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Need Ideas for Baptismal/Christening Gift

Hi Moms,
We have a Baptism to go to this Saturday and I have no idea what kind of gift to get. It is for a little girl about 6 months old. Does it have to be a religious gift? If so, where does one purchase this? I live on the NW side of Chicago and I'm hoping I don't have to travel too far for this. Or can it be clothes or a toy? Please help fast .... I need to shop for this tomorrow. Thanks in advance to anyone that replies to this quickly.

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Thanks to everyone for your wise advice. For some reason, I'm not getting my emails via mamasource so I missed out on all your great advice this time. I did end up buying a couple of gifts that I know the parents and baby will enjoy ... Snoopy and a toy guitar. But I did feel the gifts were somewhat inappropriate due to the religious nature of this event. Luckily they chose not to open the gifts at the party. However, I'm pretty sure I'll be going to more of these, so I'll definitely know what to do next time. I love the idea of the bonds. Also the books with a moral theme. Thanks again. D.

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I agree with the moms that suggested savings bonds. The great thing about them is that they are worth double what you pay for them (in 5 years). If you want to spend $25 you can get a $50 savings bond.

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Hi D.,

My son, Daniel is now 22 motnhs old, and the best christening gift we recieved was a non-religious one from my friend. She gave us 2 books, with positive life messages in them. One is called "words are not for hurting" and the other one, which Daniel loves now, is called "whoever you are" by Mem Fox. The message in this book is that although children and people all around the world look/sound/live differently, inside we all laugh, hurt, bleed or love the same.
These books were so special to me, because I feel that they can teach Daniel about being a good person, caring about others, and understanding others, and at this satge in his life, carry more weight than any little religious charm, or prayer book.

Hope this is helpful to you.

I have 3 kids, all whom have been Baptised. I recieved everything from religious gifts, to clothes and toys - but, as usual, the most practical gift was money and/or bonds. What happens to the clothes?? The babe grows out of them, the toys get tattered and broken and the religous gifts (sorry to say) most often end up being knick knacks that for some people are a pain to deal with. (they are all in the kids closests right now....)

You could find a 14K gold small necklace (cross or another religious symbol), perhaps a children's bible is another choice that the parents can read to the kids. All of my kids have a cross that hangs in their rooms above their door -it is a cross with a child kneeling at prayer (but, we have a cross above each of our exit doors in our house).....There are religious shops around, but where you live, I couldn't tell you where to look.

So - since you're short on time, I'd stop by Hallmark and pick up a beautiful card, and put $25 -$50 in the card (depending how much you like this friend!)and maybe bring a pretty bouquet of flowers.

Good luck!


When my twins were Baptist they received mostly Saving Bonds and cash. The Godparents bought them gold Metals of the Saints of their names that we put on them the day of the Baptism.

For my son's baptism, a lot of our guests got him like $20 bonds which I think are a wonderful idea. I put them in a safe lock box at the bank. That way once he's older, he will have these to cash in on. I actually got bonds when I was baptised, and the values are already a few hundred dollars!! I believe that monetary gifts are very acceptable for these events.

Hi D.!
We received mostly cash for both our kids baptisms, which we deposited into their college savings accounts. A Bible story would also be a nice gift they can keep forever.



We received all types of gifts for our daughter. Her God Parents both did a special necklace for her, which we loved. Others gave clothes, toys, gmaes. My personal opinion is that cash or bonds are the most practical if you are not the God Parent. I took the cash our daughter received and put it in an account for her. Make it easy on yourself and do that.

I agree with the moms that suggested savings bonds. The great thing about them is that they are worth double what you pay for them (in 5 years). If you want to spend $25 you can get a $50 savings bond.

You could go to Hallmark and pick something up. I just did for baptisms I have this month and for my own kids baptism's. I got a blue/pink cross to hang in their room and a blue/pink small new testament. Good luck.

Typically people give money, but as a Mom I prefer a savings bond. You can get them at the bank.

for our kids' baptisms they've received a mixture of both religious and non-religious gifts, but rarely ever regular toys. probably my favorite gifts were (decorative/baby-themed) banks for each of the kids and money to put towards a college savings account. on the religious side, we've received little plush toys that say a prayer when squeezed (which is at least something the baby can play with) and precious moments commemorative figures (which are a keepsake and certainly not for the baby to play with).
i've found the plush toys at regular stores like target and kohls.

any decent-sized gift shop should have at least a small section of religious and non-religious gifts that would be appropriate. good luck!

Hallmark has some really nice gifts.

For my three child's baptisms, I always greatly appreciated the monetary gift because it lasts longer than the toys or clothes and we put it in the college funds. You can also put a little note in the card that it is for the college fund. If you are the godparent or close to the family, a crucifix is nice. I buy my at the Wheaton Religious store in Wheaton - the Fontanini brand. But, the older and busier I get, I always think a check is easier than buying a gift and wrapping it and all that jazz. As my husband says, cash is King. Ha Ha. Good luck and enjoy yourself. Have a great day!

Depends on how much you want to spend. I just purchased a silver pacifier clip and had it engraved for a friend's baby. Just google "silver pacifier clip" and you can order it online. You can also buy baby's first bibles at the bookstore for pretty decent prices. My child got a lot of silver things engraved...cup, picture frames, rattle. She also got checks, which was nice. I opened up her first savings account with the money. Close family and friends gave about 100$ while not so close friends gave about $25.

For our two kids we appreciated savings bonds, board books (Christian or not), clothes (bigger is better of course), frames, photo albums, or other little keepsake-type things. But the simple gifts are great, too. Hallmark is a great place to find a cute album or a baptism related gift, if you want to buy a "religious" gift. Otherwise, I'd say hit a bookstore or Target... you're bound to find something. Good luck!

As a parent that just had a baptism party for my daughter, here are some ideas, in addition to the response you have already received:
1) Soft Play mat puzzle with bible characters on it (probably find at a religious store - was a big hit at the party as all of the kids helped put it together and then our daughter sat and played on it. Provided great entertainment for all kids.

2)Picture Frame - every new parent can't get enough of these. Since they will be getting baptism photos probably - can always use this gift. Even a nice silver one works great as a gift. Something like this: http://www.thingsengraved.ca/occasions/index.php

3) A scrapbook - same concept as the picture frame.

Almost all of the gifts we got had a religious theme except for the picture frame and scrapbook. But we loved everything and use everything. We didn't get any clothes or toys (besides the religious play mat that our daughter uses everyday now).

Hope that helps. Good luck!!!

Hi D.,

My kids received $50 gift bonds (which are very generous) for their baptisms. They also received clothes and toys. Only family members (like grandparents and Godparents) purchased religious gifts.


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