner with girls in that age

Idea 2. How about a spa party. Have a room in your house turned into a spa with little beauty stations. One for manicures. one for facials, one for pedicures and the last station for massages. To take it a step farther you could have this spa party set up in a room in a hotel. Embassy suites has good prices. Besides they can all have breakfast for free.

M. G

Does she like to ice skate. Skate town in Roseville does birthday parties. You can go to their website www.skatetown-roseville.com and check it out!

During my niece's sleepovers we would do all the girls hair and they would do each others nails, and their favorite was when we would put facial masks on them. We got the kind that would dry so if they laughed or smiled then their faces would get all wrinkly. My sister, one of my friends and I were always the ones running the show. Since I was the young auntie they thought everything my friends and I did was COOL. So I dont know if your lucky enough to have a COOL sister..hahaha just kidding..but definitely having one of your girlfriends there helps the time go by and when someone else introduces a new activity its less likely your daughter will shoot her down.
The trick to a non drama sleepover is to keep the guest list small. If there are too many little girls there, they seperate into little clicks and someone is always left out. Also keeping the invitee list small saves you money on food, drinks, cake, snacks and whatever take home goodies you give.
If you like the doing the nails idea, then you could give the goodie bags at the beginning of the night that way you dont have to stock up on your own nail polish supply. Each bag can include a cheap little nail polish and other little fun stuff, that can be used that night.

I agree with the first two responses. Just remember to go with the flow. The girls may find something that they enjoy and not what to do other activies. Also get some board or card games. Games like monopoly or uno can occupy their time for a long time. Have a variety of munchies that they can get whenever they are hungry - after dinner of course. And for you - get a nap, so you are well rested for the night of energitic (sp?) girls.

I took my 9 year old daughter to Club Libby Lou in the mall where she had a blast getting her hair done, and her nails, and they even let her dress up like a princess and gave her a tiara to keep. She took a couple friends and had so much fun...

They can even make their own body glitter, shampoo, and and little girl lip gloss... I think its around $10- $12 to make two .. but I had each girl pick one so they could all share later on at the sleep over. They had their own little make-over with all their new stuff.

The mall was Arden Fair (its up by the food court on the second floor)...

Good Luck! ~G.

when i was that age my friend had arranged the perfectly cool birthday party. it involved all the girls parents but not the girls. the girls would be "kidnapped" during the middle of the night by the girl hosting the party. 1 by one they would go to each girls house, wake the girl up loudly, get her out of bed in her pjs and they would go to the next girls house. we LOVED it. The moms ALL thought it was great. Once they were done picking everyone up, we went back to her party girls house and ate and watched movies and went home later in that day. It was cheap, cool and fun.

Just a thought

You should check out Glam Girlz in Elk Grove. www.clubglamgirlz.com Their prices are not bad and they take care of the entire party.

Hi S.,
My birthday is in jan so I know it's like to need a great indoor party.May I suggest a fun craft instead of a party favor. Like a paint your own picture frame they can decorate how they want and then take it with them when they leave.Also if you can I always take on on great group picture and print it out right then so they have on on great memory of the party to take with them.movies are also on on great sleepover idea 2 should do the trick. And pizza, lots of pizza. Have fun.

I think your husband might be the key...See if you can take the gaggle o' girls on a tour...let them try on turnouts....slide down the pole...investigate the trucks...its not just a "boys" world....Make dinner for the firefighters...maybe have the girls make cookies for them...the girls will swoon over nice men in uniform...Good luck...T.

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