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Need Ideas for Meal Suggestions for a 1 Year Old

My 1 year old daughter is easy going except at mealtime where she recently has seemed to get really picky about what she eats. She loves fresh fruit and if she had her way, she would probably eat bananas and cut up grapes 3x/day every day. I'm looking for other ideas on what to give her. My current repertoire usually includes Eggos, Cinnamon Raisin Toast, Yogurt, Cheese, Quesadillas, scrambled eggs w/cottage cheese -- but would love to hear what other moms give their toddlers. She doesn't seem to like mac & cheese right now, but I'll keep trying it every once in awhile and maybe someday it will take! Thanks!

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My boys like wheat toast with cream cheese spread on it, cooked but cold baby carrots, and vans waffles. The Vans brand blueberry waffle is whole grain and very healthy and they don't even need butter on them-Safeway sometimes has them in the organic section, but Whole Foods regularly carries them. Lastly, the most favorite item right now is pears-just sliced up..they can't get enough!

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kids LOVE and thrive on routine, it makes them feel safe. Have you heard of the book by Jerry Seinfelds wife Jessica? Its called Deliciously Deceptive, try it. Sounds like she is eating pretty good though. Her tastes will expand later, dont rush her, as long as she is eating, you are good and so is she.

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I really like Annabel Karmel's cookbooks for babies/kids. I haven't used them yet, my son is only 2 months old! But my sister used them with her 4 kids. The great thing is that a lot of the meals are tasty for grown ups, too, just add a little seasoning.

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Hi there,

Some other things to try:

Roast chicken
Roasted veggies
For quick and easy - frozen broccoli and/or cauliflower - cook in olive oil, salt, garlic powder and curry powder (the sweet kind) until it's super soft. My daughter LOVES this!
sliced apples without the skin
tofu (either plain of stir-fried)
quinoa (easy and really healthy - high in protein)

also, if you have a trader joe's nearby, they have something in the rice section called "harvest grains" i believe. it's a mixture of quinoa, couscous, lentils and orzo and it is delish and easy. just put in one tablespoon of butter.

we also do turkey burger
cut up tomatoes (you can take off skin)

Hope some of this helps. I am also a working mom with a now 15-month year old and don't get to chat with mom's with toddlers either!

Good luck!

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Hi C.,
My daughter feels the same about mac&chesse but I will let you in this to shall pass.lol My ped said that there taste buds or still developping and not to stress my daughter only likes chicken nugggets. The only way I can get her to eat potatos in fry form. But I have found she will eat a peanutbutter sandwitch but I have to cut the crust off also peas she eats her wait in them. I got this book called Super Baby Food. It has recipes and differnt foods that or kids can start eating and at which stages it has helped me. I have tried alot of stuff and here are somethings that worked if she wont't eat anything else. Keep trying it don't give up tomorrow her taste buds will change so we don't give up we just try it again. Try givin her dip with her chicken ranch is Nevaehs fav. or katcup. goldfish, quaker chewy mini granola bars the peanutbutter and chocolate chip go over well and dried apple jacks. Just don't hope you find yours eattin the dogs food.. Hope it works for you also if you want to check out the book first before you buy look it up on line superbabyfood.com A.

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My best advice would be to give her as much as you can from your plate. Just cut things small and let her chomp away. Even if she does not have many or any teeth she does not need them to chew, she uses her gums. Many ppl assume with no teeth they can only eat soft food. My kids were eating lots by 1. Ideas: chicken, hamburger meat, turkey meat, Bocca burgers, avocado (great high natural fat), steamed broccoli and zucchini, kidney beans, green beans, rice, pasta, mashed potatoes, the list can go on and on. Another suggestion would be to continue to try foods even if they are immediately disliked, it can take a few times for babies to like new flavors.

Hope this helps and happy eating!

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My friend's cousin started a company called Baby Bistro Brands and they've been featured on a few well known talk shows. They have recipe cards that are fairly inexpensive if you like to have a variety of things to give your child. Also a free newsletter and lots of helpful hints on their site.


Good luck!

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When my daughter was that age I gave her canteloupe, bananas, oatmeal, yogurt, scrambled eggs, carrots that had been cooked until soft, sweet potatoes, milk, and pudding. You could try avocado but just give her a little at first. Try applesauce if you haven't already. Also cooked pasta. K.

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I can really relate! My youngest daughter is 3 and really is a fairly good eater,but my oldest is 9 and I went through a lot of the same with her. Don't give up, it sounds like your doing a great job. Just always give different options. I found putting the food in little differnt containers helped, nuts in one blueberrys in another. It makes eating fun,and really your just wanting her to eat. Just remember she will grow out of it, so don't be hard on yourself. Just make it healthy options for her. Hope it works out!

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I don't know how you feel about frozen foods, but my 13 month old loves Foster Farms Turkey meatballs, Tyson's chicken nuggets and Birds Eye single serving peas and the corn. She prefers the peas to the corn, but will eat the corn. My daughter also was not crazy about mac & cheese, until I tried the Kraft single servings. She loves it! Another favorite of hers is the Gerber Graduates meat sticks. They come in chicken & carrot, plain chicken & turkey. All these things are quick and easy and would be great for a mom who works full time.

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If she in drinking whole milk that is probably the most important thing for her to eat. My son is 14 months and He eats pratically evertyhing.

I buy chicken breats and poach them on the stove. He loves bits of Chicken. You might try bread products like pitas that are mor mild. Jack also seems to love fruit the most.

I have heard it is also common for babies this age to be more picky and that it does pass

God luck,


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