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Need Ideas for a Surprise 30Th Birthday for My Husband

My husband is turning 30 this October and I wanted to do something special for him. We have a daughter that will be 3 in June and I'm pregnant with another child who is due in September. Does anyone have any suggestions that will allow me to have all of our friends, families and children there without breaking the bank?

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Try your local VFW. Usually you can rent the hall and get drinks and food cheaper that a regular hall.

I had a party at North Beach in Downers Grove for my 30th. We had reserved tables in the back room, and bowling alleys. You can reserve the volleyball courts too, or there is dancing. It is a bar, so might not be an ideal location if you are expecting, (I wasn't at the time), but the back room was not that smokey. It can get a younger crowd there too.

For my husband's 30th I centered it around a major interest of his - baseball. It was a surprise party, all of his friends and family gathered in one of the White Sox parking lots for tailgating prior to the game, then I brought him and our kids a little later. I provided all the food (although a potluck type meal could save money), and anyone that wanted to attend the game ( I reserved a block of tickets) paid for the ticket themselves. It was a lot of fun and not very expensive. Since it will be in october you will probably need an indoor location, if your house is nt big enough look into your local community center, church, or a favorite restaurant of his. I am sure he would appreciate anything you do, good luck with the planning.

HI M.,
I had a 35th party for my husband at Lou Malnatti's Pizza downtown (not sure where you live). It was very reasonable. Private room.
We are expecting this summer and my husband will be 40. I wanted to do a surprise this year but I will have a 1 month old and a 2 year old so it may be a little harder.
I looked into a skybox at WHite Sox but it was $3200, YIKES. But I know you can do a party in another area that is much cheaper.
We have another friend who had a party for her hubby at a mexican restaurant and they got to choose what fajitas they wanted. I don't think that was too expensive.
There are also several wine tasting places in the city.
You could do appetizers and drinks somewhere.
Good Luck. Hope that helps.

We just celebrated my husbands 50th birthday and I did it for under $200 - it wasn't a surprise though. We had an appetizer open house -- I made easy finger appetizers and served wine and soda (a friend brought beer) Throughout the main floor I hung pictures of my husband throughout the years, put out photo albums from when he was little and letter and trinkets that he had collected over the years - people traveled from room to room discussing the items and asking questions. I also sent an email to everyone asking them to answer a few questions and then took their responses and put them in an album that I presented to my hubby on his birthday. That was also out at the party and people had a good time seeing everyones answers. I have a had many compliments since the party about how great it was. If you want more details (recipes, questions, etc..) I'd be happy to share them with you.


Hi M.,

We just had a 50th surprise B-Day for my Aunt and it was AWESOME! My uncle had planned her whole day (which was a total surprise to her). He had set up her friends and family to meet her at different places or stop by to see her all at different times of the day...for example, She went to Stunts'r'Us in Kenosha (a place where they made a Western movie that was actually videotaped)at 9am "blindfolded", only to find her group of high school friends there. I met her at 2pm to get our nails done, my mom met her at 3pm to get a pedicure....The theme was a day in a life of Toni (her name).
My uncle also gave her little gifts throughout the entire day and had people videotaping small clips from each activity so he could make a movie to music later.
If this doesn't work for you, this may....that night(which was 2 weekends ago)after her whole day of surprises, we had one more for her (this is where I came in...I planned everything from this point on). Everybody that had met her through the day and then some other people who couldn't see her earlier in the day...about 50 poeple, came to the Sundance Saloon. If you don't like country music then this wouldn't work but jus thought I would let you know that this bar went UP AND BEYOND to make sure everything was set! I talked with Jill, I called her the party planner...they have a REALLY nice VIP section that can hold and seat up to 50 people and NO CHARGE. Most Saturday's they have a live band which are normally VERY good and they have line dance lessons as well. We brought in little snacks (chips,popcorn, shrimp platters, etc)and layed them out on the tables. Now, I'm sure you aren't going to kicking up your heels since you are pregnant but this is a nice way to have everyone entertained at no expense to you.
Thsi may not work for you but just thought I could share it. Good luck....
P.S. If you would like further details about this party (I have the spreadsheet of her entire day planned out by times) please let me know as I can email it to you for an example.

For mine guys 30th we had it at the club house for our subdivision. Keep it simple lite decorating, pinata, i got him cake with picture of him on it from baskin robbins but lots of places have them. trick toys and old friends. since it is in oct everyone could dress up with masks and he has figure out who everyone is.

My sister in law just threw a "surprise party" for her husband's 30th birthday. She did it over at Dave & Busters in Addison. It was pretty much a serve yourself deal, but it got everyone together in a really fun environment. I have a 3 year old son, and a 5 year old niece who were there and had a great time. She didn't reserve a room or anything, she just had everyone meet together in the same place ahead of time, and then she brought her husband and daughter there about 30 minutes later to make sure that most of the people were there already. I hope this might be of some help to you!!

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