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Need Ideas for Anniversary Present

My anniversary is next weekend and I can't think of a good gift to give my husband. His work has been slow this year so we don't have a lot of money to spend but I wanted to give him something great. He has been kind of down on himself because he hasn't been working much and feels like he's failing as a provider in our house. This of course is not the case as I see it so that's why I wanted to get him something great. We won't have the kids for the weekend and already have dinner plans so dinner is taken care of. He is the typical guy that loves to hunt and fish and actually picked out a deer stand he wants me to get him. Problem is it's $80 and we just don't have the money to spend on that right now. So if anyone has any great CHEAP ideas for a special anniversary present I am open for ideas.

Thank you so much ladies for all your help in advance!


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How about a wonderful full-body massage with some special oils and back rub/scratch in a cutsie outfit for as long as he wants followed by...whatever!! You can make a fancy coupon on the computer "redeemable tonight Only!" Then, get him his favorite pie or dessert...most men are won through the tummy!! Best wishes, and many more. This is the stuff that memories are made of.

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My husband also loves to hunt. Like the other's have said, maybe a gift card for the deer stand. I also agree that if he has his mind set on this, it might be the best bet. But, if you want to go a different route, this is what i did for my husband's birthday once. He has neck problems and always wants me to rub his neck so I went to the store (you can get these things at Walmart, Target, etc) and got some aromatherapy scented heated neck pillows, foot warmers, massage oil, and candles and set the room up like a spa. It costs maybe around $20.

One year for Valentine's we had NO money, so I wrote a list of "101 things I love about you". I happened to have some nice paper so I printed it out on that, and bought a little tri-fold frame for it. It took me a little bit to size it to fit, but it worked out great! At first I thought I would only end up with 10-15 things, but once you get going it got easier.

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All you need are some things you probably have around the house already so this could be free to do but has an awesome impact!

This works best on a day when you will be apart most of the day. On that morning, leave a stack of envelopes for him somewhere (by the front door). Put the first envelope in the bathroom for him to find when he's getting ready for work (this one will have instructions in it). On the front of each envelope will be the time of day, one for each hour from 7am-10pm (or whatever time fits his schedule). Inside each envelope put a special message of love written by you and even pictures or simple little gifts.

Here's some ideas:

Honey, by the time the day is over, I want one thing to be perfectly clear in your mind-the fact that I love you. After you take your shower and get ready, take the stack of envelopes I left for you by the front door. Open each one only at the time marked on the outside of the envelope. I'll be thinking about you as you open them. Have a fun day!

You should be having lunch right now. I wish I could be there with you. Remember when we were dating and...(enter a special memory). I've enclosed a piece of gum for when you are done with lunch. I can't wait to see you tonight!

So, you get the idea. Start small and build up with each hour so that he's READY to come home! Spray one of the last ones with your perfume, put on lipstick and kiss one, put pictures of you on your wedding day. When I did this for my husband I got a little creative and didn't hand write all of them. On some, I cut words out of magazines and pasted them on paper just to make it more fun.

My husband isn't a super romantic guy but he LOVED this. It made his day!

Good luck!
PS I got this idea from a book called Ways to Say I Love You.

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Get creative!! Most men love to be "loved". So put on your sexy Victoria Secret and surprise him - take the initiative!

Good Luck and have fun!!

Another idea is to do something sentimental and maybe write him a letter of your last years love. Or even a poem.

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Our 24th anniversary was last week and we are cutting back on expenses. So I had to get creative as well. I took one of our favorite pictures, from the digital camera. I put it in word and then typed his favorite scipture over the bottom of it. I blew it up to an 8.5x11 and put it in an 11x14 frame. The frame cost me $10 and the photo was printed out at Office Depot for only .59, he absolutley loved it. It was something that I felt good about givin him and I could tell he loved it the minute he saw it.

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Could you fix a decorated box with a picture on it of the deer stand and put some seed money (as much as you can) in it and tell your husband that your goal for both of you is to put money in the box to get him his deer stand, because he deserves it? And then make sure any extra money goes into the box?

I know how sensitive men can be about how they provide for their family. Which is a clear sign of their character. Some men won't work at all.

You might go on Freecycle.com and join and see if anyone has one to give away.

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How about a wonderful full-body massage with some special oils and back rub/scratch in a cutsie outfit for as long as he wants followed by...whatever!! You can make a fancy coupon on the computer "redeemable tonight Only!" Then, get him his favorite pie or dessert...most men are won through the tummy!! Best wishes, and many more. This is the stuff that memories are made of.

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Of course all of the "lovin'" the other ladies have suggested is the right kind of gift for a guy. But one of our favorite gifts I gave my hubby was a small 4x6 photo album that I wrote a book in. Each page had a memory from dating or whenever and then some sort of picture on the opposite pg to go along with it. It was all in chronological order too. One was our first date and another was a practical joke he pulled on me and another was how we were so poor in college we ate mixed veggies and gravy for dinner one night. It was really fun to write and to share. Now our little boy laughs at some of the stories. And if I can't think of an anniversary gift or am broke, I just add to the book. Kind of rekindles things.
Good luck and congratulations on another year.

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http://www.mandyscandywrappers1.com/. here they have some very nice things that they do. they can put pictures of you and your husband on a paint can. have them fill with is favorite candy. make it a romantic can.have very good ideas

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Give him the gift of time and yourself. Think outside the box.
Can you afford two "cheap" steaks? Here you go....Hand him an envelope with instructions to go to the grocery store to buy two wonderfully inexpensive steaks and perhaps even a three dollar bottle of wine (it's the thought that counts) as he is at the store (if you haven't already done this part)prepare the bedroom with candles ( not lit yet) put candles around the tub, fill it and have it waiting - perhaps bubbles. Now here's how it plays out....Drop fake or real flower petals from the front door to the bathroom.
Leave a note at the door that says: Deposit Grocery Bag on floor and follow petals. Let him have his bubble/or not bath with a cold beverage while you prepare the steak dinner and have that on a candlelit table when he comes out...again following petals to the dinner table. Eat a wonderful dinner and From there you'll have to use your imagination! I did this for mine and he's still reminding me of it! Have fun and the skys the limit.

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