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Need Ideas for End of School Party

WOW, school is almost over. Which means it's time for the END OF SCHOOL PARTY.

I have had no problem planning any of the other school parties we've had, but for some reason this one has me stumped. I want to do something fun for the kids, not just a pizza party. We can have it indoors or outdoors. Either at lunch time or snack time. But probably snack time which will be about 30 minutes. I still have about $50 I can use for the party.

If you have any ideas or activities for KINDERGARTENERS I would be grateful for the help.
Thanks so much!
Happy Spring :)

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Thank you.....all of you. What great ideas. I am going out this weekend to price the pillowcases & shirts so they can decorate and sign them for a keepsake. I think we'll also have a build-your-own ice cream sundae station. They should have fun just being outside with their friends celebrating the end of the school year.
Thanks again everyone,

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Our daughters teacher had each child bring a white pillow slip.
Then the teacher had brought some paint ( not sure of what kind) - but she had each child put their hand print on every ones pillow case. Then she had them write their name across the hand print. ( they were in 2nd grade so I don't know for sure how well a a kindergarten can write :)
The teacher then wrote across the center of the pillow case the little saying " Now I Lay me down to sleep,
I'll count these hands instead of sheep
And aways remember the friends I made
When I was in Mrs. Fairbrother's 2nd grade class.

It has been one of the few things our daughter kept from the year end school parties.

I hope this helps,

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Are you planning on making treat bags? Kids always like treat bags. Easter just ended and there is still alot of candy and fun treats that you can buy for very cheap so you can stretch the $50 and get more stuff. I went to walmart a couple of days ago and everything that was for easter was 50% off and there was a lot of candy and other little toys, coloring books, etc that you could ad to the treat bag and make it really fun.

Just a Thought,

A. :)

A end-of-year picnic has always been a favorite of mine to do with kiddos! It can be done with a theme, teddy bear picnic and the kids bring their fav. stuffed animal even. You could do it for snack or lunch time, indoors or out. All kinds of options with it! I know my daughters elem. school offers a "sack lunch" on certain days too, like for field trips and half days for the kids that have parents thatare not willing to make one up for them. Its purchased just like a regular lunch. Hope this gets those brain juices flowing for ya!

Maybe get the kids a pinata dont just put candy in in though, put some erasers and little pens and markers, little gift bag things, stamps are always cool for the little ones to.
Good luck and hope you all have fun :)

You could do pigs n a blanket for the snack and then you could do a scavenger hunt. Break the kids up into teams of 3 or 4 and have easy clues they have to figure out. It will get them working as a team plus help them with their ability to figure out problems. I've done this with older kids but don't see a reason you couldnt with kindergartners. Don't make the clues very difficult and make sure each group has the same clues just given at different times so that they won't be showing up to the same clue at the same time. Each destination can hold the next clue. Another idea we did was to get signatures... maybe other teachers to sign and clues to get to those teachers....just a thought. Hope you have fun!

I like the thought of a t-shirt signing party but maybe with that you can do a ice cream party and they can make their sundaes.

I think a luau would be fun. A tropical themed party to celebrate the comming summer months out of school. You could have sunglasses, palm trees, leis, and signs that say, "Our future is so bright, we've gotta wear shades." Then for a game they could do the limbo. It would definitely be something different.

Good luck with your planning!

Hi S.
have you done a t-shirt with all the kids in the kindergarten class signing each others ? It's a year book in a way but also something they could keep and wear if they wanted. I'm sorry I don't have any more ideas than this but maybe it will give you something to go on.

Last year my sons Pre- K class did a "beach party" with slip-n-slides and sprinklers and such. they had a blast, and he still remembers it. They all got to wear their bathing suites and drink lemon-ade all afternoon. I really hope they do this again this year.

I love the idea of the pillow cases with hand prints. And maybe you can make that dish "dirt". Kindergarteners love it! (Crunched up oreos with chocolate pudding on top and then a gummy worm)

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